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  1. Fields is awesome. Hope we get him but if not then I’ll take Wilson
  2. I like everything about this draft. Well done
  3. Not sure how you came to that conclusion and your attitude confuses me lol
  4. I wonder what number he’ll wear when he comes. If he wants #2 MR better not give him any attitude and let him have the number
  5. Lol I haven’t given any money to EA in years and don’t plan to
  6. They promote it as a realistic sim. We should sue for false advertising
  7. Instead of trading down let’s trade up to 0 maybe even -1
  8. Lol could you imagine Matt Ryan being the worst QB in the division if Russell went to the saints and Carolina ended up with Fields
  9. Trade Ridley extend Matt Ryan and Julio 10 more years!!!
  10. Meanwhile luka hit a game winner against the Celtics. Oh Atlanta
  11. I say we help Carolina find their QB then we trade them all our best players
  12. Absolutely. Finally a mock draft that makes sense. Well done
  13. Look the formula is easy. We skip out on drafting the best player available and trade back right? Then we draft a couple of Vic Beasley takk McKinley type of players and pray to the football gods they work out. If not then hey we get another top 5 pick next year and start this discussion again. Meanwhile our rival the panthers who did the right thing and drafted the best qb available have their guy for the next ten years and more than likely will have a winning record against us once his career is done
  14. Lol yea Georgia gave him a real chance to succeed for sure
  15. We’ll draft a QB with the 4th pick to learn for a year and I’m sure we’ll sign somebody. Nathan peterman can play 3rd string if he wants
  16. Justin fields gonna look good in a falcons jersey
  17. Well take another 5 years off after this one. Maybe they’ll improve something
  18. The last time madden was good was when ncaa was still being made so I guess that makes sense. Madden has been on a huge downfall since the start of current gen. All they care about is the cash cow madden ultimate team and completely ignore franchise mode which is my favorite thing to play. Madden 21 has the worst user score on metacritic as well. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/madden-nfl-21 When the developers addressed this they responded with “At least we didn’t get a 0” I **** you not. It’s hard for me to get excited for a college football game given the current status
  19. Just please keep the madden developers as far away as possible from this game
  20. Hopefully we have open tryouts for the safety position so I can show my skills
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