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  1. He was paid 2.5mil when we franchise tagged him, so its not that big of a gap.
  2. I'd agree to Tampa's D-Line if it was in comparison vs our o-line (and then our d-line vs their o-line), but just d-line vs d-line ours is better.
  3. He was good in 2009, but since his back injury he hasn't been the same. We don't have anyone to replace him with, so for at least the rest of this season hes our starter.
  4. Personally, I'm glad we didn't get him. Smitty was a great choice, and quite frankly, Rex has been a distraction a lot and has lost a lot of credibility with his "WE WILL WIN IT ALL" speech ever year and his foot fetish videos floating on the internet.
  5. I think he ment Kroy. Anyways, I'm glad their all okay. Who knows, this could be a bonding experience for the two and make them a more powerful duo.
  6. I agree. Their blitzing schemes are pretty tough. Their biggest weapon on their offense may be Aaron Rodgers ability to escape the pass rush and run if needed, as he did multiple times earlier in the year. Other than that, I'm not worried about their offense.
  7. I realize that we've beaten both GB and SEA but I would way prefer PHI advancing and having a shot at them in the NFC champ game. Come on Philly, you can do it!
  8. Am I the only one who thinks that Grimes is a solid #2 corner? Why would we bring in a player who just earned 15mil a year and replace him for someone who made under 800k and performed well? I'm not saying Nnamdi isn't a talented player, but I believe in Grimes.
  9. Its not impossible for the NFC west to beat the Saints... heck the Bucs beat them, which aren't as bad as the west, but isn't too far of a stretch.
  10. Any other resolutions? Possibly widescreen?
  11. For those ordering from nflshop.com, use the code PEPSIMAX for free shipping or NFLEXTRA20 for 20% off if you get both.
  12. Really? I don't see it. Mind sharing the direct link? NVM, found it.
  13. Waiting it to show on nflshop.com, then I will buy the shirt. Wanting to buy several t-shirts and the 20% off there makes sense, or else I would just do it from 365.
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