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  1. Like that year we had 8.5 game lead over the Cardinals the last month and blew it. Cardinals were hit though.
  2. I’m hoping this series is an eye opener for the team, can’t let up for one play against good teams or else you lose.
  3. The streak is officially still intact due to not having an official at bat. But he’s hurt now and had to sit out, so he’s probably going to lose some rhythm.
  4. I wish Chipper was in the booth with Frenchy. Would’ve been great commentary.
  5. So happy to see Venters back.
  6. He didn’t want to be the guy to give 5th straight lead off homer.
  7. What in the ever living **** was that?! Bush league, pure bush league ********.
  8. Was watching this live last night. It was a fantastic ending (for non-Nats fans). My wife called for a 3 run homer the batter before, but then I said, how about a grand slam?
  9. Been a long time since the Falcons were shut out in the preseason.
  10. Only team to get shut out so far. Feels good.
  11. Why did Folty get pulled?
  12. Thanks, I’m liking a game where fly outs arent called like a homer.
  13. Who is this calling the game with Joe? Where’s Skip?
  14. I don’t really like Maeve and Delores stories, they’re just not interesting anymore and one dimensional. Man in Black and Bernard’s stories are great. Last week’s episode that centered around trying to cheat death with the host bodies was awesome and I’m looking forward to where that leads. How many are there? Any that we’ve been following for the entire time?
  15. I felt like the Braves lost some momentum when he joined the team, though they were still winning decently. Hopefully they get it back.