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  1. The hit is at the very end of the video. Im so excited for the defense, nothin but talent and potential!! Those hits by franks were badass. Seeing lofton and spoon side by side got me pumped!! beasts
  2. I never make threads, but this is bull. All yall whiners need to just relax its preseason and alot of young players. The sky is falling, fire mularkey, defense blows yadayadayada... Ill remember yall punks once the falcons are hoisting that trophy. Im tired of this ****. And falcon jedi your a ***** straight up. You praise each individual falcon player yet whine like a little girl once we get scored on. GTFO
  3. I feel ya jbo.. My mom passed away back in Jan. Sometimes I get down but the forums really help keep my mind on somethin else. Its rough man. My mom liked the falcons just because I did. She would always ask me what the score was and if they won. She always called the refs out on calls against the falcons LOL. I will miss her but jbo we will see em again. prayers to ya
  4. I would cream in my pants if that was our D
  5. Off topic but every time I watch a photobucket video...my computer freezes and I have to restart my browser sorry i couldnt help
  6. do you not like houston or dallas?

  7. Even though he gave up that early TD to colston, he played the ball well and got a hand between the ball and defender. Colston is just to dam big and strong. I would like for him to start.
  8. I feel ya man Panties last year and now the aints Yet we will win a Super Bowl first :P
  9. Lets see we beat packers in green bay, vikings in minnesota...but no we cant beat teams on the road I dont care if that was last season.... be a saints fan they can win on the road
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