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  1. Sanu is not of one the issues!!
  2. and THEN hire a rookie OC after that season!!!??? #EffinPerplexingAndStupid
  3. tho he definitely can get happy feet and a fast internal clock sometimes...he has done well all things considered!! so effing annoying that neither of these lines have been stellar nor fixed under Quinn!!
  4. of all the things Quinn has done since arriving hiring Sark, a rookie OC, after SB51 season made no effing sense!! he absolutely failed the team on that!! in his mind i think Quinn coaches as if he has the team wants/dreams of as opposed to the one that actually makes up the roster...
  5. at this point DQ is about too much talk. i look at McVay and Snead and wonder how their vision could become reality so quickly!!??? are they the 2016 version of the Falcons or are they really built differently and for the long haul??
  6. real bad decision by Quinn...
  7. cut Alford..keep Sanu...he still comes to play!! for these lines not to be producing at this point is all on DQ and TD...injuries play a role too tho. but for DQ to be a 'defensive guru'...not seeing the guru part!!!
  8. Lines are fast and non-physical!!
  9. #GuysFalconsCantCover
  10. sit Alford, Tru, Beasley, Riley, Richards...snaps go to Oliver, Wreh-Wilson, Irvin, Campbell to WLB/Irvin to SLB, Neasman...
  11. Wreh-Wilson and Oliver...start em!!!
  12. until Quinn benches Vic, Alford, Trufant, and Riley then its s.o.s...i'd place them all on the inactive list next week...