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  1. We are still 8+ hours away from kickoff, but I’m gonna go ahead and get the game thread up and running. Let’s shock the world and bring home the W on prime time. #RiseUp
  2. Read the screen pass flawlessly and blew the play up. Provided pressure on multiple plays against an elite right tackle. Sacked Wentz on an excellent coverage play when it looked like Vic was out of the play altogether. His motor looked great tonight and he showed some moves beyond just his speed. A lot of players looked great tonight, and I couldn’t be more happy. Just gotta give Vic his dues!
  3. My original prediction was 10.5. I’ll stick to that. Carson Wentz’s knee was a literal centimeter away from a multi-sack game for Beasley.
  4. Great play by a great quarterback. Vic offered pressure and wrapped up, but ultimately it fell in Philly’s favor. It happens.
  5. I’m not an acting moderator, just speaking from past experiences. There’s levels of disrespect and insults. I prefer a lightly moderated message board, but you have to have limits.
  6. I moderated this place for a long time and can tell you his post wouldn’t have warranted a warning. Your “circle jerk” comment on the other hand...
  7. Clarification on not responding to your posts: I'm not going to respond to anything that isn't directed towards me. You bet I'm going to respond to statements referencing me. And I didn't say you were the only one (I said "POSSIBLY only" in parenthesis because I wasn't entirely sure). I said you were the FIRST person to say Vic. That's why I responded to you. Finally, I cited your "Vic had the worst game of anyone" post because you indirectly referenced it when you complained about how I only respond to you and no one else. Moreover, it's somewhat relevant in that the OP refutes your original reason as to why you believed Vic had a bad day (the fictional premise of Vic not giving it his all on multiple plays aside).
  8. Because you say things like "Beasley didn't give it all on multiple plays" when it's just patently false. I tell you I locked in on Beasley for the entire game (and re-watched his snaps later on) and instead of citing specific plays, you say he isn't worth the energy and I'm just a "homer". Now you seem to be hinting at some conspiracy as to why I've responded to your posts regarding Beasley. If you say Jake Matthews had a terrible game because he gave up two sacks, great. We agree. If you say Jake Matthews had a terrible game because he kept getting called for holds, not great. He didn't get called for holds, and if you disagree with that basic contention, I invite you to cite specific drives as to why you came to that contention. That doesn't make me a Jake Matthews homer, it just means I think we as fans should be held accountable when throwing out criticism. I also went directly to your comments in that thread because you were the first (and possibly only) person to say Vic had the worst game. I said that was a laughable statement, because it was laughable.
  9. The subject was dropped and now it’s back up again. I don’t care who dislikes Vic Beasley. It impacts me zilch. 95% of this board at one point or another has spoken out against Vic and that’s fine. He’s my favorite player for reasons beyond the gridiron, and I don’t deny that. Now, let’s leave it at that and get back to the OP’s week 1 breakdown. It was very well done and articulated.
  10. He was terrible last year, I’ve never denied that. I’ve subscribed to PFF since 2017. I hated PFF for many years but have grown to appreciate their ratings. They’re not gospel, but they serve a purpose and I respect their defensive grades more than their offensive ones.
  11. Disrespect me or any player all you want, I don’t expect anything less from you. I won’t respond to any of your posts following this.
  12. No clue, I haven’t posted from a desktop in years.
  13. Your Vic attacks have been the most visible/vocal dating back to my thread about him a couple of months ago. You were also the first person to say his name on the “worst player” thread. Don’t flatter yourself.
  14. You mentioned him as having the worst game of any other player and that he was allegedly giving up on plays. That’s blind negativity. PFF graded him out above average on run plays and right at average on pass rushing. Not great, but I’ll go back to what I said on Sunday if you’re saying he played terribly. It’s laughable.
  15. It’s finally here! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to show the world why 2019 is the year of the Falcons. I know we’re 4 hours away, but I’m too excited to go back to sleep so I’m starting the game Day thread early. Our road to the Super Bowl starts today! #RiseUp
  16. PFF graded him above average against the pass and right at average against the run. Pretty much where I’m at on his week 1 performance.
  17. Did he force the incompletion? Cousins threw it away because Vic made a great move. Sure he didn’t wrap him up, but it goes down as both a hurry and a hit. He was also involved in a couple of run stops at the line of scrimmage. I’m not saying he was amazing today, but to say he was the worst player on the team is just flat out disrespectful. And to cite him giving up on plays (a blatant falsehood) makes it even worse.
  18. He didn’t finish the sack, but he beat the pass blocking and forced one of only two incompletions for the entire game. There was not one play where Vic gave up. Not one.
  19. I did. I locked myself in on Beasley every snap. Not giving his all on multiple plays is utter nonsense and I await to hear specifically which drives he gave up on.
  20. Lmfao not sure what game you were watching. There was literally 10 total pass attempts and he pressured 2 of them.
  21. Dahl was excellent in his prime, which was admittedly very short. 2008-2010 with 2009 essentially being a wash.
  22. Not just a 3rd round pick, but a top 5 pick in the 3rd round.
  23. There’s been a lot of untrue/unbelievable rumors circulated on this board over the years. This one might be the worst one yet.
  24. I hate to bump a 10 day old topic, but were the Falcons included in any part? I didn’t know if they played out his preseason with us.