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  1. It's becoming clear that Ito Smith is more dynamic than Freeman. To some extent, Ito's effectiveness may come from his contrasts with Freeman. But that doesn't mean Freeman isn't still the best back on the team. I think the bigger question is why are we keeping 5 backs on the team if two of them have been inactive the past two weeks? And if Freeman doesn't have a big game soon will we see more of the other backs?
  2. There is more to it than that. It's not just the Falcons, either, its this town/state. This is the team that lost the Super Bowl twice in embarrassing fashion, who's star quarterback cared more about fighting dogs than playing football, and had two coaches that preferred toiling for college losers than being an NFL coach. And this is the town that lost two hockey teams. Who's baseball team won 1 championship in 14 straight postseason trips. Georgia and Richt being one catch away from a National Championship game where they could have beat a weak Notre Dame, and Kirby's guys going down to the wire inthe Championship to get beat by a last minute change to a rookie quarterback. What the Falcons and other teams around here don't realize is there are no teams of destiny here. They're fighting destiny to make it all the way.
  3. Old school:
  4. The old one isn't great, but at least it looks designed. The new one looks like some dude made it in Microsoft Word.
  5. Very true. If Holyfiled can get 1 yard every time he's called upon to do it so we could rush on 4th/1 or 3rd/short then draft him. Otherwise, we've got some backs.
  6. I would be happy if we just found a way to blitz more often.
  7. This gives me a more position impression of Bevell: That said, it won't matter who they hire if they can't put together an O-line that opens up running holes and keeps their QB upright.
  8. I assumed when Knapp was hired that it was to both to help Sark get the offense on track, as well as make a case to replace him if things didn't improve. I suppose now that all depends on how much of this year's failures they lay at Knapp's feet. If he can make a case where he suggested "A", Sark chose "B", and things didn't work, then maybe he has a chance. Honestly, I'd be as willing to give Knapp a shot (which would at least provide some continuity) as I would be to see Bevell hired. Would we even be talking about him as a candidate if didn't have Russell Wilson (and, previously, Marshawn Lynch) to make plays? With the exception of Kubiak I'm not sure I've heard a name for OC that would excite anyone.
  9. Obviously, the best case scenario is to ditch Sark and hire Kubiak. Kubiak would come in and instantly command respect (both from our players and opposing teams), and, hopefully, change the culture on the offense. Blank, Dimitroff and Quinn should do whatever it takes to get him. Pay him what he wants. Fire Manuel, make Morris DC and give Kubiak the Assistant Head Coach title, whatever it takes. Honestly, unless Quinn is going to take over calling the defense he needs a top flight DC replacement, too. With a head coach like Quinn the Defense should be more than pulling its weight this far into his tenure. I'm dubious Kubiak will wind up here for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I don't think most HCs would knowingly and willingly hire a potential replacement unless they have to. If the offense were to perform well next year but we miss the playoffs again Blank could think of replacing Quinn with Kubiak. Heck, maybe he ought to right now.
  10. Absolutely true. We were led to think before the season that this was a team that was bound for the post-season. Then the injuries to critical starters began to happen. We were then led to believe that we had adequate depth based on drafting and coaching to remain in contention for a winning season and post-season appearance. That has proven to be flagrantly untrue. Either that, or once the starters went down Quinn and Dimitroff decided it was a lost season, and privately decided to let the season play out with back ups. Might as well have called Joplo Bartu and Paul Worrilow to come back. The collapse this season is completely on Quinn and Dimitroff. Unlike when Smith was here, they're tied at the hip on personnel decisions. And they either both believed they had starting caliber players in reserve for this season and didn't need to make some trades, or they both had an overinflated sense of what this coaching staff is capable of doing with second stringers. That being said, I don't think either of them should be fired this season, but I do think Blank should privately tell them that if they don't have a winning, playoff-bound season next year they'll both be fired. That's sure as heck what I'd do.
  11. Brotherhood or not, there always needs to be a few cutthroat arseholes that care more about performance and success than people's feelings or their perceptions, with both the players and the coaches. They hold people accountable. Shanahan served that role, and once they all learned to get along after that first season the offense took us to a superbowl. I think it is rarely a good thing when players say how much they love a coordinator or assistant coach. I'd rather hear how much they respect him or admire him (and maybe even fear him a little). Head coaches are fine being one of the bros if the coordinators are enforcing, and vice versa. Too much brotherhood may mean not enough people saying "do your job or hit the bench".
  12. You think the Falcons will ever win a Superbowl? That's funny. Maybe someday, if they're the San Antonio Falcons, or Oakland Falcons. Yes, a team will go undefeated again before the Falcons win a Superbowl.
  13. This ^^^^, all day. Our identity should be one thing, control the line of scrimmage. On offense, that's opening holes and protecting the QB. On defense, that's stuffing the run and getting to the QB. If you add a franchise QB to that (which we have), then you're set. Everything else can be worked out or will take care of itself. In my opinion, it's really that simple, and why more teams (including our own over the decades) don't adhere to that I'll never understand. Arguably, it can get even simpler than that. When Mike Smith first got here they asked what his plan was, and it was to run the ball and stop the run. And that's what we did while adding our rookie franchise QB.
  14. That people actually thought the Falcons had become a good team the last few weeks, or that Cleveland will feel proud of themselves for beating the Falcons. Regardless of the fact this probably puts the last nail in the coffin of our season, this is easily one of the most disappointing Falcons games I've ever watched (and I've been watching since the mid 80s). We're losing to the Browns with interim coaches and a rookie QB. Our coaching staff has a lot to answer for after this one.
  15. Who gives a crap about the dates? Dude doesn't score enough touchdowns! End of story. Deep balls, targets, blah blah blah. I don't know how many touchdowns Ryan has thrown since Julio got here, but I think it is the numerical equivalent of a $hitload. I'd trade half the yards he's ever racked up for twice as many touchdowns.