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  1. Praying now. I will keep him there!
  2. Yep!!!
  3. As for 2016 being a fluke season, you’re absolutely correct. Not just for Vic, but across the board. It didn’t make the ride any less enjoyable. You know what other Falcons team was a fluke? The 1998 squad. Many great teams are flukey, and that can often times add to the joy.
  4. Critique away! I’m mostly on these boards to critique players. However, in the maturation of my fandom, I’ve learned to distinguish being critical to being flat out venomous. There’s a lot of constructive criticism when it comes to Beasley, and most of it is warranted. There’s also a lot of venom. I’m not describing just AFMB, but Twitter/Facebook/Instagram as well.
  5. I'll always have memories of 2016 Vic and how fun it was to have the only single season sack leader in franchise history. It's easy to focus on 28-3, but let's not revise how awesome that season was. Vic put in his best work on arguably the best team in franchise history. Also (more importantly) a phenomenal human being that has shown a lifetime of service off of the football field. Maybe he doesn't care about football. Maybe he's mentally given up on his profession. I've just never been in the market of trashing football players because they don't meet my expectations of a game I watch as a hobby. I can't sit on my couch with my 6.1 40 yard dash and scream bloody murder when a professional athlete doesn't get enough sacks. Football doesn't define Vic Beasley Jr., only God does. Vic seems to get that, and I understand that that might bother some people. If your argument is you feel like he stole money from the team by under-performing, have solace in knowing he'll be gone after this year. Also, IT'S A GAME. Vic will continue to be one of my all-time favorites, and I'll still wear my Beasley homerism.
  6. Hold em to 50 boys!
  7. 1st team All-Pro, Pro Bowler, and Deacon Jones award winner all before his third season? Don’t get my hopes up.
  8. And then there’s the multitude of blown assignments between Trufant and Campbell. Grady has literally been the only defensive player that has consistently looked good. Even Debo has had some uncharacteristically bad moments.
  9. He can go ahead and send me his PayPal and I’ll send the 50 this week. 1.5 sacks through 5 games and he looked completely lost today.
  10. I love Vic and he’ll always be one of my favorites. With that being said, today was startling. He seems to be in a regression and I’m just not sure he can be the consistent player I’ve prayed he can be. That’s a tough pill for me to swallow, because you’ll be hard to find a better person off the field.
  11. I guess I’m confused what part you’re confused about.