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  1. Surely there’s a middle school player we can throw in there
  2. Met JT, Milton, Wyatt, and Davis today. Cool as* dudes for real. Humble af. This is definitely our year
  3. Not defending their behavior but there were a lot of bad calls that game. Still trying to figure out how that scoop and score was called back
  4. I know I’ve made my point but how many times do y’all think Gary brings up bama today? I’m gonna try to keep count but I may be drinking later. Will keep y’all posted
  5. Kentucky: 6 yard rush Gary Danielson: “Credit Alabama’s rushing attack….”
  6. No more “former assistant” talk. Gonna sleep great tonight
  7. Defense is completely exhausted and they’re playing like it
  8. The offense can absolutely not go 3 and out here. That defense is exhausted
  9. Gotta help your qb out on 3rd and 10
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