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  1. I remember that day. There were some Giants fans 2 rows in front of me. I didn’t expect them to know, but I knew, that the dome was a little leaky and those seats were targets. It was rainy that day, so not only did they lose horribly, those fans got rained on too at their seats!
  2. Seriously, what’s with adding an S to his name? It’s Joe Burrow. Looks like we have another Keith Brookings in the making, though Joe won’t be a Falcon.
  3. It’s all about vitamin D from the sun that helps boost immune system responses. This is why quarantines can have negative impact on people’s ability to fight off diseases and viruses if they stay indoors. Make sure to get some sun while at home, take a local walk, and help yourself out.
  4. I’m sorry, he’s an *******. “Please follow guidelines from the government to stop the spread because I sure as **** didn’t.” He was at a race track around a bunch of people last weekend. Sean, live by your own words and stop being a hypocritical *******.
  5. When talking QBs perhaps, not corners. A lot more starting CBs in the league than QBs.
  6. Not a fan.
  7. If a pitcher faces 1 batter and gets out of an inning, are they allowed to be replaced between innings? I like some of the idea, speeds up the game, but removes a lot of strategy and a way for mangers to mitigate a big inning by playing pitching matchups. Maybe incorporating a time limit before play begins instead for switching pitchers.
  8. Shows how well we were playing the 2nd half.
  9. Yep, I always notice that we have pretty good seasons generally on even years. Here we go!
  10. Probably the biggest and most reliable.
  11. It’s been illegal everywhere in the US except Vegas until recently and these sites have been around and flourished for 15+ years. Online is still illegal everywhere, just have to jump through a few hoops depositing and cashing out.
  12. Good call
  13. Problem I have with it is the #1 and #2 seed teams don’t play the same schedule. Giving one team a much bigger advantage because they maybe had some weaker teams on their schedule seems unfair.
  14. ESPN, do the right thing, the snitches get stitches attitude needs to get flushed from professional sports. Play the game the right way or don’t play at all.