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  1. You're smart. And reasonable. And should know to ignore the irrational fans. All these irrational fans want to keep up with the Joneses. And it's crazy to me. We go to the SuperBowl, and fans are looking for upgrades and replacements for young guys. We don't go the following year and it's see I told you, we gotta go veteran route. But just a few years ago, it was we gotta go younger because veterans aren't getting it done. It'll always be dammed if you do, dammed if you don't with certain fans. But especially more so with this fan base.
  2. That's definitely not happening at that price. He could have restructure with the Seahawks for all of that
  3. Because of his price. Any good front office with a good team isn't signing him to the deal that he wants. He wouldn't even restructure with the Seahawks, that's why he was released. This is another Darrell Revis situation.
  4. That's the thing he's injured every year. You can't count on that. When NE is is getting away from Gronk being the main guy because of injuries. The rest of the league should take the same. But other people will say we have Hooper as back up when that happens. But you know. We could put that money in other places.
  5. From the 2017 year(last year) & beyond?
  6. Draft prospects as well. They think everyone should take a discount, and draft up or down for a pick they watch highlights on YouTube. None of the lowlights, full games. And think they can do better than the professionals. I'm watching for some of these armchair GM's & coaches to get just a Pop Warner job
  7. My apologies. Besides O.J. Howard, Evan Engram and David Njoku. Who are you looking to get last year. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that would have been better than Hooper? I'm in the camp those 3 aren't. Especially Engram. He was basically a WR playing TE for the Giants with all those injuries they had.
  8. Hmm. I'm perplexed by these stats.
  9. I don't there is a free agent better than our TE. People on this board are looking at future Hall of Famers & veteran Pro-Bowlers. And want that type of production out of him. When he's actually been giving them that. And is the 3/4 option on the team as well as coming into his 3rd year in 2018 being a pro. All everybody wanted was to draft and develop guys. And now that we are instead of going veteran. Now everybody looking for a replacement because people are getting expensive because of the development. Or replace the young guys with veterans and get the same amount of production a guy on his rookie contract can provide. It's mind boggling to me. Still waiting on a good case on why people are searching for one?
  10. *Sigh* this board and the fascination with getting a TE. This is hilarious.
  11. Can I get a link to back up those statistics?
  12. The 5 mil cap hit isn't that much. For a TE we use as a blocker 98% of the time. Especially in running formations. Something we do alot. He's technically worth the hit because he provides so much in Pass/Run blocking. The league can't even find OL who can do so. We have a TE that can. Can't throw that away.
  13. Julio, Sanu, & the RB's are the reason he's not getting targets. Let's just go by main targets. Matt Ryan threw the ball 529 times 10th in the league. Sanu has 1 throw to J.Jones. Julio was tied for 6th in the league in targets with 149. Sanu was 38th with 97 targets. Austin Hooper is tied for 93rd with 65 targets. RB Duo 82 targets which would put them around 64 in the league. T. Gabriel had 51 targets tied for 125th in the league. (Hooper would be the #3 in targets with 6 mouths to feed. #4 in targets if you count RB as 1 which would be 5 mouths) By Comparison: Alex Smith(13th) attempted 505 /Patrick Mahomes(55th) attempted 35 passes. A combined 540 passes. Which would put them around 8th in attempts. 3 position players had a pass attempt. Travis was 13th with 123 targets. Tyreek Hill was tied for 31st with 105 targets. Kareem Hunt & Albert Wilson tied for 98th targets with 63 targets. K. Hunt & C. West numbers together put them at 97 targets, which would put them around 38th in the league with M. Sanu. Kelce is #1 in targets with 5 mouths to feed. Or 4 mouths to feed if you count RB as 1. Carson Wentz(23rd)/Nick Foles(44th)/Nate Sudfeld(57th) threw the ball a combined 564 times which would put them around 5th in the league in attempts. Alshon Jeffery is 15th in targets with 120. Zack Ertz is 24th in targets with 110. Nelson Agholor is tied for 42nd with 95. Torrey Smith is tied for 86th in the league with 69 targets. And the Eagles RB situation is a tricky one considering they cut and traded for some. It's only right to consider them as 1 as they spread the ball around to thier RB's(Corey Clement, Wendell Smallwood, Jay Ajayi, Darren Sproles, Lagarette Blount, Kenjon Barner) a combined times of 76 times which would put them around 74th in the league in targets. (Zach Ertz is #2 in targets with 5 mouths to feed if the RB is 1) Tom Brady threw for a league high 581 times. Brian Hoyer threw 6 times. For a combined 587 attempts. Brandin Cooks had 114 targets tied for 19th in the league. Rob Gronkowski had 106 targets tied for 29th in the league. Danny Amendola had 86 targets tied for 56th in the league. Chris Hogan had 59 targets which is 125th in the league. James White(RB) had 72 targets tied for 78th in the league. Rex Burkhead(36) & Dion Lewis (36) targets each. Combined RB totals of 144 targets to thier RB's which would put them 8th in the league. (Gronk would be #3 in targets with 5 mouths to feed if you count RB as 1) And by these numbers and metics Hooper is doing pretty well for a 2nd year TE when constantly compared to veterans Pro-Bowl veterans at that. He's constantly put up against TE's in the best offenses of 2017 and the Falcons weren't one of the best offenses of that year. The league has adjusted to TE's and for a 2nd year TE. He's doing **** great job. Especially with the play calling problems.
  14. Agreed. Which is pretty darn good. For the 3/4 option on the team. As I said before, he's really good for a 2nd year TE. Who wasn't a first round pick. And hanging around number with the veterans on a (eye test) bad year for the offense.