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  1. This ‘Come to Jesus’ moment brought to you by Jesus.
  2. Hmm, it was 1st and goal, get the 1st? Take a knee for 1 down, run some clock. Maybe the clip is from the 3rd and 1?
  3. Would Turner take a 1 year deal? Probably not, but he’ll be 36 in November.
  4. 3 outs, double up our hits and get this thing
  5. **** our bats need to wake up
  6. Only automatic if it was to the right side
  7. Wasnt Muncy‘s slide into d’Arnaud illegal?
  8. Julio was mixing it up in the end zone, go Braves.
  9. dmite

    MLB Playoffs

    Hope to see my Braves celebrate on the field tomorrow like the Rays were.
  10. After the first inning, their offense did nothing, makes me feel like after game 3. Mr Anderson will be on hopefully and keep that going.
  11. Get the Rangers play by play guy
  12. 4-6 were great, if 1-3 could’ve put something together, that would’ve been enough I my opinion. Have to get that top of the order doing damage like their top 3.
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