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  1. Not what I'm talking about. That was specifically addressed at Adairsville Gym and the way he's been acting.
  2. It's amazing how much people can't stand criticism about the Falcons or, right now, the new uniforms. Blind fandom at its best.
  3. I have to admit, R, you're probably not off base here. I am sure they paid some folks a lot of money to come up with these uniforms, and I don't think what they came up with is commensurate with what they were paid. It's like with the City of Atlanta paid someone $8 million to create and promote the slogan "Every day is an opening day", and designed this turd:
  4. Yeah, I'm trying to put this &^%$ into perspective, particularly when I express a simple opinion and get treated like a kid crying over ice cream.
  5. You're some kind of jerk, you know that? 6.6 million new jobless claims, people dying from Covid-19, and you think I'm upset about this? I could use a freeze pop, but not over these ugly uniforms. I'm glad you're having a good time.
  6. Yup, after a day to reflect: still has silly oversized ATL logo, still has huge numbers in odd font with poor shadowing, still has bush league gradient jersey, still has old logo, still has black helmet. It's nice to see something new, but still a huge disappointment.
  7. I don't know how you're concluding a "majority" would not like any design. Ultimately, though, its not a matter of taste. There's good design, and bad design. Badly designed things still have fans, and well designed things don't always catch on. There are several design aspects of these uniforms that are questionable (font choice and size, number/letter shadowing, etc). Heck, we're still using the same logo, which is a late 90s design relic, and I think actually makes these uniforms looks less fresh or contemporary. Everyone can like or dislike them, but there are some clearly questionable design choices here.
  8. Hells bells, the leaked photos were real. I wasn’t completely turned off by what I saw in the photos, but I am now. So disappointed.
  9. Really wishing there was a Dislike button right now...
  10. Considering how badly I expected them to $&@! this up I’m pleasantly surprised. The gradient jersey is bush league, and I’m massively disappointed the helmet isn’t red, but I can live with these. It could have been much worse.
  11. This whole thing is getting tiresome. I don't think they've built up excitement or anticipation by announcing new uniforms so long before the actual reveal. They're building frustration, and they've allowed a lot of rumor and disinformation to spread. If they've managed to keep such a tight lid on leaks, they could have kept a tight lid on the whole thing. They should have waited until a week before the draft to announce new uniforms, or to have revealed them when they first announced it.
  12. They don't look bad, they're just sooo corporate. They look like bank logos. Los Angeles Federal Bank. "Trust your funds with the Ram!"
  13. Maybe we should be happy if there's no logo change. The changes revealed by the Chargers and Rams have instilled no confidence in what's upcoming from the Falcons.
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