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  1. Hopefully gives them great confidence going into game 5. Embiid is getting worn down.
  2. Foul them before they get a 3 point shot off
  3. Like how he hits it then points the other way.
  4. dmite

    Braves @ Marlins

    He’s just there for the few hours to do the broadcast. He doesn’t do homework or watch other baseball games to get any perspective outside of his working hours. As someone said here before, I don’t think he even likes baseball.
  5. dmite

    Braves @ Marlins

    Listen to him nightly like we do, he’s like a broken record with all the crap he says.
  6. Hard to defend when they’re calling ticky tack fouls on you and hard to score when they’re getting mauled. Hopefully the officiating evens out some and Hawks make some adjustments to get the next one. Officiating seemed the same last series, difference was the Knicks bench was garbage while Phillys has been good in this series surprisingly.
  7. Like how they showed the replay of Embiid’s “shot block” and they ignored that he hit his arm and no ball.
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