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  1. Clearly...I mean, if you can run on 4th stringers, then you are a future HoF'er....he needs at least 50% of the touches with 1st stringers....
  2. ....based on this logic (or really lack there of) we never played because gates and tomlinson (their starters) did not ever play... morons exhaust me...
  3. Gonzo stood out? He is the man in all...but what exactly stood out about him today?
  4. Anyone who is sayign that Ryan looked decent to good obviously did not go today. But, who cares! It's the first practice sessions. Ryan will be fine. Nevertheless, he had an awful day. Grimes did look good, but Ryan was overthrowing the ball a lot which led to easy picks. Not only this, but two int's were dropped in the first session. Shockley looked good, but he's fighting just to stay on the team. All in all, teh defense certainly looked better than the offense. Harry Douglas got some nice touches today which was great. Ryan will be back in the swing of things in a couple of days.
  5. Don't know turner's weight, but Ryan looked awful the entire day...good thing it's teh first day of camp
  6. Jason Witten - grew up playing against him all the way through high school. He of course went D-I, I couldn't cut D-I and went D-III. He played for Elizabethton High School, I played for Daniel Boone High school. We met twice a year - never beat their team once. He was a beast at linebacker
  7. That's what I was thinking, although I wish it would have been under different circumstances than this
  8. http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/the_sport...hips_since_2004 Look, I want to say out front that I'm well aware that domestic disputes are no joke. But the absolute absurdity of this story involving Facebook and Quinn Ojinnaka demands closer examination. According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Ojinnaka is facing battery charges after a fight with his wife that resulted over a female friend on the Falcons tackle's Facebook profile. Police said he tussled with his wife and spat at her during a fight over a female friend of his on Facebook. Ojinnaka said his wife tried to stab him with a pen. She said
  9. Your predictions are an impossibility as the final NFL total record must be 256-256...might want to redo the entire thing
  10. Considering Favre has thrown 10 TD's and 36 INT's in weeks 12-17 since 2005-2008...perhaps he should sit his overrated, over-hyped, over-talked-about, @ss out. So sick of this clown
  11. Wow, I'm done here.. but I'll help you out since a calculator is far too advanced for you Jordan averaged 2.5 TO in the 18 games you factered in...he averaged 3.58 in the extra year that you have to add in, in order to get 6 years... how in the world did you lower his TO total when he averaged 1.08 more TO's...lol wow...i know that adding and dividing is difficult...you'll make it though
  12. he never shot 54%... but you've yet to state a correct fact yet....
  13. moron - you put Jordan's TO ratio where he played 18 games in ....lol and you said again... even if i were wrong on that which I wasn't...where was the first time....
  14. when will Jordan average 25, 7 and 7? never James - 3 we could go all day on this - fact is...James has better numbers through 6 years in
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