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  1. O ok, well I know that the seats that come with the 2 Tix 2 Jerseys thing arent exactly spectacular. Is it ever ok to move to open seats after a particular quarter or anything?
  2. Thanks, im just looking for a good time. My wife and I dont do much drinking so I dont really think the tailgate thing is #1 on the priority list I just didnt know if it was like Lumberjack Alley at SFA here in Tx where they have vendors and funny stuff to watch and all that.
  3. Like the title says. Im coming home from Iraq and my wife and I bought the 2 Tix 2 Jerseys thing and this will be our first game, ill be there the 18th-25th what are the best things to do on gameday? Ive never been to a pro game b4 so I dont know what the tailgate scene is like if u dont know anyone or if they have vendors or whatever. Hook me up with all the info! Thanks!
  4. Would love to see Losman and McNabb come over. Maybe we could then take McFadden with the #1.
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