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  1. IMHO- Equating an individual position with team W or L is an inaccurate variable. Football remains one of the last true team sports where every player and coach either leads to success or demise of the whole. If early draft choices led to organizational success why wouldn't the Browns be the defending Champ? Our organization, I love, seems to become emotionally attached to some players making them "Falcons for life" with record setting contract. If we didn't have a salary cap that would be very noble, but most of our money is tied up in half a dozen superstar players and there's little incentive funds left for the remaining 47. To justify the high cost we started "featuring" those hp players with more targets or other position specific plays making some fantasy football fans happy but didn't equate to "W"s. DF24 was drafted in the 4th round in the 2014 draft, did a phenomenal job for two years and in August 2017 was rewarded with the highest paid RB contract in the NFL, at the time. He's averaged about 530 yards per season over the last 3 years, considering he missed 16 games due to injury over that time. It's going to cost us to trade him and we're in CAP purgatory for decisions such as this. My lengthy point is get the best battle tested available, at the most needed position, and be willing to say goodby in a couple of years as their stock peaks. I believe overpaying as a reward for past achievement during rookie contract rather than buying potential is a far greater concern than what position we draft first.
  2. Yep, the Aints will go to the playoffs and screw up in the last few seconds like they've done the past couple of years...but you guys have plenty of letter writing and protests to keep you busy post season! I'm sure that you'll fabricate another "reason"...maybe tomorrow night Freddy crosses his leg wrong or something, who knows! You think this fan's going to through some karma- Ha! I root for the Gator on Swamp People!
  3. I believe we identified the potential, but whether there is the will to continue is the question. If we only have one more W this year I sure hope it's on Thanksgiving.
  4. Nice guys do indeed finish last, especially when they're the HC. This important lesson will make him much better as he moves forward!
  5. Might finally be time for that half decade top to bottom rebuild. This team looks nothing like 2016. Yep, I was one of those homers that thought this was the year- I feel for the STH
  6. Unresponsive players? If disloyal to the coach they will betray everyone. Get rid of the bad apples!
  7. We're probably #1 or #2 in points allowed, after this game. I don't know how you can keep the same glide path and keep your job. I do believe TD will be the first, but certainly not last, casualty. If the D is playing stupid mutiny games I would hope there is swift action -that could save the defense coordinators job.
  8. ...well I hope you're right but that means an ATL team gets lucky so you're about 200:1 against the odds
  9. ...Freeman picks up the block; Ryan doesn't take a costly sack and fumble; Lady gaga does halftime our OC goes for the field goal on 3rd down; we win 31-3 we finally shake the Houston curse!
  10. I would say DQ’s emphasis of “Brotherhood” to his players has not been successful in return. “Featuring” certain players seems contrary to making adjustments in a team oriented sport. At the same time I believe DQ is learning valuable lessons and, with no better prospect in mind, it would be a bigger longer term mistake to change the entire crew. Love or hate him WWBD is one principle model for a NFL Head Coach- What Would Belichick Do? Until we improve or jump on that train I can only thank Bengals fans.
  11. DQ running the "D" will shave off milliseconds in the pass rush. You just can't throw the ball if you're running for your life. Plus, I'm guessing there will be a good supply of stunts. I believe it's a good recipe for our aging pocket passer opponents in this division.
  12. Tommy & Family- knew someone that hit stage 4 twice and is now in complete remission. Prayers work! Never give up, never surrender! We love you brother!
  13. SEC players are just so expensive, look what it took to draft JJ.....LOL! ...yes agree there are more SEC players in the NFL than any other conference but the ACC, 12s, & 10, produce some of the all time best gridiron superstars. Why don't more NFL teams scout and draft closer to home? Who knows but outsider speculation may be: A. The Scouts enjoy travelling & want to rack up as many points as possible before summer vacation; B. If your Dad's the former Heavyweight World Champion and beloved by the home city, any final separation,regardless the reason, will be real messy; C. The NFL is a business and each team is under constant pressure to increase the size of it's fan base, drafting within 100 miles when there is comparable talent elsewhere is like kissing your sister; D. All of the above; or E. None of the above.
  14. It's going to be a very competitive preseason and I expect the best 53, possibly in Falcons history. DQ will know well before 1Sep19 whether he can get urgency out of VB. This is a "get that ring" or "see ya" year, IMHO.
  15. Yep, we should definitely improve our 3rd and short chances. I'll miss Matt Bryant but it's going to be great getting 6 pts instead of 3 while giving our D a little more rest.
  16. Great Post! I hope they, and all of our new draftees, have a warm southern welcome to the ATL.
  17. I'm not a "UGA Homer" but your ability to predict a prospects future must be much better than mine because I do think he will end up on some team's final 53 or at least the practice squad. I do have a respect for the "D" talent of the SEC and 6.4 ypc avg for any RB in that battle tested conference negates any 40 yard combine sprint IMHO. Look, I think Green was a good pick and I'm glad we have him...but Holyfield is the "bigger" of the two. Holyfield has a big chip on his shoulder and rookie of not I would rather he play on some AFC team than a NFC South adversary. Who knows he might even become a Falcon some day.
  18. A- The most dire needs were filled- Freeman should have a good year, especially in the redzone ..wish we could have beaten the Panthers to get free agent Holyfield- 6.4ypc in the SEC is no small feat regardless of combine results
  19. Remember all of those times we settled for field goals instead punching it through when in the Red Zone? Those days appear to be gone. It's been a while since our OL imposed it's will on anyone...hopefully this draft fixed that!
  20. I'm glad that TD can ignore the excessive hype by some analyst for certain players and has the courage to pursue those that DQ and the staff can mold into our brand of football. I believe this is one of the best drafts that TD has made in terms of needs, but only time will tell.
  21. Not sexy having top two picks on the OL but very solid draft with emphasis exactly where DQ said we needed it. We might even have a couple of diamonds in the rough. Looking forward to the start of the season.
  22. Very good selections IMO, size & speed...we're going to have good depth in 2019- can't wait!
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