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  1. My gradient Gurley Jersey is supposed to get here around week 3 of the regular season. :( At least I got a cool tweet over it.
  2. It’s Christmas Day!!!! We have this available every year to hopefully slow down the influx of threads that inevitably will be started once the draft begins. Praying the board doesn’t crash tonight! Using this thread as a mass thread typically prevents that. #RiseUp
  3. It's fake, the COA is junk.
  4. The Grady jersey I picked up at a benefit auction a few weeks ago. It’s from a preseason game his rookie year and was subsequently signed by him at the top of the 7. The Fowler jersey I pounced on after we signed him (got a great deal on it too). It’s absolutely filthy and he picked up 1.5 sacks that game. I’ve been febreezing it all morning. I’ve collected game worn memorabilia since high school, but these two are some of my favorites. Excited to display them together for at least the next few seasons. Can’t wait for the season to start!
  5. Are they actually using him in ticket advertisements though? I’ve only seen the Gurley hype posts made by the team’s social media people. Either way, I see what you’re saying. They’ve really hitched their wagon on hyping up Gurley. I can only imagine the reaction if he failed the physical and the entire thing was nothing.
  6. I’ve lobbied for so many crappy employees because I genuinely liked them. Granted this is entirely different, but yeah.
  7. I’m excited for these next two years, and especially for 2020. It’s a great day to be a Falcon fan!
  8. Solid re-signing for a guy who far exceeded my expectations. This locks up the DT position for at least 2 years. When you have a top 3 DT entering his 27 year old season, you don’t need a world beater standing next to him. Now if we can just find our pass rusher...
  9. *DISCLAIMER: religious post* As most know, I've been one of the residential Vic Beasley homers since he was drafted. I badly wanted him prior to the draft, and purchased his jersey from NFLShop at 9 AM the following morning of the draft. Even though I loved Vic's athletic abilities and college production, I was admittedly blinded by Vic Beasley the person. A good friend of mine who was a student at Clemson had told me stories about Vic's ability to communicate with everyone he met and a persistent attitude when it came to sharing his faith. This is something that has continued into Vic's professional career as he's never been afraid to express his identity in Christ. Last year, I felt moved to write Vic Beasley a short letter. As someone who hadn't been a Christian my entire life, I've looked up to Vic Beasley and considered him a role model at a time in my life where I felt it was difficult to share my faith publicly. In the short letter, I thanked Vic for his inspiration and briefly shared my testimony. I sent the letter to Atlanta, never anticipating a response. Less than two months later after almost forgetting about the letter, I received an envelope in the mail with an autographed picture: "To Roger, Congrats on your salvation!" I share this simply to hopefully shed some light on Vic Beasley the human being. As much as I'll have fond memories of his breakout 2016 year, it's often times what players do off the field that leave the most lasting impressions. I don't plan on retiring my #44 jersey anytime soon. Sometimes, it's more than football. Atlanta is losing a solid dude, and I wish him the best wherever he goes (praying it's not New Orleans).
  10. I’m fine with that. I said he would have double-digit sacks and he was 2 away with 6 quarters left in the season. He didn’t exactly meet the expectations I had, but we’ll always have 2016.
  11. Let’s lock up that 18th overall pick and snag us the best damn 1st round center we can find!
  12. About 2 hours away from kickoff. Let’s win one today. Merry early Christmas everybody!!!
  13. Falcon fans: Vic needs to start producing again! He sucks! *Vic starts producing* Falcon fans: Vic is only producing because he wants to get paid!
  14. Yes, the obligatory Monoxide/Beasley thread for this month. The top 4 sack leaders all did it in over 100 games. Vic is at 35.5 sacks in 74 games. Sure that's probably more of a testament to some terrible pass rushers in our franchise (and no Claude Humphrey since the sack statistic wasn't invented yet), but still a cool tidbit for Vic after a fantastic game. He's now sitting at 6 sacks through 13 games. The 2nd most of his career behind his All-Pro sack leading season. He has certainly been underwhelming at times, but there's no doubt we've seen improvements from last year. Even if I'm willing to settle that Vic's best usage is as a situational pass rusher, I'm cautiously optimistic that he may be brought back on a team-friendly inexpensive deal. I know this place would absolutely riot if that occurred, but his production this season at 2 or 3 million dollars as opposed to 12.5 million dollars wouldn't aggravate me. Okay okay, let the flaming begin!
  15. Roddy’s in the house today. With as bad as we dissected Carolina a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we get a 50 burger dropped on us. #RiseUp
  16. Realistically, I don’t see how we win. Maybe if Free has a 2015-2016 epiphany game and goes off. Having zero expectations makes it all great. If we somehow beat them, they’ll be the prime time laughing stocks for the 2nd time in 4 weeks. If they blow us out, it’ll be no surprise and nobody will be talking about this game tomorrow morning.
  17. As terrible as this season has been, sweeping the Saints would make it all almost worth it. #RiseUp and happy Turkey Day everybody!
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