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  1. I have been watching the Falcons for over 50 years. Was a season ticket holder for about 25 years. Not since the days of The Swamp Fox have I seen such an uninspired performance..
  2. He does not work for Falcons. He works for the AJC and is typical of their staff.
  3. even though cuts are not required now, I think there are at least 15-20 players who require no further evaluation. I think the team would be better off without them; allowing more time to evaluate those who are legitimately on the bubble. can team release players now and go with smaller rosters if they want to?
  4. Augusta, GA. Benn in ATL area since 1960: Forest Park, Brookhaven, Doraville, Chamblee, and Suwanee.
  5. I've met Mat Ryan, Roddy White, Keith Brooking and his dad. They were all very nice. I also met Tommy Nobis' wife and she was the nicest of all. Also met the Swamp Fox, Marion Campbell several times.
  6. What is the last year of dead money for Baker, Asamoah, White, and Moore?
  7. 1 Reggie Ragland, ILB. Ala alternate Rob Nikemdiche, DT, Ole Miss 2 Vadal Alexander, OG, LSU alternate Von Bell, SS, OSU 3 Nick Martin, C, ND alternate Max Turek, C, So Cal
  8. This team has about as much talent as an expansion team. If not for the awful NFC East, we would have a worse record than an expansion team.
  9. In September, the NFL went a month without a player arrest for the first time since 2009. Previously they have averaged an arrest per week for the last 5 years. (per Mike Rosenberg of Reuters)
  10. Opponents still need to worry about Roddy.
  11. 88 counting Holmes, who is PUP. 87 if he doesn't count.
  12. Any word on who has/has not shown up for off season workouts?
  13. Did anybody save their job today?
  14. The really sad thing is that they are not only calling the ticky tac tuff, but are inconsistent on doing so and are missing a lot of blatant fouls.
  15. -Monday, June 2 – OTA No. 4. –Tuesday, June 3 – OTA No. 5. –Wednesday, June 4 – OTA No. 6. –Thursday, June 5 – Rookie Practice. –Monday, June 9 – Hacks vs. Jocks golf tournament. Defending champs – Team Scelfo. –Tuesday, June 10 – OTA No. 7. –Wednesday, June 11 – OTA No. 8. –Thursday, June 12 – OTA No. 9. –Friday, June 13 – OTA No. 10. –Monday, June 16 – Physicals. –Tuesday, June 17 — Day One: Mandatory minicamp (5 practices over three days) –Wednesday, June 18 – Day Two: Mandatory minicamp. –Thursday, June 19 – Day Three: Mandatory minicamp. (Offseason program ends for veterans). TBA – Rookie Symposium TBA – (Late July) – Report to Training camp.
  16. With 32 teams and 3 starting corners ( including nickel), there are 96 starting corners. Since there are only 96, all starters in the league are in the top 100.
  17. What are the dates for rookie camp and OTAs?
  18. FALCONS UGA football Tech football FSU football Braves Don't give a flip about basketball or soccer
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