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  1. This whole thing is getting tiresome. I don't think they've built up excitement or anticipation by announcing new uniforms so long before the actual reveal. They're building frustration, and they've allowed a lot of rumor and disinformation to spread. If they've managed to keep such a tight lid on leaks, they could have kept a tight lid on the whole thing. They should have waited until a week before the draft to announce new uniforms, or to have revealed them when they first announced it.
  2. They don't look bad, they're just sooo corporate. They look like bank logos. Los Angeles Federal Bank. "Trust your funds with the Ram!"
  3. Maybe we should be happy if there's no logo change. The changes revealed by the Chargers and Rams have instilled no confidence in what's upcoming from the Falcons.
  4. Had to pay to get somebody, and I'd rather pay him than to have kept Beasley.
  5. I think, overall, Dimitroff has done a good job, particularly when the owner routinely and publicly concedes contract negotiations that he's trying to conduct. The problem is that it's hard to judge Dimitroff without knowing some of the details behind his decisions. Which moves are forced by Blank or Quinn (or even Smith, back in the day). For instance, I'm assuming it was at Quinn's insistence that we picked up Beasley's fifth year option last season, which was a terrible idea and obvious to most. It makes no sense unless Quinn wanted it. Another one, did Dimitroff really want to give Freeman a long term contract, or did ownership/coaches insist on it? History may show us that his biggest failing was not pushing back enough against ownership and coaching when they forced him into questionable choices. However you slice it, Dimitroff has presided over the Falcons' longest and greatest periods of success and stability. Feel free to ascribe as much or as little credit to him as you want.
  6. This was absolutely the best combo of our modern uniforms. There's balance with it - black helmet to red jersey to black pants. The black jersey/black pants were good, the red jersey/white pants are okay, and I hate the white jersey/white pants combo. Why they stopped using this red/black combo, as well as the all-black uniforms has always puzzled me. Those color rush jerseys would have looked awesome with black pants.
  7. They can! I don't disagree. My point is that everything was in style, at some point, but if you don't design with the idea that something will stand the test of time it probably won't. What it boils down to is that I don't trust Blank and Quinn, especially when I hear "we made something hip and contemporary that 22 year old football players will think looks cool". What I'd like to have heard is "we've designed new uniforms that we believe have a contemporary look with timeless appeal. Our players will look good in them, and fans both old and young will appreciate the design". I will be more than happy to be proven wrong. But, what I've heard so far is not encouraging to me. Heck, they lost me with keeping black helmets, assuming that's true.
  8. Do I trust player input? Not particularly, although their input is certainly important. Honestly, they should play the same whether the jerseys are to their liking or not. They aren't shelling out the money for them. Your customers are in the fan base, and I'd be more concerned about how they'll receive the new designs. The current logo and uniforms were designed by people that were going for something hip and 1999. From a design perspective, unless you want to be revisiting your designs in a short amount of time you should be going for something with classic design cues and a timeless appeal. Take any men's suit from the 70s. They were considered contemporary and good looking (I guess) at the time. Clearly not so today. But take any suit from the first few seasons of Mad Men and they'd look equally good and appropriate today. That type of design philosophy is why a uniform based on elements from ones designed decades ago can still look bad *** today:
  9. Words missing here: timeless, classic, fan input, RED HELMETS Troubling words included: flair, hip, contemporary Level of expectations: exceedingly low
  10. Black helmet with the current logo in silver, and enlarged? If that's accurate, I couldn't be less interested in it.
  11. Not surprised.
  12. Whatever. Pictures or it didn’t happen.
  13. Amazing what a simple swapping of colors can do for this logo. It still screams "1990s design" to me, but this definitely makes it more attractive.
  14. Now he's acting like a businessman? Where was this when the team was negotiating (I use the term loosely) contracts for Matt, Julio, and Grady (or Freeman's prior contract)? Don't get me wrong, I want them all here. But the whole "falcon for life" crap only made the job of his front office staff more difficult. You don't walk into a contract negotiation yelling "you win"! Quite frankly, this 180 degree turn sends an odd message to players. If I say "falcon for life" we'll bust the bank for you, but if I don't say that or I say "love has nothing to do with it" you might want to call a realtor.
  15. Unless they do an official reveal (press conference, hype video, models) before the combine I'm sure they'll be wearing old gear. I'm assuming their intention is to do it right before the draft so the players walk out and get the new jerseys. Only way it will happen sooner is if it leaks and they're forced to move it up.