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  1. We were only on the 2 yard line for the 4th down.
  2. Finally, them using Vegas’ spread is weak. This will do nicely.
  3. Jacksonville owner signed up for it. Can only blame the team. They removed the tarp in their stadium for the first time in many years to allow more seats to be sold for the playoff game. They’re still not hugely popular there.
  4. It’s funny because Vegas sets the odds, bettors bet on that number, it has nothing to do with the Falcons.
  5. They retired Forrest Gump’s number.
  6. Yeah right. Over 10 years ago...
  7. Not calling holding it seems...
  8. Head ref reviews it in NFL. College has a dedicated review official.
  9. They’ve been balling lately. I love it. Offense just needs to do enough.
  10. A lot of reasons... they like the coach, like the team, like the teammates, like the city, don’t want to move, family is close, etc.
  11. Good question, thanks for asking. Fun to read history like this.
  12. Dang it
  13. If he’s complaining about the Mike Evans cheap shot, I agree, that was messed up.
  14. Makes sense, there is no game they can put there that doesn’t have ties to another one. Unless they put 2 teams basically having a preseason game.