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  1. Let’s try and get this ship back on track. #RiseUp
  2. I’m expecting the last team to score will win it all. If they score 42, we score 45. We’re getting into “must win” territory. Let’s make it happen! #RiseUp
  3. I tried locking threads during the game. It became futile and I eventually gave up. I was literally having to refresh the board every 5 minutes during the game and locking 7 threads in the process. People unanimously said they didn’t care about the cluster of threads during the game, so I stopped patrolling it. As for people getting away with things, I always encourage everyone to utilize the report button. We are a very small moderating team and that’s how we are able to see everything. Thanks for your respectful input though! I think it’s fair and should be taken under advisement.
  4. As for this place dying a slow death, the end of AFMB will be when the Falcons decide they want to cut it off. Given my conversations with those in charge of that decision, I think we’re gonna be here for the long run. Even newer outlets like Reddit can’t remotely compare to the absurd amount of traffic we get here. New members are coming rapidly more than regulars leaving.
  5. Hope it works out for you my friend. It’s just a game, and this place is a reflection of how integral it is to us. Emotions run high and sometimes we need to step back and remind ourselves it’s all temporal. I’ve been apart of AFMB since the Vick indictment, and I can honestly say I’ve stepped back and reflected more than once. You do you, and feel free to come back whenever you’re ready.
  6. Let’s send them back to the swamp with an L this week! I would love nothing more than to show the world that their embarrassment against Cleveland was the 2018 Saints and not an anomaly. #RiseUp
  7. He couldn’t block at all nor snap it. Missing Mike Person is like missing Adam Jennings
  8. Thanks for keeping me honest! You da man
  9. Hope we don’t have another Boone Stutz situation. 2007 fans will understand.
  10. Football is back! The road to the Lombardi trophy starts in 6 hours.
  11. Man I hate to read this. Slappy was one of the good ones. RIP my friend.
  12. I had so much hatred in my heart for so many years regarding Michael Vick. Last year, I decided to forgive him and throw my anger away. Since then, I look back at the Vick era with such fond memories and pride. Maybe we were never the best team in football, but we were damn sure the most exciting. I watched that highlight video with a smile on my face, and I’ll make sure to make a trip to Atlanta from Missouri on a Sunday afternoon when he is rightfully inducted into the Ring of Honor. Thanks for putting the Dirty Birds on the map #7, and congratulations on your story of redemption.
  13. Advanced search is nice. Just don’t bump it!