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  1. Not really sure what the point of this post is. Yes, the vast majority of people get better. But a lot of people don't, and they subsequently die or need hospitalization. Hence the reason this article was put out to curious fans no doubt. Its easy to point out a high percentage and feel good/safe but frankly, small percentages seem small and insignificant until you are the small percentage. Just something to think about.
  2. This, never hurts to check. Some guys do well with a change of scenery.
  3. He always had the ability, or maybe potential is the better word, just not the drive. At least that's what it seemed like. They knew that risk when they selected him though. Hopefully the time away did some good.
  4. Good points. Vastly disagree with the Hageman part. Good players don't get cut, at least not usually. The guy was always an experiment and it failed. Bringing him back tells me that we are worried about DT because that is a Hail Mary move by the FO. Which brings us full circle with the Dolphins potentially snagging our guy. Hitting on late picks is fine, but why mortgage higher selections rather than later ones? If they do trade back into the second or third, the team just keep borrowing draft debt for seemingly no reason.
  5. Well that I expect, as well as the occasional player missing in regards to breakdown or scouting by the network but this was our first selection! I've never seen them just blatantly ignore it. They said the name, cut to commercial then didn't even bother to explain or look at the selection. Like wow.
  6. On a side note, anyone else really peeved at the draft coverage by NFL network this year? The norm is they go to commercial while we pick. This year they not only cut to commercial, they didn't even highlight or scout the pick at all! I have never witnessed that before. They came back from commercial and Rich went straight to the Redskins QB situation. Has a team ever had a first pick not analyzed like that????
  7. Let's be real, there are three groups every draft. The naysayers will shout doom and gloom and say that we made the worst choice they have ever seen(how this is possible every year escapes me.) Their NFL experience is typically several games of Madden each week. Meanwhile the draft homers will act like the FO are geniuses and that every pick is the next Peyton Manning at their positions. They will cherry pick scouting reports from some fat guy in his bathtub on a laptop who happened to love the player and writes about them at midnight each night. Then you have group 3 who actually
  8. I would draw a parallel to politics here. This is like asking if Democrats and Republicans hate each other. Sure, there are extremists on both sides but for the most part people are civil and live with each other. As far as the players though.....definitely some hate there. I feel like you probably have to. You want to give your all when playing a rival.
  9. This is literally going to turn into a "who got hit and did they get hurt" system. So if you knock a guy on his *** and he gets back up then no flag. But if he is down and not moving then you guessed it flags start flying like crazy. Same with who gets hit. You lay the wood on a no-named RB, who cares? But you got a little rough with Drew Brees or Brady....flag city.
  10. Vick is never coming back. Just let it go dude. We don't need someone like him. Mobile qbs who cannot throw the ball are not a thing. You have to let that dream die. You have had way too long to get over him. I really dont understand some of our fans. Matt Ryan is the best at the position we have ever had. Just accept it.
  11. **** Millennials, ruining the game of footballs and napkins and the toaster oven
  12. The more I learn about this guy the more I like. Mayock said he has a good sense when it comes to route running. Sometimes a player like that can do way more damage than a big fast brute who cant run a route to save his life. So who knows. We will see. He does, however, look very much like a grown up version of that annoying kid from fear the walking dead. Definitely a negative but I can deal with that lol.
  13. Did i hurt your feelings? I'm sorry. Ill send you a Vick plushie you can sleep with it to make you feel better. But pointless internet fighting aside, can you find anything wrong with the statements I made? Just because they are harsh does not make them untrue. Vick is way old news and yet people have a fetish with bringing him up every month......its insane. I equate it to the people who still ***** about Gore winning the popular vote.....its done. Let the dream die. Vick is not coming back. Ever.
  14. Its 2016.......why do we still have Vick threads in any capacity?? You would think that the man helped deliver their children or something with the devotion some people of Atlanta and these boards show him. He is a supposedly "repentant" dog murderer who was an above average runningback playing qb. And he no longer plays for us. Matt Ryan has eclipsed him in every conceivable mark, and he will never play for the team ever again. That is how I feel about him.
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