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  1. Fields at 4 fam, let’s meet at The Battery. First rounds on me
  2. Wish us braves fans didn’t get punished for this stupid bill. The battery would’ve been a great time
  3. Don’t bother trying to show these people the light. They want us to draft another takk or Beasley. It’s like they’re rooting for mediocrity
  4. If we liked Matt Ryan at all we would trade him somewhere to win a ring then we start our rebuild
  5. Then we draft him. **** the cap situation
  6. I’m slowly jumping on the trade back train since I know fields will be gone
  7. I say let’s help the panthers out. They’re gonna beat us anyways let’s get something for it
  8. I hope we trade down and with the pick we get we trade down again. Then we trade down some more. Hope we trade down to the point where in the seventh round all the picks are ours. Wanna set the record for trading down
  9. The draft will go like this Lawrence, Wilson, lance, fields get on board or get over it
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