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  1. Hate the bridge is starting to burn at both sides, but the sum has to be greater than the part .. regardless of the fantasy football freaks!
  2. Congrats to him! ...no worries about the cost of diapers now!
  3. ....so why would he want to go back to Bama?
  4. Speed, heart, intelligence, and chemistry- This was good scouting and I give them an A
  5. Geat near term and long term pick!
  6. He would have been 2nd team on the 2017 Falcons- no joke! He is a former great player looking for a home. Home for him is LA so I wish him luck with the Aints.
  7. OMG! You can't be serious! He won't bring us anything but a headache....maybe 2014 but no chance in 2018!
  8. Nothing but praise for Quinn. We lost to the SB Champs. He's done a really good job with this team and you can bet he'll have a load of pressure next year. I'm proud of our Falcons- we've come a heck of long way.
  9. ...and- only one NFC rookie OC made it to the playoffs. I've never coached a NFL team before but have experienced the chaos and confusion of stressful environments. I would imagine that a play caller needs confidence, communications, and control in the heat of battle. Rehearsal is sometimes very different than reality. Only point is we have a 1st year OC who has obviously made mistakes, but are we better off with someone new or giving him a chance to learn from those tough lessons? I wanted to get rid of KS after his first year but I was wrong.
  10. Who ever gives us the best chance of winning every year. In all seriousness I would have said Julio Jones before the 2017 season, but too many drops could understandably adversely impact longevity. I like Matt Ryan but he didn't come close to his 2016 performance and it would be wrong for AB to reward him with a life time contract the way he did MViick. Tough profession where RECENT performance is the #1 criteria over tenure.
  11. No disrespect but we have a great "D" that doesn't need fixing but maybe tweaking. We absolutely need a big, fast, enthusiastic, young WR. Too much WR talent on hand not to mentor a young prospect.
  12. I can't think of any team with a first year OC ever making it to the Superbowl. The OC is the scoring brain and I felt sorry for the fans who thought the loss of KS was just a speed bump. The fact that we were the only NFC team to make it back to the playoffs is noteworthy. After watching the Eagles destroy the Vikings, I'm so amped up about our "D", our Special Teams play, and the potential of our "O" (especially with a good QB coach) that I can't wait to get my Vegas futures bet in for the SB53 Champ. KS left our team late in the 3rd qtr of SB51 and we've been rebuilding the playbook and communications under fire ever since. I feel your pain Brother, but we have allot more to look forward to next year than we did after last year. Keep the Faith- Falcons soar in blue skies!
  13. Wow! ... maybe the Vikes at home can finish off Jason???
  14. All negotiable but Matt Bryant, at 43 he'll still be among the best at his position next year
  15. Good thread! JJ is a great player and just as a decoy he's opened up some opportunities this past year. I believe he would agree that getting some young talented rookie would be helpful. Sanu has also done well but that's the extent of our big fast physical WRs. We're good in the slot receivers but we need a protege that Julio can mentor. I believe this is the number 1 draft need.