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  1. the ny giants own the falcons... we rocked your measily pathetic worthless world tonight...hope you all enjoyed. see ya next year ya dog killin sons of ******
  2. "99% of you werent fans until #7" thats so true, and thats the main reason theres no substance to the atlanta fan base...thats why most of the atlanta fans dont care about vick's heartless dog killing ways and would liek to see him as the starting quaterback anyway. thats completely disgusting to the millions of outsiders looking in. how embarassed and ashamed the real atlanta falcons fans must feel is beyond me. and i feel bad for the real fans like you. this team sucks now and its not jsut cuz of vick. its cuz of a losing attitude. and the fans share it.
  3. maybe the falcons will be able to salvage the season by getting some wins and atleast making it a bit more enjoyable for the fans. once mike vick started killing dogs like a heartless beast your season was over. i mean, without him whatcha got? it was a great game for the giants after the first quater, till then the falcons looked liek they might be able to keep it a close game, but once the second quater came it was obvious that giants were ready to take over and show their dominance. the better team definately won tonight, the flacons offense is no match for the giants d, but hey yyour rooki
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