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  1. Ledbetter is absolutely terrible and he needs to be fired for his atrocious reporting. With that being said, I think his statistic is accurate and just a terrible coincidence that it invokes the 28-3 score.
  2. If you click on the link it explains all of that in detail.
  3. Mods, if this is a repost feel free to close. NFL 1000 has some truly awesome analysis on the DT position. This is the top 100 tackles in the league, and Grady comes in at 4. That’s ahead of Kawann Short, Gerald McCoy, Ndamukong Suh, Damon Harrison, Malik Jackson, Linval Joseph, and many other great tackles. This kid is truly special and a soon to be star in this league. It’ll be nice to see a father/son Ring of Honor ceremony with him and Jessie Tuggle. From the article: Snap Quickness: 22/25 Pass Rush: 18/25 Run Defense: 19/25 Tackling: 13/15 Position Value: 7/10 Overall Grade: 79/100 Grady Jarrett is one of the most active, explosive interior defensive linemen in the NFL. He displays outstanding natural leverage, elite snap quickness, explosive hands and a relentless motor. The three-year veteran also recognizes traps, pulls and screens quickly, and he shows elite pursuit skills to chase down plays from the back side. Jarrett is difficult to reach due to his upfield quickness and accurate hands at the point of attack, which allow him to win outside leverage. He's capable of stacking the point man on doubles or dropping to a knee and splitting. The Clemson product has a variety of techniques to win as a pass-rusher, including a club swim move, hump and spin. He quickly recognizes slide protection to his side, demonstrating good lateral quickness to penetrate across opponents' faces and move the QB off his spot. —NFL1000 DT Scout, Brandon Thorn One of the greatest mysteries of recent drafts is how Jarrett, one of the fundamental pieces of the great Clemson defenses when he was there, lasted until the fifth round in 2015. Size was a concern for multiple teams, but as Jarrett has shown, his 6'0", 305-pound frame doesn't matter. Jarrett is primarily an active 3-tech who bombs through blockers to get through the pocket, but he can also line up as a 1-tech between the center and guard, using active hands to defeat his opponent. —NFL1000 Lead Scout, Doug Farrah
  4. The whole reality TV thing was kinda unsettling, but more power to him I guess. I remember when we drafted him in 2008 and that YouTube highlight video from when he was at Montana started surfacing on AFMB. I think a week after the draft, we were hyping up Kroy more than the Matt Ryan pick. Such a good draft overall, and to think it was TD’s first. Kroy was impossible not to root for. A consistently solid rotater on our defense for a number of years. If you took his motor and combined it with Vic Beasley, you’d have the best pass rusher in football. I wish him all the best and have fond memories.
  5. At one point, pretty much nobody on the moderator side wanted ABF to exist (before JPowers). If it was deleted tomorrow, I think the main people at HQ would give the mod team letter of commendations. Typically, any big complaint that gets called in or mailed comes from this section of this board. This dates back to Jay Adams. With that being said, I love ABF and that’s why I moderate this side of town with minimal attention. What made ABF so great in years prior was self-moderation, and not constant intervention from other posters saying what can and can’t be said. Granted, we absolutely need to step in when derogatory comments are made that grossly violate the COC. As for me not letting Bob start the 2nd thread, if that’s legitimately upsetting to him, he can feel free to start another one.
  6. I still want Mitt.
  7. I’ve been called worse!
  8. I’m not kidding when I say 80 percent of our reports on AFMB are coming from the other thread. These reports are often done in bulk. With the limited manpower that we have, we simply cannot police ABF or that particular thread daily. To hopefully limit all of this, much fewer warnings will be given out on this topic. Please be as civil as possible without making comments that could be insinuated as racist, sexist, or trans/homophobic. Thanks!
  9. Well they better tighten him up then.
  10. To say that he is becoming our Earl Thomas does not in any way say he is skillfully comparable to Earl Thomas. Similarly, Keanu Neal was drafted to be our Kam Chancellor and Deion Jones our Bobby Wagner. To think that this implies we drafted them to be just as good is a fundamental misunderstanding. The statement is based off of our defensive scheme under Dan Quinn and Marquand Manuel.
  11. You’re obviously trolling and I’m not biting, but Ricardo Allen is an above average safety.
  12. Ricardo Allen is arguably the most underrated player on this entire board. The guy is a really good football player who 20 teams in this league would kill to have. I’m all for giving him a 5 year deal for 32.5 million.
  13. I’m here as much as possible! Admittedly more during the regular season, but I’ll be posting my annual mock draft soon.
  14. Freeman is signed long term and isn’t going anywhere for a long time. Tevin is one of my favorite players and has been such a huge tool for us, but sadly I agree that it’s most likely not feasible we re-sign him. With as many long term deals as we will have, a change of pace back expecting starter money is out of the question. Not to mention, he will want to go somewhere in which he is featured. Several teams will pay him handsomely to carry the rock 20 times a game.
  15. 1st season: Improves win total by 2 games from the year before. 2nd season: Takes team to the Super Bowl for only the 2nd time in 50 years, winning 2 playoff games against experienced Seahawks and Packers. Loses Super Bowl to Tom Brady in overtime. 3rd season: Makes playoffs for 2nd year in a row, beating the favored Rams away. Loses to the number 1 seed by 5 points. If you think Quinn needs to be fired, see your way out.