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  1. Thanks, I’m liking a game where fly outs arent called like a homer.
  2. Who is this calling the game with Joe? Where’s Skip?
  3. I don’t really like Maeve and Delores stories, they’re just not interesting anymore and one dimensional. Man in Black and Bernard’s stories are great. Last week’s episode that centered around trying to cheat death with the host bodies was awesome and I’m looking forward to where that leads. How many are there? Any that we’ve been following for the entire time?
  4. I felt like the Braves lost some momentum when he joined the team, though they were still winning decently. Hopefully they get it back.
  5. Scared about what? They already try to fix them.
  6. What happened to Sean McDonough?
  7. I’ve enjoyed this season so far. Definitely not as intriguing as last season now that the hosts are alive, but still a lot of questions that need to be answered and they’re messing with the timelines again. I like how they are following the same characters into the other sectors instead of introducing all new sets of people to learn.
  8. This seems a lot better than the flashy $30m per year headline.
  9. They’ve been pretty fun to watch. Keep it going!
  10. Safety? Started college as DB.
  11. He actually said I, which suits him.
  12. We were only on the 2 yard line for the 4th down.