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  1. 8+8+2+3+8=win duh.
  2. NFL is crazy. Some teams that looked awesome today will look like trash next week and vice versa.
  3. Braves only 3.5 games back of #1 seed.
  4. Freakin Luke Jackson...
  5. Ah so ESPN was lazy.
  6. Play on the espn power ranking’s blurb about the Nats. “The Nats completed a sweep of the Marlins on Sunday, and since starting the season 19-31, they are 58-27 -- the best record in the majors since May 24. -- Schoenfield”
  7. Lol, that’s the headline alright
  8. 2 cruddy teams
  9. Love seeing Soto swing through strike 3
  10. Needs to be updated edit: the preview didn’t show them all
  11. Kind of a cross between the Waterboy and Porky Pig.