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  1. I have an away Lindstrom I bought this past season. It’s always fun repping the lesser known studs.
  2. Hey WFW! Read my quoted post. He certainly wasn’t a diamond in the rough draft wise.
  3. Diamond in the rough being there’s a chance he’s gonna have a really great season on a team that isn’t going to get a lot of national attention.
  4. I and many others have been on the Lindstrom train since we drafted him. For many interior lineman, year 3 is usually when you see them breakout. For Lindstrom, I viewed him last year as a Pro Bowl snub and a bonafide top 10 OG all before turning 24. It may be a long season collectively, but #63 is going to be a huge diamond in the rough.
  5. What a way to end an era. One of the (if not THE) greatest Falcons of all time, and this is going to be the talking point on his Falcon career for a long time I feel like. Also, it's been said a thousand times, but HUGE jerk move by Shannon to put him on air and have him speak freely with no notification of him speaking to millions of people. Again, I just hate to see it end like this.
  6. I just almost never like 2nd round QB’s. The guys who weren’t good enough to be taken with top picks but you still have to use a premium pick on. In many best case scenarios, you get a Andy Dalton type guy who will never reach elite category. Worst case, and you’re stuck with Christian Hackenberg or Jimmy Clausen. Looking at last 2nd round QBs, Brees is the shining exception and he might as well have been a late 1st round pick (32nd overall).
  7. In 2011, I went to Atlanta after I graduated high school to see the Panthers and Falcons play at the Dome. Went out to eat that night with my parents, and he was sitting behind us. I immediately recognized him and went up to him to ask for a picture. He talked my ear off for nearly an hour including explaining why he thought the Julio trade wouldn't pan out. My mom eventually had to drag me away from the restaurant. It was a good memory and something I'll always have on my only trip to the ATL.
  8. I think you would have to retire 11. It's not hyperbole to say that Julio will end his career as the greatest Falcon of all time. The only other person in that conversation is the one who has been throwing him the ball for the past 10 years (and yes, his number will be retired as well).
  9. Terrence Moore was the most unpopular beat writer of all time it seemed like, but I always enjoyed him. Plus he took a picture with me at Cracker Barrel and was cool about that. I was a big fan of Vaughn's work until he blocked me on Twitter for asking if Weatherspoon was going to be put on injured reserve. Since that, I never really got a chance to see any of his stuff beyond what was shared here. RIP all the way though. D-Led is D-Led. The worst of the worst.
  10. Was listening to NFL Radio this morning and this was a big topic of discussion. It seems like we've gone round and round on the possibility of us moving on from Matt, but what do you realistically think the chances are that we try to unload Julio? When healthy, he's still an elite level receiver and makes Ridley and Gage better. If I'm a new head coach or general manager, I'm not going to leap over barriers trying to trade one of the best players in the league (contract aside). This poll isn't if you want us to trade him, but if you think we will. It's not even to the level of spec
  11. Last time around I made some Saints jabs in the original thread post and we got creamed. This time I’ll be more respectful. I hope both teams give it their all and nobody gets injured! Also, **** the Stains
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