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  1. The only true knowledge is in knowing, and YOU know nothing!

  2. You wanna talk about a FALCON fan, you will find this person flying high right at the very top of the list! We need more fans like JD dirtybird21's!!!!

  3. If you wanna talk about a FALCON fan then by gosh you had better be talking about this dude! Listen to what he has to say because you might learn something!!!

  4. This Lady is a TRUE FALCONS FAN! She knows her Football, a lot more than so many others here on this websitem sometimes more than me! If you have a question about the TEAM or the GAME then I would suggest you ask her because she is a TRUE SHINING example of all that is good about FALCONS FANS! I consider this a true honor to be on her friends list! Thanks Tandy! :-)

  5. GEORGIAfan, Is someone that I will go to War with if the need presents itself! If you wanna talk about a "True Atlanta Falcons Fan" then you need to look no more, his name is "Freeze1st! :), Sorry I meant GEORGIAfan.

    You know I'm only kiddin' with ya GEORGIAfan! :) I'm not kidding about the going to WAR thing though. GEORGIAfan is a TRUE ATLANTA FALCONS FA

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