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  1. Clearly there's going to be a shakeup under DQ as AB has given him 2019 for the fix. I hope he's successful...but I don't see him engaged on the sideline- which is a really a bad sign. If we don't get a "W" to improve morale this could carry into 2019.
  2. IMHO those are the players that need to be helped out the door. If they won't compete to help the org out of a slump they will fail this team when it matters most.
  3. Just win baby. Start next season now!
  4. Maybe if Pete Carroll (68) retired after the 2018 season and DQ returned to the Seahawks as the HQ, because the ATL kitchen is, understandably, pretty hot right now. ....but how many interim coaches and rookie QBs have we lost to this season?
  5. Congrats!!! Great looking son, he's got some big mits and might be a DE. Already looks like a just shed an OT.
  6. Loved the Dome, that last NFCG game against Green Bay was rockin! The Benz will be on fire for the Falcons when they start winning. Expecting fans to shell out several hundred bucks for tickets with all this tanking talk is not helping.
  7. Hey Tankers, KB was a first round diamond...we thought......drafting real value is like a box of chocolates
  8. I like Kazee too, real bright spot seeing a young player with that much passion and ability....and remember tankers, he's a 5th rounder!
  9. Brother, learning how to win builds confidence and we need to end the year on the mend not the troth. Go look at the teams that are the top 1/3 in early draft picks and you'll see their year over year W-L average is consistently at the mid to bottom third of the league. Following the Browns model doesn't pay off.
  10. Never surrender to being non-relevant, apathy sabotages organizations for a long time. There's a commitment to sponsors, city, fan base, and especially season ticket holders to perform their best. The same people who encourage tanking are going to be the first whiners about a draft choice bust.
  11. "Toughest game left: Week 14 at Green Bay. Beside the fact that the defense has to contend with Aaron Rodgers, being outdoors in the cold at Lambeau Field probably won't help Matt Ryan and the Falcons' offense. -- Vaughn McClure"...and we have two division foes left at their house
  12. 3 points being: A. We did not have enough position depth; B. We needed a better OL; and C. We needed a better DL....wow I now understand why this is not a coaching issue...Dan is a victim here!
  13. I'm sure that "....we love our coach..." in private translation is a bit more course. DQ is losing the Falcons money and no competent CEO is going to let that happen long.
  14. 4-12 in 2014 we were "moving in the wrong direction". I'm good with that concept!
  15. ,, heck why not try, while at it issue each player a rabbit's foot and set up an amnesty self report policy to know who walked under a ladder or broke a mirror