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  1. He’s unbearable. He’s always so in the moment that whatever just happened is the best ever.
  2. Don’t know what Duvall is doing there
  3. Freeman, base knock, let’s go!
  4. It’s like the twilight zone…
  5. Nice pitching to get out of that mess.
  6. Finally got caught up to see Charlie get hurt. Sounds like he’ll be okay for game 5/6. Love the offense!
  7. Look at the date of this tweet lol Edit: though I’m sure he would’ve changed his opinion mid-July.
  8. I didn’t see a mention of the “miracle Braves”, but maybe they didn’t meet someone with that much of a win % delta.
  9. Watched it in the dorm Freshman year. Don’t remember a whole lot except it sucked. 😔
  10. Luis Garcia’s windup is so wild.
  11. Do we write a “Thank you” note to John Coppolella?
  12. Way to go Falcons. Not pretty, but I’ll take it. Pitts was awesome.
  13. The Braves killed the narrative.
  14. If Fried is ready for game 1, that’d be fine by me. One thing is clear, Morton doesn’t want to hit.
  15. A Giants fan stopped me today to tell me as much lol.
  16. Little known fact… Rosario broke Javy Lopez’s Braves record for most hits in a postseason series with 14. They both wore #8.
  17. Can’t believe it! So excited! Let’s gooooo!
  18. Those 6 minutes make all the difference in the world…
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