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  1. Advanced search is nice. Just don’t bump it!
  2. Thanks guys! Love you all. I’m still around and come online at a minimum of once a day. Typically, I’m responding to reports more than posting, but I’m still posting when I can!
  3. Man, this team is good. Really, really good. If we get a serviceable fullback, I don’t see how we aren’t a top 3 favorite in the NFC.
  4. That’s my quarterback! Wouldn’t have it any other way.
  5. His post wasn’t at all ill-informed or controversial. I don’t understand this type of response nor do I think it’s warranted. It’s fine to disagree with somebody, but it’s not fine to hijack a thread with insults in response.
  6. My two biggest gripes with kickoffs: 1. *commercial break* kickoff * commercial break* 2. The Falcons have had more terrible kickoff returners than good ones it seems.
  7. First 2 picks were slam dunks in my opinion. The 3rd wasn’t sexy but I like the matchup next to Grady Jarrett. The 4th pick makes less than zero sense in my opinion and I’ll just have to sit back and hope to be proven wrong. The two 6th round picks look nice. All in all, it’s a B+. I would give it an easy A if we take somebody other than Ito in the 4th.
  8. Either you’re full of ****, or your best friend is full of ****, or your best friend’s uncle is full of ****. Somebody is full of ****.
  9. Beat me to it
  10. Christmas morning is here! The greatest day of the year for many of us. In years past, draft threads haven’t been as strict as game threads, so don’t feel like every single post has to be confined to this thread. With that being said, this will be the thread for draft discussion and pick insight as they come in. I will most likely pin this once the draft begins, but will leave it unpinned for the time being. Feel free to post any pre-draft discussions in the mean time.
  11. Yep I can
  12. The last year has been an inevitable preparation for an eventual Ring of Honor induction IMO.
  13. Yeah, I typically make it a priority to pick players who are either mocked right at the selection or after. Lauletta was my exception. He’s going to be a player.
  14. So anybody who knows me knows that one of my favorite times of the year is getting to watch film at the end of the college season and create my annual mock draft. Also, anybody who knows me knows that I have some of the most hideous mock drafts in AFMB history. Dating back to 2013 (my 2012 is lost), here's every what got us to 2018. This is why I'm not an NFL general manager. 2013: (this sucks) 1st round-Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU 2nd round-Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M 3rd round-Stepfan Taylor, RB, Stanford 4th round-B.W. Webb, CB, William and Mary 4th round-LaVar Edwards, DE, LSU 5th round-Corey Fuller, WR, Virginia Tech 6th round-Denard Robinson, KR, Michigan 7th round-Cooper Taylor, FS, Richmond 7th round-Vince Williams, MLB, Florida State 2014: (this sucks less) 1st round-Taylor Lewan, LT, Michigian 2nd round-Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU 3rd round-Dion Bailey, FS, USC 4th round-CJ Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa 5th round-Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee 6th round-John Urschel, OG, Penn State 6th round-Max Bullough, ILB, Michigan State 7th round-Marcus Lucas, WR, Mizzou 7th round-Max Hall, OT, Bellhaven 2015 (back to the suckage) 1st round-Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska 2nd round-Paul Dawson, MLB, TCU 3rd round-David Johnson, RB, Northern Iowa 4th round-Darryl Williams, LT, Oklahoma 5th round-Chris Conley, WR, Georgia 6th round-Alani Fua, OLB, BYU 7th round-Corey Cooper, FS, Nebraska 7th round-David Mahina, TE, BYU 2016 (the jury is out but not looking good) 1st round-Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State 2nd round-Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State 3rd round-Tyler Matakevich, MLB, Temple 4th round-Jayron Kearse, SS, Clemson 7th round-Sioasi Aiono, OG, Utah 2017 (potentially the worst one yet) 1st round (31st overall), Caleb Brantley DT, Florida 2nd round (63rd overall), Dan Feeney, OG, Indiana 3rd round (95th overall), Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson 4th round (136th overall), John Johnson, FS, Boston College 5th round (174th overall), TJ Logan, RB, North Carolina 6th round (214th overall), Dylan Cole, OLB, Missouri State 7th round (249th overall), Conrad Ukropina, K, Stanford So without furthier adieu! Lets make my 2018 Falcons mock draft the first success ever. "With the 26th pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Taven Bryan, Defensive tackle out of Florida." This is the 2nd year in a row I've taken a Florida defensive tackle in the 1st round, with my last year's choice being arguably the worst pick I've ever mocked. As much as I like Maurice Hurst, the heart issue is way too big of a risk for a first round selection. Bryan showed great production on the field and is considered a high character person off the field. Charlie Campbell with Walter Football mentioned that Bryan was a name the Falcons were interested in, and his tape shows why. He has the size and strength of a tackle, and the speed and agility of a defensive end. Grady Jarrett and Taven Bryan would make for a deadly 4-3 tandem. 2nd round (58th overall): Duke Ejiofor, defensive end, Wake Forest As much as I hate to say it, Adrian Clayborn will probably not be in an Atlanta Falcon uniform come week 1. Brooks Reed is a solid rotational defensive end, but is not starting caliber. Even with the hope that Takk and Beasley both blossom in the pass rushing department, Clayborn's production will need to be replaced. I've seen Ejiofor mocked as high as the beginning of the 2nd round and as late as the 4th round. He duplicates Clayborn's size at 6'3 275 lbs and is known for his power. Showed great production last season with 10.5 sacks and 17 tackles for loss. With Bryan and Ejiofor filling in our first 2 picks, it shows prioritization on the defensive line. 3rd round (90th overall): Anthony Miller, wide receiver, Memphis Here is our slot receiver for the future, and an obvious replacement for Taylor Gabriel. Miller put up elite production and showed himself to be one of the best receivers in the nation when it comes to yards after the catch. He's 5'11 190 lbs and was a state champion in the 110 meter hurdle. I saw him absolutely take over against UConn last year (15 catches for 225 yards) and his film jumps out. I hate using over the top comparisons, but a poor man's Antonio Brown is what I see. 4th round (126h overall): Sean Welch, offensive lineman, Iowa The reason I put offensive lineman and not a specific position is because Welch is a swiss army knife. In fact, his scouting report makes you think of Ben Garland. Welch can excel as either a left or right guard, but his ideal position is probably center due to his size. With that being said, he also played tackle in a few games while at Iowa. I don't understand bringing Garland back for one year at his price tag, so why not draft his replacement for 2019 and beyond? Even if Welch doesn't compete for a starting spot, he's a capable interior lineman. 6th round (200th overall): Kyle Lauletta, quarterback, Richmond In all actuality, Lauletta will probably be gone by the 6th round, but this is my pipe dream selection. Lauletta's college statistics certainly are not eye popping, but his intangibles are through the roof. I was actually introduced to Lauletta during an NFL Radio interview on my way back from St. Louis. Extremely intelligent, well spoken, comes from a football background, and listed Matt Ryan as one of the quarterbacks he would like to learn from. Taking Lauletta in the late rounds allows you to groom him during Ryan's final contract, and not worry about spending 5 million dollars a season for a backup QB who will probably never leave the sidelines. This kid will be a starter someday. 7th round (244th overall): Tanner Muse, safety, Clemson A big safety (6'3 220 lbs) who plays extremely aggressive. Late 7th round selections typically are training camp bodies, but Muse is a player who could fight for a roster spot. Safety depth is a potential concern going into the season, and Muse fills that role. 7th round (256th overall): Andy Phillips, kicker, Utah Matt Bryant will still be elite in 2018 and potentially 2019/2020, but having another kicker on the back burner isn't a terrible idea when you look at Bryant's age. Being that kickers are competitively picked up as UDFAs, the Mr. Irrelevant pick is first dibs on an NFL caliber leg. Phillips was extremely accurate all 4 years at Utah, making over 80 percent of his career field goals and going 132 for 133 on extra points. 2018 Draft Summary 1 (26): Taven Bryan, DT, Florida 2 (58): Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest 3 (90): Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis 4 (126): Sean Welsh, G/C, Iowa 6 (200): Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond 7 (244): Tanner Muse, FS, Clemson 7 (256): Andy Phillips, K, Utah