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  1. Absolutely not, Freeman has the heart of a lion and I wouldn't trade him for two Bells.
  2. There's no panic here but 4TDs in 5 games indicates a play calling or preparation problem. I know Quinn's objective in preseason is more about prospecting talent than scoring points. However, if you can't consistently cross the goal line after a wide variety of sampled offensive talent, it points to an issue above the player on the field. I do hope we can figure this out- soon!
  3. Yes, D played great
  4. We have a great QB who seems to think too much instead of letting it rip. Over the years you could almost count on a first possession TDs, as MR is decisive, has a quick release, and displays total confidence..the first possession is well planned, practiced, and quickly executed...and then comes indecision - he looks confused and out of control, like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Could his results be directly proportional to his confidence in the call or faith in the receiver? Shanahan found the magic "just execute" button in making Ryan great in 2016. I have faith MR has as much if not more potential than any other QB in the NFL, hope the coaching staff can figure out how to maximize it.
  5. RISE UP, and open up that can! GO FALCONS!!!
  6. The Sundial at the Westin is on a rotating platform so you can see all of Atlanta. Ruth Chris at Embassy Suites is excellent and has a nice view of Centennial Park, especially around Christmas. Provino's is not fancy but an excellent Italian restaurant ...but you must experience the Varsity, it's an Atlanta fast food tradition
  7. Wow...let's start by winning a game. Every team has read the hype and will bring their best. Cautious optimism....wait a minute we're Falcons fans and we jump on our emotional Scream Machine every chance we get......HECK YEA!!! We're going to win the SB for the next 5 years and AB is going to be President!!!
  8. We'll know Friday morning.....
  9. Hope the intent is for the defender to lead with the face mask and not the crown? If so this shouldn't be mental gymnastics as every mighty mite player is taught to this. However, if they are going to flag a RB for lowering their head we will have anarchy IMHO. This could really impact some of the the toughest 2nd effort backs in the league. Certainly this wouldn't apply to ball carriers, would it?
  10. You're going to have great kids! Rise Up!
  11. Great News- Reset and go take that ring!
  12. Hate the bridge is starting to burn at both sides, but the sum has to be greater than the part .. regardless of the fantasy football freaks!
  13. Congrats to him! ...no worries about the cost of diapers now!
  14. ....so why would he want to go back to Bama?
  15. Speed, heart, intelligence, and chemistry- This was good scouting and I give them an A