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  1. Like all QBs, Ryan would benefit from a running back that actually intimidates people, an O-line that can keep our QB off the turf, and a defense that can pressure the other QB and get some three-and-outs. Give him those things, and I suspect he'll be back to carving people up.
  2. Actually, I was trying to make a point about "coachspeak", that there's always something behind the statements, and that they're always trying to nuance their answers so they don't give up any real information or to plant ideas in people's heads. Quite frankly, I don't believe a word any coach or front office person says prior to the draft. I'm actually fine with Ryan staying on the team and remaining the starting QB, drafting a a QB, and/or trading Ryan (or Julio) if they can somehow make that work from a cap perspective. Heck, I'm fine if they draft a QB and start him ahead of Ryan
  3. There's a lot baked into Smith's statement, such as: Yeah, we know we can't really move Matt because of his cap numbers, but its not like we won't listen if another team offers the moon. Yeah, Matt's a proven starter at QB, but that doesn't mean we won't start the guy we draft. Yeah, Matt knows he's The Man, but he needs to feel a little pressure to bring that down a notch and keep him on his toes. And so on...
  4. If they truly believe Wilson is their guy, then they need to do whatever they can to secure that pick. It would be foolish not to. That said, the question is what evidence is there that Wilson is their guy?
  5. Whether they win or lose we have to watch them in these uniforms. No reason we can’t talk about the uniforms, too.
  6. Kudos to Grant. Those look great. Would take them over our current uniforms.
  7. Never underestimate the ability of a general manager or coach to fall in love with the wrong player.
  8. I'm not so sure. A huge part of the early success for Ryan/Smith/Dimitroff was directly attributable to Michael Turner. If he didn't inspire fear in opponents he certainly generated anxiety. You could see guys that didn't want to tackle him. Granted, we gave Turner a lucrative contract instead of using a high draft pick, but if there's a surefire talent in running back at 4 that could give us three to four years of intimidation against opponents and take the pressure off the QB I don't see that as a stupid pick. Might not be the right pick or the best pick, but its not without merit
  9. Devonta Smith sure looks like a generational player, and he almost seems too good to pass up whether you need a WR or not. If some scenario comes up where we trade Julio before or at the start of draft, I would happily take Smith at 4. But, if Julio remains paired with Ridley for another year or two I'd pass on him. That said, can you imagine Devonta Smith, Julio and Calvin on the same offense? Holy moly, that would be something.
  10. I hear you, but if you are the GM and you think the next LaDainian Tomlinson is there at 4 would you pass him by on a team that needs a dominant running back? Not that Harris or Etienne are Tomlinson, but if you, as GM, think they are I think you take him.
  11. Good point. I wasn't a big fan of Jamie Dukes, but he made a good point about the draft. It may have been in reference to when traded so much to draft Julio. He said if so-and-so is your guy, then you go get your guy. Period. If the incoming regime thinks Harris or some other RB is the next Tomlinson or Peterson, then they should pick him. Is Harris, Etienne, or some other back one of those guys? Probably not, but Harris looks talented enough to me that if the next GM says they were drafting for their RB of the future at 4 with him I'm okay with that.
  12. Ideally, yes, I agree with everyone that says you'd trade down and grab him later in the first round. But I guess the question is this - is he a generational running back, or is there one at all in this draft?
  13. Am I the only one that wouldn't be upset if we drafted Harris at 4? I don't think we've had a back that genuinely strikes fear in other teams, physically or mentally, since Turner's heyday. That would certainly help make our offense better (and Matt Ryan's job easier), and Harris looks special to me. I'm also fine with drafting our next QB at 4, if the new staff thinks he's there. If we pass on Harris at 4, which RBs might be available with our next pick? If we pass on QB at 4, what QBs might be available at our next pick?
  14. Excellent idea. Starting caliber quarterbacks (particularly ones with experience and hall-of-fame level numbers) are easy to find. That's why the other 31 teams are comfortably set at QB. Hit the road Ryan, and take your lack of public displays of leadership with you.
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