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  1. I also live in NY and just bought tickets for the game! Haven't seen my Falcons in person since 2017 in the ATL vs the Chargers. Can't wait. Hope to see some fellow falcons fans there! Sec 332, Row 15, Seat 19 - 20
  2. Never mind. We decided to go to the falcons giants game sep 26th.
  3. I grew up in Columbus GA as a life long falcons fan but now live in Plattsburgh NY. I would love to but tickets for the bills falcons game on jan 2nd but will have to plan it now. Is there a chance that the game could be flexed to a different time or date?
  4. Remember the 1997 Falcons? I do. The season started badly but they made a run late and ended up 7-9. The team carried that momentum into the 1998 season and made it to the Superbowl.
  5. I would rather have Julio out than freeman in
  6. This performance by the Falcons just put the nail in Quinn's coffin. If Quinn is back next season after this crap show then I will not be watching the Falcons next year.
  7. Did the return man call for a fair catch on the last punt? I thought he did. If he did and tben created contact then it should have been a penalty
  8. I say we have a better chance to go 1-15 than to win 2 more games. I believe our best chances at wins are the 2 vs the Bugs and JAX but our defense will make Winston look like a HOFer and JAX defense will kill whoever our QB is
  9. I haven't heard a lie like that ever. This defense has no ❤. Pathetic. If Stephen Hawking were still alive he could run all over this defense
  10. I believe the Falcons would lose to a team made up of practice squad players
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