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  1. Yes they can, Graham Harrell is completely shedding that "system quarterback" nonsense. He makes some of the most difficult throws look nearly effortless, and his ball placement is ridiculous.
  2. 12 to his own team, 6 to the opposition, so I guess you could say he's thrown 18 touchdowns total. Very surprised that Jefferson has seen no playing time this year.
  3. Jarrett Lee has thrown 6 interceptions for a TD this season, how can it not be him?
  4. So it's okay to be classless during a game, just so long as you're not classless when it's over? You're such a tool. Thanks for reminding me why I hate UGA fans so much.
  5. Oh yeah, well I once heard that Urban Meyer punched a 4 month old baby right in the face and then peed on an 80 year old woman for wearing a Georgia shirt while injecting AIDS into her husband!!! ERBIN MEYERS IS SUCH A SKUMBAG!!!!!1111!!!11ONE
  6. Seriously, with fans like Pickles, we don't need rivals.
  7. Not sure what year that was, but I've never seen an LSU team that good.
  8. Oklahoma's offense is seriously the greatest offense I have ever seen in college football. They're even better than the Leinart, Bush, White, Jarrett, Smith team that USC trotted out there. There truely is no defense in the Big XII that can stop Oklahoma, you're going to have to outscore them, ie. Texas.
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