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  1. This guy has no facts and has been stomped on for being a troll. Please take his comments with tons of salt.

  2. So that fact that you stated is Manning's is still performing better than Ryan on a bum knee.
  3. So are you trying to prove that Manning's worst year, when he coming off a knee injury, is better than Ryan's best?
  4. I'm sure he's laughing at us too. He got cut and went straight to bank with it. Ha Ha HaHaHa Ha
  5. Passer Rating - Matt Ryan 25/33 1st% - Matt Ryan 28/33 YPA - MAtt Ryan 22/33
  6. Or the QB fumbling the ball and throwing ints in their own territory.
  7. Look at all the people bashing me because I spoke the truth.
  8. You should have just punched her in her ovaries. That would keep her quiet for a while.
  9. So I guess the coaching staff is insane then. No matter how many times they move Brooking, he's still gonna suck. He's pass his time.
  10. People don't like the truth. I speak the truth so they don't like me. You'll learn that most people here are punch drunk off the kool-aid the front office been giving them.
  11. A D-I QB should be better at this point in his career than a D-II QB.
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