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  1. this ^^^ Koetter should me nothing except in the 3 games that clearly someone else called
  2. Grady and Julio were the only inspiring things about this team this past year...
  3. i gotta hand it to Lynch and KS...they really built a great team!!!
  4. he was the cap man tho! TD had no experience with the cap when he was hired. McKay kept that role initially...maybe that helps the team now with their current cap situation...
  5. DT, DEs, and LG...all else is secondary...Beasley, do NOT pay anything...let him walk. Hooper...cant afford the luxury at this point. Campbell, worth paying IF other defensive needs are already taken care of....
  6. and i'll add my take to it too...all done for the purpose to get Beasley productive...and to a lesser extent Takk. i think Quinn really thought that was the answer for Vic. swing and a miss...again!!!
  7. sadly that'd be an improvement!!??? what does Blank do then? on second thought don't tell me...
  8. at this point i put Quinn and Jameis in the same category. they really believe the $hit coming outta their mouths!!
  9. yep...he really did ask him...Arch pointed out the play where he stood the DT up. and Arch was actually excited as he was talking about it. Quinn gave him nothing...deflected to 'all' the guards that played this year... Coaches show...i'm so effing done with Quinn!!!
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