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  1. all possible
  2. i dont see a LB with Campbell's size and speed on the roster...not so easy to replace with what we currently have...
  3. gotcha...i think DQ tries to keep what he feels like are his base/core players around. as long as he doesnt get all sentimental about keeping Vic (1st draft pick under him) then i think he values Crawford, Campbell, and AC. Crawford and Cominsky can get Vic's snaps. and Davison to me is a no-brainer of a signing. bring back Means on a 1yr deal again to see what he's got (still young i think). then Neal and Hooper are your big money signings...imo i dont think he let's Neal walk at all!!!
  4. does depend on the Beasley decision. i hope the FO ask these questions before any Vic worth $13/yr and could that money be spent better signing Davison...extending Crawford, Campbell....etcetc is Means under contract for next year?
  5. i've said it in other threads but Vic's cap hit can go a long way to strengthening this team. for $13 million a lot of 'needed' players can be had under that umbrella....
  6. he's already a core member of the line!! sign him ASAP!! to add...extend Crawford too!!
  7. Davison is a keeper at Vic's expense imho...sign him long term and u got him and Grady holding the middle down going forward. Bailey's got another good there. I would extend Crawford Vic's expense also...Cominsky gets developed to take Vic's spot. there's a lotta good than can be done with Vic's cap hit...
  8. watch this vid in slo-mo!! PERFECT execution!!! PHI DC has classic response!!
  9. i curse the Falcons EVERY time they 'try' to run screens !! they never seem to have the timing right!! BUT...that was one of the most perfectly timed screens i've ever seen by ANY team!! GREAT execution!!! watch it in slo-mo!!!
  10. Takk actually held the edge waayyy better tonite. i really like the DL of Bailey, Grady, Davison, Takk/or Crawford...made a huge difference tonite...
  11. seemed like his snaps were more limited tonite...and to me thats a good thing...
  12. i dont understand football anymore