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  1. The cardinal rule of football analysis is to avoid highlight videos. With that being said, I’ll take Michael Turner literally dragging Pat Thomas across the field or Turner throwing Eric Weems into a blocker (and then somehow running for more yards) any day of the week.
  2. Michael Turner was the greatest running back in franchise history. I wouldn't take any other. William Andrews has an argument due to the difference in receiving abilities, but I think there's some historical revisionism in regards to how good Andrews actually was from those who miss the 1980's. Ward plays a lot smaller than Turner and seldom seems to produce anything when it matters. He is good for a 25 yard run every once in awhile when we're up by 3 touchdowns. Do I think he could start for a team as a change of pace back carrying the ball 10 or 15 times a game? Maybe.
  3. There's only a handful of Falcon performances since the Matt Ryan era began that I think could compete for the individual domination that Clayborn showed today. Dating back to 2008, you would almost have to agree that this was the greatest single defensive performance for a Falcon. Offensive ones just off the top of my head. 1. Julio Jones's 300 yard game vs. Panthers last year. 2. Matt Ryan's 500 yard game vs. Panthers last year. 3. Matt Ryan's 448 yard 3 TD comeback win against the Saints in 2014. 4. Roddy White's 210 yard/2 TD game against the 49ers in 2009. 5. Michael Turner's 220 yard/2 TD game in his Falcon debut against the Lions. Clayborn's game becomes even more impressive when you realize that John Abraham never sacked a QB 4 times in a game as a Falcon. Sure Clayborn was up against a lackluster offensive tackle, but I don't think your competition should degrade individual dominance. This was Osi Umenyiora against Winston Justice and the Eagles and then some. And you know what makes it that much better? Keanu Neal's start last week with the two forced fumbles was putting him on pace to have one of those domination games. We have more than one player on this defense that has the capability to do that. Beasley is the name we're always going to mention when it comes to sack artists, but Clayborn showed today that we have a sack tandem. That's not even including the likes of Jarrett, Reed, and Takk.
  4. 3 man pass rush with zero linebackers, and he has less than 4 seconds to find a receiver. Somebody get Bob Whitfield on the phone.
  5. This team sucks in every sense of the word. I had more fun watching the 07 team with Chris Redman over this sh*t show. At least that team sucked with heart.
  6. Getting it started a few hours early. Let’s get it going today. #RiseUp
  7. I’m way late to this party, but when you’re bound to be the greatest player of all time to wear a Falcon jersey for the majority of your career, you’re allowed to receive the “**** happens” treatment when you make a rare mistake.
  8. Sure hooper slipped, but you can’t force a ball in the middle of the field with a high safety resting easy.
  9. True story. Back when we were on the older board (sometime between 2005-2007), I was in a high school History class and had just finished a test. After I turned the test in, I went back to my seat and quietly scrolled through the boards on my Blackberry until the bell rang. It was there that I read my first Emmitt thread. It was also there where I started busting up laughing and got shushed by Mr. Livingston the History teacher. Thanks for almost getting me in trouble @Emmitt! And here we are, over a decade later, and you're still going strong.
  10. If you were a fellow Panther homer, that would also make us Panther homers.
  11. Let’s do it! A must win game if there ever is one this early in the season. #RiseUp
  12. I mean I'm not livid over it, but I was perplexed as to why we didn't bring him back for what would have undoubtedly been a 1 year salary with minimal cap repercussions. The continued growth of Vic Beasley as well as Takk's rookie season is enough on its own to have him as a locker room presence. Beyond that, I think a full season of Freeney in a situational role gives us at least 6 sacks. With his spin, he's truly an ageless wonder.
  13. He's not even 34. Like really? And he's never had a 30 TD season outside of Shanny? Didn't he get 32 in 2012? In 3 sentences, you have 2 objectively false statements.
  14. We have a thread asking to not retain a QB literally coming off an MVP and Offensive Player of the Year winner and a top 5 historically great season. And instead of the entire board laughing him out of the building, they take it seriously. I'm absolutely appalled. Not like the stadium isn't half full even when Ryan is killing it anyways.