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  1. I haven’t played mlb the show yet but it’s crazy that each 3 of the major sports games have a huge amount of complaints. Madden especially
  2. This needs to be said: MGS V is one of the best games of all time
  3. Anyone have a list of what schools had the most players drafted?
  4. do the right thing falcons. Next von Miller right here
  5. Arthur smith please draft fields
  6. Cartersville, GA we in this biiii
  7. I’m on the verge of tears I’m so happy for Trevor
  8. Been so frustrated with the falcons decisions that I forget the hometown kid Trevor Lawrence is about to go #1. That is surreal to me
  9. We’re really gonna pass on a QB for the Matt Ryan retirement tour 🙄
  10. Please don’t curse at me. We’re all friends here
  11. So you’re saying we should draft a qb at 4 so it’ll work out in the end? Gotcha
  12. Falcons are about to screw this up somehow I know it
  13. He’s gonna run to the next team once his rookie contract runs out
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