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  1. Yeah, when he was first grabbing it, I thought it was a rifle, then it looked like more than that in the bag. This girl interviewing 2015 Hayes is going to jog some wild memories from him. Wonder what he’s got hidden away in his memory that’s going to help break the case.
  2. Was the trash man moving a body? Looked smallish. I feel like he was memorizing that guy’s face to get him later. He might be the one they charged and convicted in ‘80.
  3. Yes, great start.
  4. Sark was awful year 1.
  5. They didn’t want to wait for uncertainty, can’t blame them. They probably had an idea who was coming in and knew they weren’t in the plans or they didn’t want to work for a rookie HC, something like that.
  6. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
  7. And now they may get Sark???
  8. I’m a little excited about these guys being here with an aggressive HC.
  9. Turrible. They probably told him, “we have offered Dirk Koetter an interview for the OC position.” he heard, “we have offered Dirk Koetter the OC position.” And he ran off to post it with glee!
  10. Isn’t Fields already gone?
  11. That SEC speed though
  12. Offered job is different than accepted job. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
  13. That’s what happened..