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  1. I’m anxious, but not nervous, cause these ain’t yo granddaddy’s Falcons!
  2. That’s what I’m talking ‘bout! NOW I’m ****ing set! LET’S GO!!!!
  3. cap - you tha' real MVP!! Show 'em how a LONG TIME FAN routes for our team! Dilly Dilly INDEED!
  4. NEVER! But if by dominating physically, like we have these past two weeks, we injure or destroy their will to win...then DILLY DILLY!
  5. I was just thinking the same thing...who is his back-up?
  6. Nah...no need to hurt anyone. Considering the taint carnage we left on the field two weeks ago, and the Sucs walking wounded on Monday, Kenny may have decided to sit this one out...there may even be others thinking about making the same business decision!! DILLY DILLY!
  7. Straight to the Pit of Misery ---- Dilly! Dilly!
  8. https://twitter.com/RapSheet Didn't see this posted... Looks like Kenny's out for Sunday! Rise Up!
  9. Congrats! M'Boro stuck watching the Titans and Mularky lose...again! :-( Oh Well...sports bar on Sunday. Go Falcons!! Rise UP!
  10. Maybe I missed something over the past several years, but I’ve really never looked at #2 as a “take over the game” type of QB. He’s always been a great “team” guy to me. Capable of making great plays and helping to win games when those around him are doing their jobs correctly...including coaches. Why do you expect him to become R. Wilson all of a sudden??? Fundamentally, he’s better than Wilson or Cam...or 25+ starting QB in this league! I agree...stupid thread!!! Falcons will win as a team tomorrow night!!!
  11. Yeah, that's a hike! I'll probably just stay in the boro and watch at Sam's on Old Fort Parkway...
  12. I have...once or twice for regionally un-televised Falcons-'aints games...but I prefer to watch at home. I'll probably make an exception for this game. I'm in the 'Boro. Where are you guys watching in nashville?
  13. I am in Nashville, so will AGAIN be limited to the titans!!!!
  14. " The roles were reversed in 2010 when the Saints, born one year after the Falcons (1967), defeated Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl and took ownership of the ultimate bragging right. Then it was the Falcons’ fan base that had to weigh conflicting emotions when deciding which way to lean in America’s biggest game." ...there was really NO conflict for me...I cheered against them then, and I will always cheer against them! (Unless, or course they can benefit my Falcons! ...but it still bothers me.) I neither want - nor need - aints support! This is about US, Not Them! Our Falcons alone control the outcome of this game. We have the talent, and we have definitely earned the right to be here! If we continue to do what we've done this past month, our Brotherhood will hoist that Lombardi on Sunday! #RiseUp
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