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  1. First, fans showed their disappointment by not showing up today. I know there's a lot to do at MBS, but seats looked empty throughout the game (at least to me). Second, fans also booed the team.
  2. He was too concerned about throwing another INT on that last possession so he threw 15 check down for 15 consecutive completions. No heart. No passion.
  3. Dan Quinn is going through a mid-life crisis
  4. This is the main problem with the Falcons fan base: fans making excuses for Ryan the past five years.
  5. There is lopsided officiating in every single NFL game where one of the 12 playoff predetermined teams is playing. No different in why the Saints got robbed last year. The sooner you guys realize that this is the most fixed pro sport in the world, you will save yourself a lot of money and time and maybe even save your health. It's why people around the world think we're stupid for loving this sport and that's why no matter how hard the NFL try, other countries will never embrace American football. Other people see right through the FIX!
  6. So glad the team haven't just rolled over.
  7. 4-4 = .500!!!!!!!!!!