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  1. And another team gets tweaks to their uniforms. Don't tell me Blank couldn't get changes made if he wanted to.
  2. Agreed. I would kill for them to switch their throwback uniforms to this (or at least the jersey).
  3. Would LOVE a modern take on these.
  4. I'm with you, brother. At the very least, ditch the all white uniforms, and bring back the black jerseys/pants from when they first introduced the current design.
  5. Yes, there were way too many drops and mistakes by players this year. And whose responsibility is it to make sure players are playing as mistake free as possible? Their coach. Sark is responsible for the offense. He shouldn't be here to make friends. Once it was clear the receivers/tight ends weren't sure-handed enough he should have locked them in the practice facility with a juggs machine. I don't recall Shanahan's play calling his first season being anything close to as bad as Sark's. Shanahan's problem was his personality and ability to work with his players, which improved after the offseason come-to-Jesus meeting they all had. Even football neophytes have pointed out Sark's bad play calls. No, but I can't imagine that an experienced NFL play caller wouldn't have gotten more out of this offense this year than Sark did. Of course we overachieved last year. Even if Shanahan had stayed I would never have expected an equally good year. I don't necessarily disagree with this. But, some guys just don't keep their mouth (or social media mouth) closed. Takk sure seems to be one of those guys, so him talking publicly when others don't offers us a window into the team.
  6. 1. Takk doesn't know that Ryan and Julio are getting older, that they only have so many good years ahead of them, that they were lucky their QB played every game? Maybe Takk is only football-smart, but that's smart enough to realize all that. 2. I not implying Quinn doesn't know what he's doing. I'm stating that I think he's making a mistake, for a variety of reasons. Scratch that, he's compounding a mistake by retaining Sark. Even the best coaches makes mistakes. Let's hope he's right and I'm wrong. 3. If you don't think that we wasted our offense this year, I don't know what games you were watching. We had a better than average defense all year, and a below average offense all year. Regardless of the wins and losses, that's a waste of the talent we had on the offensive side of the ball. We won in spite of Sark this year, not because of him. We put up 17 points or less in 7 games this year. 4. On the cusp? We were in the Super Bowl last year, and almost won. We were supposed to be past the cusp, and then we hired Sark. 5. I don't know what coaches' conversations you're referring to here...
  7. Holy crap. I finally watched this just now. I knew Sark's playcalling was bad (not because I'm an expert, but just as a fan), but this analysis is devastating. I was unhappy they retained Sark before this, but now I'm really down in the dumps. No wonder a loose cannon like Takk couldn't keep it to himself.
  8. One of the rarest things in this world is a starting caliber (or better) NFL quarterback. And if you find one, you gotta pay him. Rarity = $
  9. I like it except for the fact it doesn't address fullback. We need an upgrade over Coleman. I figured this would have to be addressed in the draft. Is there a free agent fullback out there worth getting?
  10. This ^ There needs to be a sense of urgency with the front office and coaching staff. There's only so much time left to make the most of guys like Matt and Julio. That's one of the reasons I was unhappy when Sark was first hired. We needed an experienced, proven play caller after Shanahan left to make the most of our pieces. Add in the fact that next year's super bowl is here in Atlanta, and how unlikely it is you'll get to the super bowl when you're hosting it, and you have another wasted year. We also had another extraordinarily lucky year where Matt was healthy in every game. I don't want to find out if Sark will improve. In my opinion, that was far more of a risk than bringing in a proven OC that will require a learning curve by the players in the offseason. But, that's what we're stuck with, and players like Takk know it.
  11. Agreed, but they knew what they were getting when they drafted him (or should have). He simply may never be the kind of guy that can hold back. No on the team or the staff will care about it next season if our offense is actually good, and Takk gets 10 sacks.
  12. It feels like we need someone as good as Doug Petersen calling our plays.
  13. I agree he shouldn't be throwing coaches under the bus like that, but Quinn and Sark brought this kind of thing on themselves. Sark for stinking, and Quinn for retaining him. Change was needed after the offense had such an unfortunate season, not simply for the fact that Sark deserved to go (IMHO), but because the players need to see 1) accountability, and 2) hope/excitement for a better season next year. This is just as true for the defense as the offense because they actually pulled their weight.
  14. Because highly paid professional, talented athletes cannot master a new playbook in one offseason . Conversely, a new OC clearly can’t master someone else’s playbook and effectively game plan/call plays in one offseason. But something magical will happen with some continuity.
  15. A first rate O line and O line coach could certainly cover up a lot of problems. Except maybe a bad OC.