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  1. The umps on the field need to review the tape and make the call, not some faceless people in New York. This is probably why the ump didn’t throw Snitker out of the game for arguing about it, he knew it was BS and he wanted to let Brian vent.
  2. If SF picks Mac Jones, you know everyone comes calling.
  3. The threat of that happening would force Denver to trade up to get their guy.
  4. More leverage now at #4. QBs go 1, 2, 3 and now there’s only 1-2 high profile QBs left for teams below the Falcons to have their eyes on.
  5. Yeah for real. The cartoon pictures of people getting touchdowns was silly to me. I thought maybe it was a COVID thing.
  6. Not very excited about Bally’s Sports. I don’t like their new graphics, I don’t like their game box. Fox Sports box was perfect last year. Small, out of the way, gave info I needed.
  7. Team A would choose 25-35 yard line, then it’s a toss up what team B would do. Depending on Team B’s strengths, Team A will choose a different value. If team b has good defense but bad offense, team A will risk something closer to midfield. That being said, I don’t mind current nfl OT rules. I don’t like the college OT, it’s not real football and would give lots of bad beats in Vegas.
  8. Huh... guess I was. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30923798/sources-philadelphia-eagles-trade-qb-carson-wentz-indianapolis-colts-two-draft-picks
  9. If they don’t have a good way to tax winnings, they won’t legalize it. People can waste all their money playing scratch offs too, but that’s perfectly legal.
  10. Yep... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30847722/philadelphia-eagles-expected-trade-qb-carson-wentz-soon-sources-say
  11. Heck, the guy we hired for DC retired too. 😉
  12. They’ll trade for Wentz.
  13. One of those Braves classic voices that I grew up listening to. I always enjoyed his insight, delivery, and quick wits when broadcasting. He will be missed.
  14. Looks like the Jets are putting together a dream staff of sorts that many around here would like.
  15. Loved the red zone pass that launched what seemed out of the stadium lol.
  16. Is TD available for an interview for the GM position?
  17. This ‘Come to Jesus’ moment brought to you by Jesus.
  18. Hmm, it was 1st and goal, get the 1st? Take a knee for 1 down, run some clock. Maybe the clip is from the 3rd and 1?
  19. Would Turner take a 1 year deal? Probably not, but he’ll be 36 in November.
  20. 3 outs, double up our hits and get this thing
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