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  1. I don't see the outrage. Doctors do this to young babies all the time, change their gender. Sometimes without telling the parents.
  2. It's an interesting debate. 0.1-0.2% of people are born without a true sex that can be identified. So doctors make the call, doing surgery on the genitals to make them appear one way or the other. But what happens if you get it wrong? Or, as in some people with physically defined gender, if their hormones and brain structure don't match their appearance. Like it or not there are people who are biologically confused. l
  3. For all the heat (And deservedly so) that Fox News takes, they've got the finest women in news. CNN has some talent too. Robin Meade, who does the early morning show may be the hottest woman in news.
  4. How about that guy from Fox News, Shepard Smith. I worked on a project in DC recently. There were a couple gay dudes that worked at the lab who told me stories about Smith. I watched him on Fox the other day and sure enough he seems pretty **** fruity. I'd much rather hear some stories about the Fox News sluts being gay, though.
  5. Yeah, this story is from a joke sports website called the Brushback.com. Jackie Christie is crazy but this story isn't true.
  6. Nope, you aren't the only one. There have been instances of hysteria and manipulated testimony from children before. It happened to the day care worker Kelly Michaels. I never thought about this stuff until I saw Capturing the Friedmans. The dad in that case was a total creep, guilty of getting child pornography, but it was pretty obvious that the actual sex stuff was trumped up by hysteria. I'm for putting the child molesters in prison cells with guys who really don't like child molesters and letting nature take it's course. If this stuff really did happen, or if somebody in this group was mo
  7. The guy I'd put up there with Nobis is Van Note. More Pro Bowls and All Pro selections than any other Falcon. He was the center from before I can remember until I finished high school.
  8. Cycling is the toughest sport. The signature event, the Tour de France, makes you ride 2100 miles in 21 days. Plus, there is a constant threat of serious injury or even death due to crashes. Really tough stuff. I just ride on the track but I have great respect for pro road riders. Even riding on the track is dangerous, A world champion not too long ago crashed and got impaled and killed by a piece of wood his bike dug up when he hit the track.
  9. I haven't read all the posts in this thread, but in case it hasn't been mentioned... Arthur Blank said a couple of weeks ago that Petrino still hasn't called him. Pig Boy truly left Atlanta and never looked back. What a coward.
  10. LOL. I knew a guy who used that same excuse. Later found out he was actually a perv. I'm very skeptical of ##### sounding explanations.
  11. First, I'd like to put the dysfunction of the Petrino and Mora staffs behind us. The coach-player hierarchy should be clearly defined and feature good communication. I'd like to see steady improvement on the field, whether we win or lose, and have the team well prepared and playing hard all year. I'd also like to see a consistent offensive strategy, that was something Mora really got away from and Petrino seemed clueless to. A big plus would be to beat a team or team we really aren't supposed to, maybe not this year but perhaps by the end of next year.
  12. Look, after you get arrested for domestic violence, you accept responsibility for your actions and your role in the argument and you learn from the mistake. You don't make excuses or project blame. You use the situation to make yourself a better man. After you've done that, you take serious stock of the relationship with your woman, how you can improve communication or whether it should be over. An arrest for domestic violence should be nothing less than a wake up call. Treat it as such and you'll be moving in the right direction.
  13. Even if he's guilty, the important thing is that he takes going to jail to heart. I went to jail for domestic violence when I was 24. It was a serious wake up call for me and I turned it into a positive that's stuck with me ever since. Boley has been lauded for the care he's taken of his autistic 7 year old son, he fought for and gained custody of the child. He also went through some baby mama drama in the form of a paternity case last year. That's a lot of pressure. Anyway, hopefully he didn't cause anybody any serious harm (which I would doubt given his bail) and will turn this into a posi
  14. The first time I ever heard Ryan speak, I thought...that guy sounds like somebody. Took me a while to figure it out, but he sounds exactly like Adam Sandler, the guy who played the Waterboy.
  15. I guess some Falcons fans have really short memories and have forgotten the solid play of our defense last season despite being on the field for 45 of 60 minutes. One thing that really stood out for me is the progression that our rookie CB made. He actually started to play the ball instead of the receiver toward the end of the season. We'll be a solid contender in 2-3 years. What concerns me is the fact that we were 26th in the league against the run last year. I just don't want to see us slip anymore. We've seen what has happened to the Broncos when they have neglected their D-Line. It got re
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