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  1. First off b/c he is a player in the nfl and you're not!Second off he has had a good career and has entertained us all with his touchdown celebrations.The man was one of the top wr's in the game a few years back.A pro bowl wr.I also had the chance to meet him and he was one of the nicer players that I have met.He helped his community rebuild after katrina!Joe is a first class guy and he has been successful in the nfl.That's why he deserves you're respect!
  2. I agree with all the proposed changes except the "no more force outs" that's just unrealistic!
  3. Well in 3 hours it will be april first,maybe it's just an april fools joke!LOL!
  4. Well in 3 hours it will be april first,maybe it's just an april fools joke!LOL!
  5. And look at the discussion about russell now!He's too fat!They paid alot of money for him and now they have alot of questions!I like waiting on a qb in the later rounds and spending less money b/c no draft pick is a sure thing!
  6. Yup and with Long we'd be getting somewhere!Hopefully he's there for us to pick up!I think we need to focus on the lineman and defense and worry about a qb later in the draft!Turner is gonna give us a show every sunday!
  7. Big mistake!No way I would even consider it!Norwood and turner are young,talented athletes and we have huge holes to fill!
  8. I don't know about dorsey!I think ellis is a better pick at that position,to many questions surrounding dorsey right now!
  9. You should probably wait until the draft is over then he'll probably re-sign and we'll take it from there for now he is a RFA.
  10. Really the whole hype with him is where he played!Michigan is a "big" school but he didn't really impress me any with how he played this year!
  11. Yeah I agree that the dolphins won't take a qb in the first b/c they sure seemed sold on beck and he hasn't had time to develop maybe they do next year but I believe ryan will fall to the ravens and we'll trade up for brohm most likely!
  12. I think for the most part the people on this board are fans of the team!Especially right now,there are really no big time guys on the team!Most of what is discussed on this board is about the draft and what the TEAM needs to do this year to enable us to win!Last year and for a few years before there were a few "big name" guys here and back then I could see your point but those days are long gone and so are those fans!
  13. Where's godfrey and brohm?This mock is missing some key peices!
  14. Not much to discuss about what was said but in case you missed it,he said he once carried the ball 52 times in a game!Granted it was probably high school but still that's impressive!Hopefully he,norwood and mugheli will take care of business for us this year!
  15. Yeah me too!It's been crazy the way it's almost done one min. and the next it's not even close!
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