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  1. Dirk...another DQ reaction to a problem he was not smart to solve!! he couldn't get over you Kyle!!!😑
  2. Falcons were all of outta $hit$ regarding him...thats just how bad they wanted him gone! there are things that make u just take the hit...he was one!!!
  3. imo McKay isnt going anywhere! he's Blank's right hand man! Koetter stinks! Morris...meh...but i aint hating on him! but can he get rid of the Quinn vibe??? will he play the 'best' players regardless!!?? something says he will since he's trying to get that job for next year!!
  4. man i wish i could say the same about Oliver...cant type it tho😐😁 but you are probably right...
  5. i didnt really think Koetter called the first 2 series...too much play action for him...Knapp? and Matt specifically called out play action in his interview. i'm soooo tired of Koetter!!
  6. the Hawkins kid was having a good game before he went down with a concussion. when Dennard returns i'd like to see Dennard back at NB even tho he played better at LCB...#24 stays at LCB...then Blidi at RCB. and i'd like Harris and Davidson get more time...to see what they really have. i have more confidence that Morris will play the best players than i did with Quinn...
  7. my takeaways...i HATE DK's offense and his playcallin'...PERIOD!!! for the remainder of the year Falcons should never say 'just tryin to stay aggressive'!!! they are NOT good enough to be aggressive!!! take the d@mn points!!
  8. yeah no doubt. but defense had 70 yards to make a play. we had the lead. i aint blaming #21...i'm blaming the 11 on the field at the end of the game!!
  9. Dennard def played better on the outside imo! he and #24 need to be there with #20 as nickel when Dennard returns!
  10. here's the deal...the OFFENSE stayed on the field today!!! and i'm saying that more for myself than anybody!! all of a sudden all the constant subs werent happening!! #AMAZING
  11. how the h3ll did they hide #26 today? magic???πŸ‘
  12. they hid #26 somehow today!!😬 #20 still getting his legs imo. #24 had good coverage most of the day. be interesting to see what happens when Dennard comes back...
  13. team looks totally energized today...for whatever reason!!??? but make no mistake this offense runs thru #11....u saw that again today!!
  14. thanks for posting. i had wondered what was behind the title!! all i can say is if Morris believes this about Dirk then he too is too close to the problem!!!
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