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  1. It can’t get any uglier than last week right? #RiseUp
  2. Chris Lindstrom is 23 and already a top 15 guard in football. PFF had him tied for 8th after last week.
  3. For 18 and a half games, Vic Beasley was a star on arguably the most magical team in franchise history. In the process, he was an upstanding dude and a role model for many. That alone is enough for me to not hate the guy’s guts because of a few bad seasons and last year where he quietly neared double digit sacks.
  4. Vic gets so much undeserved hate here it’s insane. Takk on the other hand, yeah I’m with y’all.
  5. Who specifically on the offensive line looked bad? To me most of the broken plays seemed to be coverage based and/or Matt’s inability to improvise.
  6. Certainly no politics, but plenty of hate. It’s the Saints.
  7. I still can’t believe they’re starting poor man’s Brad Smith at quarterback, but you always have to expect the unexpected with these misfits. It’s rivalry week!!! #RiseUp #KickTheStains
  8. 0-5 sounds bad, but 0-6 sounds so much worse. Here goes nothing!
  9. Positive for Covid-19 this week and am sicker than I've ever been in my entire life. The only positive from it (other than the result itself) is that absolutely nothing that the Falcons will do tonight can make me feel any worse! Let's see what happens! #RiseUp
  10. In 12 seasons, Matt Ryan has never started 0-2. Here’s to making it 13. #RiseUp
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