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  1. What I want to know is why it got moved to 4:15 PM
  2. Man we have a really good chance. If Oakland can stop the pass then I know we can too.
  3. They meant nothing when they said we would win 1 game all season. That's why I don't watch NFL Network or ESPN.
  4. AWWW C'mon.. We've come too **** far to quit now. We have a good chance to win the rest of the games.
  5. That's ********. There are the same ppl who can't get the player's names right. What do they know?
  6. The commentators are making me fall asleep.
  7. Does not work for us. Stop doin it.
  8. Maybe he'll date the Sarah Marshall from the movie. That chick is fine.
  9. Jake Dellhome is 7 for 23. That's really bad.
  10. He was kinda smilin when he got up. He should be fine.
  11. That's because Oakland fans are a bunch of dumbasses
  12. HA I don't think any of us expected much out of this guy. He just sucks.... LOL
  13. Yeah he'll put more attention torwards the Milloy hit and tell him that this is two hand touch now and not football.
  14. The call was really bad though. Reid shoulda thrown the red flag lol :ph34r:
  15. LOL what did ya'll expect from Jennings? A punt return for a touchdown? LMAO
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