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  1. You know, athletes have big enough egos already, and I certainly wouldn't want anything to contribute to them. Nevertheless, if I was the starting QB on an NFL team (particularly if I was a long time starter with HOF numbers like Matt) and I thought the play call I received was just flat out wrong, I would change the @#$%ing play. You certainly can't do it very often without damaging your relationship with the coaches, but in a case where you're absolutely convinced you know there's a better play for a situation you should take charge. If Koetter didn't like it, too bad. You're the one on
  2. Strictly in my opinion, Blank has made quite a few blunders. He fired Dan Reeves a year too early. He hired Mora and Petrino (and who knows if he would have had the sense to fire either of them at the time they both wrote their own ticket out of town). I would have fired Quinn (and Dimitroff) after the 1-7 start. You can say that other people were involved in these decisions, but, ultimately, they were his decisions. There are other things, too. For instance, he basically eliminates any ability for his front office to negotiate contracts when he tells people publicly so-and-so will be
  3. Either way, this is a devastating day for Quinn/Dimitroff, their families, and eventually several others around Flowery Branch. It might be the best thing for the Falcons (I think it is), but I’m not devoid of sympathy for them. I doubt Blank is, either. I’m sure he didn’t axe him on the sideline.
  4. Feel bad for Dimitroff. He got screwed. Lost his job because of Quinn.
  5. jlrfalcon, you bring up some valid points. I'm sure another one is that Blank is 80 years old and was hoping he didn't have to start over again. Sadly, all these points are overshadowed by several years of evidence building up. It's time to start fresh while there's still time to get something out of Matt and Julio.
  6. If Blank doesn't understand what he's going to get out of a Quinn coached team after all this time he must be delusional, or simply scared to start this team over at his current age.
  7. Some people always take for granted what they have. At some point in the next few years Ryan will be gone (perhaps on his way to Canton) and we'll be suffering through a rookie and/or a veteran retread placeholder. Enjoy.
  8. Starting caliber quarterbacks are as rare as hens teeth. Hall of Fame level starting quarterbacks are even rarer. Getting rid of Ryan as part of a rebuild would be massively counterproductive. The fact he's here makes the team more attractive to rebuild for an incoming GM and coach. Even if you wanted to draft your own QB it would be a gift to have him learn under Matt. The only reason you'd get rid of Ryan would be in a trade that yields a king's ransom, including an undisputed ability to draft whichever QB you want in April.
  9. Not what I'm talking about. That was specifically addressed at Adairsville Gym and the way he's been acting.
  10. It's amazing how much people can't stand criticism about the Falcons or, right now, the new uniforms. Blind fandom at its best.
  11. I have to admit, R, you're probably not off base here. I am sure they paid some folks a lot of money to come up with these uniforms, and I don't think what they came up with is commensurate with what they were paid. It's like with the City of Atlanta paid someone $8 million to create and promote the slogan "Every day is an opening day", and designed this turd:
  12. Yeah, I'm trying to put this &^%$ into perspective, particularly when I express a simple opinion and get treated like a kid crying over ice cream.
  13. You're some kind of jerk, you know that? 6.6 million new jobless claims, people dying from Covid-19, and you think I'm upset about this? I could use a freeze pop, but not over these ugly uniforms. I'm glad you're having a good time.
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