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  1. No. We’re gonna stick with Matt Ryan and Julio until they’re 50
  2. If Wilson and fields are gone trade back who cares anymore
  3. We need to see what the jets want for #2. How is Shanahan gonna screw us out of a super bowl then take our future QB?
  4. If we’re not getting fields might as well trade down 100 times like y’all wanted
  5. Justin fields welcome home my boy
  6. Will be rooting for him when he has turns into Jamal adams
  7. Never heard of him. Sounds like a falcon
  8. This is so no one will trade up for Fields and we get him at 4. Smart
  9. If Watson loses his job for this the Texans might take the trophy of worst franchise from us
  10. Arthur smith better bring the whole faculty and their families to watch this mans pro day. Future of the team fr
  11. He should just shut up and kick am I right 🙄
  12. Justin fields is ethereum which if you bought last year you’re more than happy with the results
  13. Matt Ryan could learn a lot sitting behind Justin fields for a year
  14. We’re drafting fields and we should be more supportive
  15. Running backs haven’t gotten drafted high lately. Maybe Etienne falls to us in the 2nd
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