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  1. The FALCONS have a big name WR right now and his name is "Roddy White", 'NUFF Said. As for BM, that will never happen. As long as Arthur Blank is the owner of this team, Players with well known bad attitudes or public relation problems will not EVER BE AN ATLANTA FALCON or play for this "TEAM". And I agree with that stance they have made well known. You don't build a "TEAM" with bad attitudes and single minded superstars who cry foul, : "YOU BUILD A WINNING TEAM BY DOING WHAT THE FALCONS HAVE DONE IN THE LAST TWO SEASON" IMO. And it's only going to get better. Brandon Marshall would be a :
  2. It starts now. The super bowl is over and there are going to be some great things to be excited about with FALCONS football. I know how you feel, it's going to be AWESOME! I can't say what all that is, because for the first time in my LIFE being a FALCONS fan : "THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS TO LIST HERE TO BE EXCITED ABOUT BEING A FALCONS FAN!!!!!!". And I wanna add to that, this is the reason there is this forum and website, they can break things down into subjects and present all that stuff the right way. Here it is the off season and your talking FALCONS football and looking forward to i
  3. I know how you feel, and I know why you feel that way. It's so freaking OBVIOUS that the FALCONS are going to be a dominate team in the upcoming season that it's hard to wait around to watch it happen. I can't wait either!
  4. I know what your saying. There were some serious trolls around here right after the super bowl who took full advantage of the system rating feature. Honestly the main complaint that I have with the rating system is the fact that a user can join and re-join etc...... and make a false reading. My thoughts on this is I think that there should have to be a minimum of 100 post/or replies to be able to rate a users post/thread/reply make a poll or contribute to a poll. My minuses came from a post I made about the user rating system contrary to others belief on the plus minus of my status. I'm j
  5. Uh, "Wipe your mouth and flush", just remember to scrub because when free agency starts that's all that going to be left for the Aint's, a bunch of SCRUBS!!!!!! The FALCONS will dominate the 2010 season, I will be shocked if they don't sweep every game again division rivals. Whatever..............
  6. Your such a big fan of the Aint's so much that you would rather spend the day after the Superbowl talking smack to other teams fans on their forums, "Who could quiet honestly care less about what you have to say" instead of celebrating a Superbowl win with family and friends???? The Aint's can keep you as a fan as far as I am concerned.
  7. During the season I was upset at BVG and Mularky. I don't agree with MM's play calling, but looking back they did the best they could with who they could on what was a harsh schedule even with a healthy team - which the FALCONS didn't have. I have to agree with you on this, your right. I wouldn't have agreed during the season but looking back I think they deserve a pass. The fact is that they made mistakes with their calls, but ya know, hopefully they will learn from those mistakes and not make them again. I mean if you bring in new coaches your looking at the team learning a new system and
  8. I thought that my plus and minus ratings weren't working because I would get an error screen. I just thought I would mention that after exiting that screen here in the forums and hitting refresh that the plus or minus is registering. In my case I had to refresh the screen. Hope this helps somebody, I wasn't aware of it until now because I got the error screen and hadn't hit refresh until now.
  9. Absolutely FALSE!!!!!! I never trashed the city and I never talked bad about the FALCONS OR ANYTHING ELSE. I was upset at the loss to the Aint's and basically said I had enough and couldn't take anymore. I got over that so why the heck can't you?????????
  10. This is true. No doubt Shockey will do that. This is a good point phattywankenobi, I'd give you a plus 1 if I could but the rating system isn't working for me right now. Think of all the distractions for the Aint's because of what you just mentioned this off season and going into camp for them. I expect a FALCONS sweep of the division rivals in the upcoming season with a healthy team and of course new additions.
  11. I seriously believe that the FALCONS will win the next super bowl. There is one HUGE difference this year from years past, the FALCONS have a team of players and not a team with one superstar player now. Also a great GM and Coach and too many other things to mention here. Not to mention, almost every NFL Analyst that I hear review the status of the FALCONS for 2010 said that they are a legitimate Elite Team when they get back their injured players and will only get better with new additions. That's a strong statement coming from these analyst who have never said anything positive about the FA
  12. I get all the same errors. To make it even worse, I've had some Aint's trolls who give me a -1 for pulling against the Aint's in the super bowl during the game and can't return the favor.
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