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  1. Not really sure what the point of this post is. Yes, the vast majority of people get better. But a lot of people don't, and they subsequently die or need hospitalization. Hence the reason this article was put out to curious fans no doubt. Its easy to point out a high percentage and feel good/safe but frankly, small percentages seem small and insignificant until you are the small percentage. Just something to think about.
  2. Ill attempt it. You are taking a life by your choice, instead of allowing the person to die naturally or by another cause had you not intervened. That is a fact(assuming this is intentional murder and not accidental.) You are in most cases hurting their family members by doing so, or anyone who cared for them(assuming there exist people who cared for this person, this will hurt them.) The dead person can no longer contribute to society. You are also losing any knowledge that person had. These appear to me to be facts in all but the most unusual circumstances, but I could be mistaken.
  3. That is my mistake. Its been a while since ive had a discussion like this. I am very use to the "government should model christian values above all else" form of argument from people. I had a man tell me once that atheists had no morals because they didn't have the bible to learn from.
  4. succinctly put. I would agree. How about this, I would use the bill of rights as an example. A government ran by generally accepted moral beliefs, or common sense, would be my preferred form of government. With no religious influence such as "under god, in god we trust" ect.
  5. Id argue it is close to being one. Your right though, I shouldn't state it as one. As I said, barring a mental disorder, most people whose parents taught them morals are not going to just start murdering. That is why you see more murders and assaults in poor, uneducated populaces than others. Circumstance can change that though. What was that movie where the kids wash up on the island and go all tribal and ****? Lord of the pigs or something? You cant touch it, but you can observe and infer.
  6. In regards to JDaveG, I think I understand what you are asking now after rereading that last post. Could be wrong though. First let me preface by saying I enjoy discussing these topics but by no means consider myself an expert. If you come to these talks with the expectation of "winning" you have already lost. Chances are no ones going to change your mind. You speak of relativism, which says that concepts have no absolute truth correct? I know little of this. It might be an accurate model for how I think but I couldn't tell you for sure. As far as morality goes, id say that is absolutely corr
  7. Yes I did. Our moral compass comes directly from our upbringing and the empathy we feel. Your parents teach you(or should, anyway) that stealing/killing is wrong. Everyone's compass is different of course, but that is what it boils down to. How were you raised and your life experience. It is all part of evolution. If we didn't develop rules for not killing each other wed be no better then....ahem....monkeys.
  8. To me those question are not out of scientific reach. We just are not there yet. People used to think the word was flat and that beyond the clouds there was only heaven. We know now that space is indeed beyond the clouds and the Earth is round. We also learned that Gods do not control the weather but the seasons come from as tilted axis. If you had told previous cultures this they would have mocked you and said not only are you wrong but we will never know for sure. Yet now we do. They had faith and they were wrong. I have no doubt at some point technology will progress and help us answer th
  9. I disagree. Morals don't come from religious belief. If that were true all atheists would do is run around and kill/steal/murder as they have no higher power to "guide them." Morals are taught by parents and can also be ingrained in a person. Its why we feel empathy for others. You can look at the country where children mow each other down with AK-47s as an example of this. They were never taught right from wrong. Anyone with half a brain doesn't need a god to tell them killing/stealing is wrong. In fact sometimes its the opposite. Alot of the extremists the US face now belief their god is te
  10. This is a reasonable response. Although your exact meaning is eluding me(I am particularly dense today.) I guess for me there is a wide berth between believing something, versus knowing something. If you believed that George Washington planted the tree outside your house you couldnt prove it of course, but you would still know that it is a tree. There is no debating that. The trees existance is a fact, while whom you believed to plant it is a belief. While I can respect people who believe that God is real, its when they try to tell me they know God is real that it bugs me. Our origin(or in ot
  11. Never understood the "prove god isn't real" argument. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Evidence isn't what you make it. Its observable. There is a reason humans don't go jump in a fire. They have learned it will burn them every single time. Burning from fire is a "fact." If someone told you that if they jumped into fire they would be fine because they had "faith" that they wouldn't get burned would you be any more inclined to believe them? Or would you assume they are wacko/delusional? Yet they will say prove he doesn't exist like that adds some sort of credibility to th
  12. I view it more as a symptom of our public education system, which while not fantastic by any means, is teaching kids more about science and math and to question things. On one side you have uneducated people telling kids that vaccines cause autism(Jenny mcbotox is not a doctor, and should stop flapping her big ******* tits about matters she knows nothing about), evolution isn't credible, global warming is a myth. That they don't need medical help God will "heal" them. On the other side they now have text books and educated teachers showing these claims as untrue and providing actual knowledge
  13. http://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2011/04/29/the-haul-for-julio/ I gotta say I agree on both accounts, I think this was good for us and the Browns. But in the end only time will tell.
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