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  1. No disrespect, but this is the same rants about KS's first year. We were the only NFC repeat to the playoffs. The OC is a complicated position and Sark had some huge shoes to fill. Let's give him a chance, we can clean house if 2018 proves to be a bust.
  2. Wanna watch the Cloud catch on fire, suggest he comes back here!
  3. I noticed in the Denver game last year that Coleman seems better on grass than Freeman. We have two excellent backs with different styles. Unfortunately the style that was most effective was under utilized in this contest....but the dang glass is half full!
  4. It's amazing that we made it to the playoffs while leading the league in dropped passes. My first draft pick would be a future replacement for Jones or Sanu or someone who would challenge them.
  5. I heard he put a bounty on Williams after the game!
  6. That IS EXACTLY who/what he is!
  7. The nice thing about football this weekend is the Aints are doing far worse than we did!
  8. There was the same mutiny about KS as OC...when everyone finally got on the bus we turned into the 8th best offense in NFL history. Rookies know more than the coaches, but "do your job" is the mantra of highly successful NFL teams.
  9. We led the NFL in dropped passes (30) this year (JJ11 tied for the 2nd most and MS12 tied for 5th)- it's a credit to our much improved D that we made the playoffs at all. Poor prep must be improved next year but we need to draft a big fast receiver who can get open.
  10. Reset. We easily win this game in our house...get home field advantage in 2018.
  11. Wow! You must not have been a Falcons fan before AB. We have a great owner and we are getting there.
  12. How you can go from the 8th best offense in the history of the NFL to averaging just one touchdown per game in the last four contest is rather strange, but KS sucked his first year as OC. Give him a chance, we made it to the playoffs.
  13. Prefer being the underdog. Very different than LA -16 MPH winds+ sense of disrespect+ hostile vocal home crowd+ and below freezing temp will make it difficult. Unlike their game with the Cowboys, this time the Eagles are actually playing for something. This is going to boil down to who wants it more. Props to every Falcons fan in the stands, our guys might just need that spot of inspiration. Falcons prevail by 1 in a very hard fought game.
  14. Classy! This means allot!
  15. I'm as optimistic as anyone else but these are significant position changes that can impact a number of areas beyond play selection, if that stays the same. Here's how I understand the challenge- Name one NFL team that has won the SB with brand new OC, DC, & QB coach? I'm exteamly hopeful but I'm not going to sprinkle fairy dust on these changes and say everything is going to be just as it was this year. I as many fans am reeling from the SB loss and it's just wrong to set someone up for yet another dissapointment.