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  1. I’m not kidding when I say 80 percent of our reports on AFMB are coming from the other thread. These reports are often done in bulk. With the limited manpower that we have, we simply cannot police ABF or that particular thread daily. To hopefully limit all of this, much fewer warnings will be given out on this topic. Please be as civil as possible without making comments that could be insinuated as racist, sexist, or trans/homophobic. Thanks!
  2. We had the worst running attack in football with a 260 pound Michael Turner. In hindsight, I don’t have much of an issue with us riding our unstoppable passing game and avoiding multiple 3-and-outs with Turner running it up McClure’s ass for no gain.
  3. If we convert on the goal line in the NFC Championship, we win the Super Bowl. Matt Ryan to Julio/Roddy/Gonzalez was a cheat code against defenses.
  4. Man it’s crazy to me that a lot of people don’t like Koetter being back. This is a late Christmas present to me. I loved that 2012 offense and Koetter understands Matt Ryan’s game. What an awesome move that sets us up for an exciting 2019. The Birds are back in town.
  5. Still debating if I’ll tune in anymore this season, but I’ll at least keep the game threads going. Here’s to a big game from Julio Jones and Matt Ryan not being killed. #RiseUp
  6. The greatest guard in franchise history, and one of the top overall players. He played the game clean and was never afraid to speak out against those who didn’t. What a loss.
  7. Quinn on the sideline with zero emotion. Just a stupid ass grin. It’s time for a change.
  8. Laughingstock of the NFL
  9. I love Kazee, but his 6 interceptions have been at the cost of many big plays that should have been prevented. Getting Ricardo back next year will be nice and Kazee can be platooned as needed.
  10. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I’ll be on-duty until right before kickoff so I’m gonna get the game thread started early. Let’s shock the world and beat the hottest team in football. We did it against undefeated Carolina in 2015 and nobody gave us a chance in hell. In Matt and Julio we trust! #RiseUp #****TheSaints
  11. Last week, I didn’t get to start the game thread in time, making it the first week since late 2015 I missed. The result? We get creamed by the laughing stock in sports by double digits. In the words of Michael Scott, I’m not superstitious, but I am a littlestitious... #RiseUp #BeatTheCowgirls
  12. We are about due for another restart.
  13. I’ve been running late this morning, thanks for taking the initiative.
  14. Here we go! Bye weeks feel like an eternity. Let’s go into Washington feeling refreshed and reloaded. #RiseUp
  15. I hope that’s the case, being that we’ve been extremely lackluster this year at showing up to our own stadium.
  16. I’ve had to hand out warnings and have sent some messages regarding some of the rhetoric that’s been shared in this thread. We’ve been very liberal when it comes to moderating ABF, but I’m just reminding everybody to please keep it civil and do not share racial slurs or epithets even in jest. The Falcons could cut ABF and possibly AFMB as a whole in a nanosecond if they wanted to. Thanks guys. Carry on with your regularly scheduled programming.
  17. The Giants are struggling, but we still can’t take them lightly! Barkley and Beckham are elite playmakers. I think tonight can be a huge statement game by our defense. #RiseUp
  18. Let’s try and get this ship back on track. #RiseUp
  19. I’m expecting the last team to score will win it all. If they score 42, we score 45. We’re getting into “must win” territory. Let’s make it happen! #RiseUp
  20. I tried locking threads during the game. It became futile and I eventually gave up. I was literally having to refresh the board every 5 minutes during the game and locking 7 threads in the process. People unanimously said they didn’t care about the cluster of threads during the game, so I stopped patrolling it. As for people getting away with things, I always encourage everyone to utilize the report button. We are a very small moderating team and that’s how we are able to see everything. Thanks for your respectful input though! I think it’s fair and should be taken under advisement.
  21. As for this place dying a slow death, the end of AFMB will be when the Falcons decide they want to cut it off. Given my conversations with those in charge of that decision, I think we’re gonna be here for the long run. Even newer outlets like Reddit can’t remotely compare to the absurd amount of traffic we get here. New members are coming rapidly more than regulars leaving.
  22. Hope it works out for you my friend. It’s just a game, and this place is a reflection of how integral it is to us. Emotions run high and sometimes we need to step back and remind ourselves it’s all temporal. I’ve been apart of AFMB since the Vick indictment, and I can honestly say I’ve stepped back and reflected more than once. You do you, and feel free to come back whenever you’re ready.
  23. Let’s send them back to the swamp with an L this week! I would love nothing more than to show the world that their embarrassment against Cleveland was the 2018 Saints and not an anomaly. #RiseUp