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  1. Fields has been liking all of martell’s sisters Instagram posts. What a dweeb
  2. It was fun Fields. Glad the distraction of him leaving is gone so we can focus on the players we have
  3. Tate martell is gonna whoop Justin’s *** when he pulls up to campus lol
  4. Sark! Drinks on me mannnnn let’s goooo
  5. That kick returner sucks balls
  6. If Fields isn’t granted immediate eligibility will he still transfer?
  7. Fields should just stay and beat out Fromm next year
  8. Hope he goes to independence community college
  9. Lord of Light show us the way
  10. If Georgia had beaten LSU and they were the #2 team I wonder if the loser of the SEC championship game would miss the playoffs
  11. Tua has looked very human these past couple of weeks. Only difference between us and the teams they’ve played is that we can actually score. Game should be litty to the titty and we will come out with the W. Go Dawgs
  12. If anyone needs a tailgate to crash we’ll be in lot XX. Go dawgs
  13. Does gameday ever go to Jacksonville?
  14. Kirby is mark richt all over again