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  1. First, fans showed their disappointment by not showing up today. I know there's a lot to do at MBS, but seats looked empty throughout the game (at least to me). Second, fans also booed the team.
  2. He was too concerned about throwing another INT on that last possession so he threw 15 check down for 15 consecutive completions. No heart. No passion.
  3. This is the main problem with the Falcons fan base: fans making excuses for Ryan the past five years.
  4. There is lopsided officiating in every single NFL game where one of the 12 playoff predetermined teams is playing. No different in why the Saints got robbed last year. The sooner you guys realize that this is the most fixed pro sport in the world, you will save yourself a lot of money and time and maybe even save your health. It's why people around the world think we're stupid for loving this sport and that's why no matter how hard the NFL try, other countries will never embrace American football. Other people see right through the FIX!
  5. I never said that the Falcons did not shot themselves in the foot or leave points on the field. However, we all can agree that the NFL (like most sports) is all about momentum. And there's no doubt that the Falcon's offense is all about rhythm. You better believe the refs and the NFL knows this. If the offense had been rhythm (without the phantom calls), there's no doubt in my mind we would have scored touchdowns both times.
  6. There's a reason why no one really knows what a catch really is anymore in the NFL. Same goes for a fumble, pass interference, holding, etc. It leaves room for the refs/league to swing critical (profitable) games. This is by design. I promise. P.S. they will make Jamies Winston a "company guy" or he will be gone. They will tell him to leave all the passion, outrage, and fanaticism to the fans and just collect your game checks. Cam learned
  7. Thanks! Too bad the Cowboys are such a mess that they couldn't get it done. But, it's still a win for the NFL because either of those teams are bigger markets than the Falcons. I'm no conspiracy theorist. Just a man who majored in business with a minor in marketing (undergrad) and a concentration in marketing (grad school)
  8. You may not believe this because I'm the one who started this topic. But, over the past three years, I've had three close family members on active NFL rosters (now down to two) and one is a starter on the Falcons. The remaining two are very well known to NFL fans (the one who is no longer on an active roster was a rotational guy). You wouldn't believe how, for the most part, this is simply a job (livelihood) for these guys. They don't get nearly as attached to this game as so many fans do. They understand that it is mostly entertainment. I know one thing though, when you ask them about fixes and rigging, they ignore you or shrug it off. It always surprises me when they respond this way because they have been asked by me or other very close family members. It's definitely very hush hush or something.
  9. I also believe that the NFL and Goddell has concluded from looking at the past twelve months in our country (politically, socially, governmental, financially, industrially, professionally, etc.), it's so easy to sell so many people in this country a bag of goods. They will only believe what they are told or sold by their friends, family, or the market that's selling them the bag of goods. Conspiracies are like comedians, you have to be very smart or very dumb to believe in them or find them very funny. Stop thinking people are just dumb if they don't find Jeff Foxworthy or Chris Rock funny because you think they are
  10. Not sure if it's been said, but we will probably be the beneficiary of fixed NFL games next week since Tampa got hosed today by the refs and so did we. If we are the beneficiaries, the "competitive NFC South" story line remains intact (all three teams makes the playoffs), the darling Saints wins the division, and an NFC South rematch in the playoffs is guaranteed (I think all of this will be the case, if not, I'm sure someone will let me know, lol).
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