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  1. Terrell, Dennard and Blidi...solid. Terrell should get better. this year he was good for preventing YAC...not much else...good coverage tho. the rest...nope!!
  2. Gono needs to be considered for replacing Matthews...#70 looked slow this year...
  3. well like i said he has to run schemes that require 5 or more players to get pressure...due to lack of an effective Dline...which is where i think we need help the most not QB (specifically DE help) . but like i also said i understand if Fields is there when we pick u gotta go get him...
  4. well thats because he has NO great defensive end!! Morris ran Tampa2 with the Bucs correct? did he scheme blitzes like he is now? serious question as i didnt follow that team...i would bet he didnt because he had a better defensive line back then...with better DEs...
  5. man Falcons need help on DLine soooo bad i hate to see a QB taken...tho i know if someone like Fields is there u gotta do it. QB is just not the most glaring need...
  6. i'm pretty much on the same page...however i do think he could sell himself with the naming of a new OC...dont know who it could be tho...
  7. in the end Quinn's entire coach-speak was hollow! his firing of all his COs was a desperate and pretty pathetic move!
  8. gotcha...i thought i read 'if' that were to be the case that wouldnt be good....
  9. Raheem hasnt impressed me with anything that catches my eye as a superlative HC. in fact a couple of decisions have been suspect at best! HOWEVER i think if he names his OC of choice to Blank and points out how big of a difference it would make and would have made this year then who knows??? he's gonna have to show some creativity in the interview that we havent seen on the field yet...Blank has to energize season ticket holders. i'm not sure Morris can do that. BUT his choice of OC might! to me thats his only card...
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