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  1. We didn't have the depth nor the right coordinators to make a serious run. I believe the lessons were learned and we're a better team due to the 2018 challenges. Excited to see how far we'll go in 2019!
  2. Wow, many thanks to all who contributed and Tandy for starting this. What a hoot! The next best thing to making post season is watching how the Aints manage to screw theirs up.
  3. Sean Peyton should have known why they were handing out all of those crying towels before the game. The dirtiest team in football is whining about about one call when they've received the breaks 90% of the time...yep this is going to keep me up at night...LAUGHING!
  4. I hear you Brother, it's been a freefall after climbing some of those those hills and that's tough to endure year after year. But we've never seen a coaching ensamble like this. These guys have looked at the Falcons from almost every angle and that's a huge near term advantage. Our veteran players see the opportunity window closing and I believe they're hungry. IMHO 2019 is going to be a great year because there's just too much skin in the game for next season to be unsuccessful.
  5. I really like the tone and the coaching talent he assembled. If we can get everyone healthy and make some improvements in the OL we are set up for success in 2019.
  6. We are in the center of the window, much to look forward to in 2019!
  7. I am thrilled! So happy about the decisions no better formula for 2019 success. If it doesn't work then you'll have ample opportunity (and reason) to complain but for now please get on the bus and fasten your seatbelt for some fast and nasty risin up! We'll be contenders next season!
  8. you can bet the plays will be well rehearsed and prepared for a fast paced O. If MR can get rid of the ball fast and has solid plays pushed to him, this could make the 2016 season look like a prep year.
  9. IMHO this was a very smart move...as we're bringing in the personalities that our veteran QB wants and is most comfortable with. There is no one we come close to a Lombardi with Kubiak or any of the others...it would have been just another down year as we learn a different OC's nuances. If Matt can just get rid of the ball quick and he has people who know his best attributes as well as the defensive schemes of our division foes we are set up for a good run in 2019.
  10. We have a veteran QB who has experienced multiple techniques and I think brining in this coaching package is a vote of confidence in MR to bring a Lombardi to the ATL.
  11. Great! There is no configuration that would have set us up better for quick success next year than this IMHO. There was no one who had a better understanding of the NFC South opponent defensive schemes than DK. MM being brought in as the Tight Ends coach brings his best attributes to the Falcons. Don't worry about west coast O being abandoned after a difficult learning curve, our veteran QB has seen the best of both systems and he is set up for immediate success. Great thing to look forward to Falcons!
  12. Nothing but praise for this move. Koetter teaming with Mularky with Ryan's familiarization of both is the best recipe for quick success. All have a common goal they all badly want before turning the lights out on their respective NFL careers. Can't wait for the 19 season. RISE UP!
  13. ...so we went from a "wide net" to a "short list". Okay, it's all making sense now....we have the opportunity to consolidate the two biggest xxxxx Ups in SB history, if you can't get a Lombardi you mine as well get a Guinness record. I don't care what the score is there is not a Falcon fan alive who will take the final two minutes for granted if he becomes the OC.
  14. Go talk to Nick Kirby, it's not the same!
  15. Yes, my bad thanks!