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  1. I'm coming from tunnel hill. Have a safe trip.
  2. Thanks for the help. I think it will be the H. E. Holmes station for me.
  3. I'm coming from northwest ga.
  4. Where do I go to reserve parking?
  5. I'm finally going to my first game. Taking my dad for his birthday present. Where is the best place for parking? Was thinking a Marta station. Don't know which would be best. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Justin Houston would be a good pick if he is available. Before people start with the whole he is a OLB he only played one year in a 3-4. His other two years he played DE.
  7. The snow is what has made this Christmas Day great. First time since like the 80s I get snow on Chrismas and I was like 3 or 4 then.
  8. he is just starting to get back to full strength imo
  9. should be after the word on the streets: packers
  10. the interviews are always around 11a to 12p
  11. i remember last year cbs changed from a indy game to a falcons game due to the all the emails they got complaining. i knew i was going to miss watching this game from the beginning of the season and it does suck.
  12. Maybe we can get to see more no huddle. The offense seems to be more effective then with the run and pass.
  13. Is the OP not one of them spread offense fans that just likes to see shoot outs like Texas Tech has more often then not?
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