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  1. Boy some of you really are uptight, all I'm sayin is would they really be worse off without Quinn, it's an analogy ffs, and sorry to burst your bubble but some of us have been around as fans and on these boards since before the post count requirement so get over yourself
  2. Sometimes I have to ask myself if I'm going to actually make a situation worse if I try something different, most of the time my answer is "it's already broken, so why not?"....... Mr Blank it's your turn
  3. How about when it became obvious we were losing Shanny and keeping him, will forever say we should have promoted Shanny, fired DQ
  4. he should be at practice with his teammates so maybe he can finally figure out how to catch the ball to win the game
  5. Oh I didn't mind the cussing at all, can see where some would be offended, but I think he showed the kind of heart and passion this team lacked for a long time. Also seems lime the type of kid that will do everything he can for the team that was willing to take a shot on him....hats off to the kid, he has an incredible story and most in his situation would have become a statistic
  6. And I don't think anybody better talk about his grandma
  7. Or does anybody else get the feeling we drafted the real life Bobby Boucher?
  8. Even if they win it next season,it will still hurt just knowing they were the better team that day and let a couple of bad plays keep them from being defending and possibly back to back champs
  9. IMHO teams that run a ball control offense are the most boring teams to watch and if it takes all their drama to be exciting I prefer boring
  10. Actually saw on nfln that they rented 3 tables to have at the hotel
  11. Or true....just ask the Packers
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