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  1. Great to have someone that can catch out there in the secondary
  2. Just like that, he might have torn his Achilles.
  3. Good game. Steelers game is the only one we had no chance to win. Glad to see them roflpwn the Panthers.
  4.^tfw I give up on embedding on the phone
  5. Thanks for another comparison, yes, Brees and Payton marriage has made them consistently potent on offense.
  6. I hope Matt can get a long stretch with the same guy for a while. Would love to see how good he can be to not have to take these years for the offense to adjust to a new playcaller. Not to make this about the Pats, but McDaniels has been there a long time to keep that side of the ball consistent.
  7. On the same vein as stopping their 2 qb sneaks (and almost blowing up the 3rd down pass play), we got a tough 1 yard with our own qb sneak.
  8. Looks like someone didn’t read what they quoted...
  9. Can anyone put the gif on here without twitter?
  10. Need animated gif of Ridley’s walk after he made that fg lol
  11. Hoop’s was awful. That play might’ve scored.