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  1. add to...i actually think keeping Tavecchio might bring in a challenger to Bosher since he will no longer need to kick off. not sure what Bosher's salary is...but definitely something to pay attention to during camp...
  2. Bryant had 10yrs in one thankful...move on!!!
  3. that was my immediate reaction and tweet to 92.9!! thats how clear it was! no he knew and was bent on making the analogy!
  4. i heard it live and it was clearly effed up and he 'knew' he was treading in the wrong direction as he was saying it!! #Fact
  5. Randy and Arch would be a great show!! well for football fans that is...
  6. stupid thing is he could tell he was headed down the wrong path all along!! i remember hearing him paraphrase 'hold on, bare with me while i make this point'!! i knew he was in for at least a suspension when it was happening! never was a fan of his show or him as a stand-in host...
  7. @929TheGame **** why u decide to start off 2019 with a suspension??!!! f**ked up analogy matter what... looks like he got more than a suspension!!!
  8. i think Means and Irvin get re-signed before Falcons and Beasley come to a new agreement. i honestly think DQ/TD are at a point where they know he's nothing more than a rotational guy at this point. gimme Irvin and Means for 2yrs each and we'll find Beasley's replacement in that time frame...
  9. H3LL YEAH!!
  10. i actually think that was one of the reasons Sark was selected...that he'd be here for a minute...cause the other reasons make no effing sense to me!!
  11. Quinn did a disservice to the team with Sark's hire!!!
  12. not that this would happen...but i trust Koetter to come in and call the 'Falcons offense' way more than Sark coming in doing it....which was suppose to be the case with Sark's hire. but we all know Koetter would install his offense! i keep harpin on this but it just shows what a bad hire Quinn made in hiring Sark!! you JUST DONT put a rookie OC, playcaller in charge of a veteran team that just competed in a SB...and he is suppose to call someone else's offense!! that one move will be Quinn's undoing...he is NOW feeling the domino effect of that move!!! to add...i dont overlook the injury bug tho...
  13. if Kubiak wants to return to coaching as reported then he'll do it with the Falcons!!! it's to perfect of a situation not to choose it!! everything is in place except the OLine!!! Quinn has next year to get it right!!
  14. Sark was a bad hire from jump!!! rookie OC for a veteran team!! but having said that he showed some improvement this year. all this move tells me is that Quinn is now admitting he shouldn't have made such a reach in the first place! he totally let down the team when he hired Sark! Blank is giving him next year to fix it!! #OneYearLeft
  15. you do what u need when trying to save your job!! not too much!! #Motivated