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  1. Saints suck. The only reason they won it is because everyone sucked just a little bit more
  2. Obviously you can't win class. If you hadn't been an asshat, I would say congrats even though you're an Aint's fan. Instead I'll just say, the new season began today, so while you're partying, we're getting ready.
  3. You are the ones coming on our boards. Looks like you're the envious ones coming on here trying to talk to us. We're not coming on your boards to bother you. Then again, you guys are a bunch of losers so I guess you wouldn't know how to act with any sort of success. Besides, if I had to face the Colts in the Super Bowl, yea I'd avoid focusing on my team too.
  4. Falcons playing for back to back winning seasons and the Sucs are playing for nothing. Hmmmm yea I'm sure they'll get up for this one and it won't be just a total steam roll job.
  5. Does he still sign it: Eli "the untalented" Manning?
  6. I know how to settle if we can trust him or not? Who did you take in the Van Halen-David Lee Roth divorce?
  7. It was her day to use the internet.
  8. Don't worry, wouldn't expect you to get something like that right. Just keep on with your desperate plea for attention.
  9. Man, this is NOTHING compared to Minn. These guys are amateurs.
  10. Actually it's kill a dog, lie to federal authorities, front an illegal gambling institution, traffic money and dogs across state lines for gambling purposes, get arrested. Nut hugger
  11. This. It's fans selling their tickets to the game. It's TM's answer to Stubhub.
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