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  1. Falcons are the Buffalo Bills of the NFC South. TB owns us šŸ˜¢
  2. This guy here is what made me a Falcon for LIFE! 11th on the list...wow. Who's the Top 10? Deion Humphrey Andrews Ryan White Nobis The Hammer Turner JFN Kenn Am I right?
  3. Congrats to Coach Shanahan for winning ATL Annual Goat of the year award. Previous recipients Coach Smith, the OL and Michael Turner will be on hand during the award ceremony. Matt Ryan is apparently ineligible
  4. JA98. The last pick we drafted when we had the 8th overall pick.
  5. I wish you well in your future endeavors. Don't think you'll get another HC job tho
  6. Hmmm...Kinda reminds me of the 2010 and 2012 teams. What happened?
  7. The idea you can put Matt on another team and he'll turn into this monster player in the post season. Matt is what he is, just need to accept it.
  8. Yeah...gonna be a very tough offseason steakshapiro @steakshapiro 20 years of games here never seen folks as irate as they were after final pickā€¦Thousands poured out of building w/not nice things to say.
  9. Seriously, man you're writing checks Matt Ryan arse can't cash
  10. Huh? Dallas has HFA. Has anyone told Seattle?
  11. (1) QB Driven League, (2) Face of the Franchise, (3) Highest Paid, most visible player on the team
  12. I'm only speaking for me, but I don't HATE Matt. I'm just disappointed and expect to be disappointed in big games and big moments if he's QB'ing. Granted, it's not a good situation to be in for a fan but after 7 seasons, that's where I am. At the end of the day, the ONLY thing I want before I die is to see a Lombardi trophy hoisted at Flowery Branch and I just don't have any trust that MR can get it done. So disappointed, resigned yes....HATE no
  13. Second one, I'll grant you that one. The first one on a short field...no
  14. Biggest lie told on TATF. There is a significant gap between the Rodgers, Bradys, Peytons and the Ryans, Romos and Rivers.
  15. What part of 2 Pick 6's don't you get. Matt deserves the hate he's going to get this offseason, so stop being such a dumb homer.
  16. Matt Ryan has thrown 4 Pick 6 this season, most in the NFL. Yeah, he's a keeper
  17. Been a fan before MR was born, AND will be a fan after he's gone. Just have lost complete faith that he can bring a Lombardi to the city which is all that I care about. So, yeah, I don't really have any emotional investment in him as others have. Came to the same conclusion for Miller, Chandlier, Vick, etc...
  18. Um, Drew Brees, Brady, Rodgers should never be brought up in MR threads.
  19. The football gods have to smile on this moribund franchise sometime, right? Before I die I'd love to witness the play of an all-time great every Sunday. You know, someone you build a statue for after he retires.
  20. After a 9-20 stretch I don't think too many people use "ELITE" and MR in the same sentence anymore
  21. We just need more games like this my guy. That's at least all I'm asking for from our face of the franchise QB. BTW, I believe this was the 2nd time in MR 7 year career where he had 300+ YD and 4 TDs
  22. Cool. Looking forward to another game like this against Pitt next week, right?
  23. I can think of only two plays where Julio wasn't wide open. All respect goes to Julio IMO
  24. TBH, I was more impressed with Julio performance than MR. Of Matt 375 yards, 259 was from Julio.
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