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  1. Empty seats are all over in the NFL. Every team. It's a epidemic no one is talking about. The seats are too high. No one is going to games. Even the Rams who are in fair weather city. They're one of the best most exciting teams in the NFL. People aren't even going to the games in the coliseum. It's bad.
  2. I still wish the T-shirts got made.
  3. I think Tony Gonzalez, and Jason Snelling help alot. We kinda forget about how money they were in the red zone when we threw them the ball.
  4. My quarterback once said something like that in a game to a team (I forgot), when a defense player yelled 'we know what you're do, or we know the play' something to quote. Good times. Better times now.
  5. I can agree with the core of you're argument. When he didn't want to block, and went to the media with it. It rub me the wrong way. Especially when he was a really good run blocker for years. And we used that in our gameplan from multiple Offesive Coordinators. When Roddy said that, we started to lose, we released our 2nd best receiver at the time,(statically) L. Hankerson. All to make a leader and veteran of the team happy in my opinion. I'm sure Julio wants the ball. But he has never gave off that. "Pass me the ball", "I'm Open" sort of guy. When he's truly happy that everyone gets their shot to make a play. And he's knows he's gonna get his stats because he's that good. It's makes the offense smother, and more tough to defend. I've seen alot of people say well, Matt didn't have all-time good stat year when he had Julio, Tony, & Roddy. My argument has always been, when you don't have those 3 huge egos to get the ball to. It makes your job easier. And I think we can all agree. When Julio hasn't been on the field which has happened alot this year with plays off, and injures. Matt Ryan has been lights out. I strongly believe that with the unselfishness of this roster has clearly made us better. But also still having that killer mentally. I think later in the years Roddy White, didn't fit that mold.
  6. *Sigh* I'm about to look for a job at the Flowery Branch complex just to get some unwanted gear.
  7. Awesome, comment. Completely agree!
  8. Nothing related to the game in a week and a day. But I saw a piece of apparel Kyle Shanahan was wearing in a practice, that I badly want. I know some of us has gotten over the Dan Quinn shirt. Hopefully this isn't another team exclusive apparel. I saw it on a 'The Herd' with Colin Cowherd segment. Pay no attention to the horrible subject the show was talking about. But I couldn't screen grab it. So I took a couple of pictures. It's a Sons of Anarchy style of hoodie, that says Falcons Brotherhood, Atlanta, GA with a falcon logo stylize into the S.O.A. insignia. Has anyone seen it for sale, or saw it around somewhere. Or have any news about it? It would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I had faith in the Falcons before the playoffs started. No one scares me. I have such a calm it's scary.
  10. I get where you're coming from. But I couldn't do that, just because it gives off the look of I'm a Saints fan.
  11. ****. Good work. Your videos popped up in my YouTube suggestions earlier this morning. Or yesterday morning I should say. I subscribed and everything. Editting skills really good.
  12. Great job Front Office. Vic Beasley. Great Job. I was sweating a little bit.
  13. Great job Front Office. Vic Beasley. Great Job. I was sweating a little bit.
  14. Great job Front Office. Vic Beasley. Great Job. I was sweating a little bit.
  15. Great job Front Office. Vic Beasley. Great Job. I was sweating a little bit.