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  1. Man I hate to read this. Slappy was one of the good ones. RIP my friend.
  2. I had so much hatred in my heart for so many years regarding Michael Vick. Last year, I decided to forgive him and throw my anger away. Since then, I look back at the Vick era with such fond memories and pride. Maybe we were never the best team in football, but we were damn sure the most exciting. I watched that highlight video with a smile on my face, and I’ll make sure to make a trip to Atlanta from Missouri on a Sunday afternoon when he is rightfully inducted into the Ring of Honor. Thanks for putting the Dirty Birds on the map #7, and congratulations on your story of redemption.
  3. Advanced search is nice. Just don’t bump it!
  4. Thanks guys! Love you all. I’m still around and come online at a minimum of once a day. Typically, I’m responding to reports more than posting, but I’m still posting when I can!
  5. Man, this team is good. Really, really good. If we get a serviceable fullback, I don’t see how we aren’t a top 3 favorite in the NFC.
  6. That’s my quarterback! Wouldn’t have it any other way.
  7. His post wasn’t at all ill-informed or controversial. I don’t understand this type of response nor do I think it’s warranted. It’s fine to disagree with somebody, but it’s not fine to hijack a thread with insults in response.
  8. My two biggest gripes with kickoffs: 1. *commercial break* kickoff * commercial break* 2. The Falcons have had more terrible kickoff returners than good ones it seems.
  9. First 2 picks were slam dunks in my opinion. The 3rd wasn’t sexy but I like the matchup next to Grady Jarrett. The 4th pick makes less than zero sense in my opinion and I’ll just have to sit back and hope to be proven wrong. The two 6th round picks look nice. All in all, it’s a B+. I would give it an easy A if we take somebody other than Ito in the 4th.
  10. Either you’re full of ****, or your best friend is full of ****, or your best friend’s uncle is full of ****. Somebody is full of ****.
  11. Beat me to it
  12. Christmas morning is here! The greatest day of the year for many of us. In years past, draft threads haven’t been as strict as game threads, so don’t feel like every single post has to be confined to this thread. With that being said, this will be the thread for draft discussion and pick insight as they come in. I will most likely pin this once the draft begins, but will leave it unpinned for the time being. Feel free to post any pre-draft discussions in the mean time.
  13. Yep I can
  14. The last year has been an inevitable preparation for an eventual Ring of Honor induction IMO.