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  1. Max is right. We’re not gonna compete for Super Bowls this year or the next. Time to rebuild
  2. What number will Fields wear?
  3. I love Trevor. I’m from Cartersville as well even played football there and I’m rooting for him and wish him the best. That being said I still think fields is a little bit better
  4. Fields is the best QB this class. Yes better than Trevor
  5. Justin fields will get us a super bowl win
  6. And in a week we’ll draft our next franchise qb
  7. No one should ever draft a qb better yet take that position away from the sport
  8. As much as I’d love to have him in a falcons uniform the 9ers aren’t passing on him
  9. They’re taking fields which is why we need to trade back
  10. crazy how this kid who can’t be older than 15 has more class than that dirty a$$ saints fan. Yea we haven’t forgotten about you
  11. Wouldn’t be mad at getting another first round pick out of this. We could end up having two top 5 picks next year
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