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  1. sounds good to me...... hey g dog....did he play??
  2. I agree and i guess it came off that way....i want him to be one of the best DTs in the league....i just want it to come together.....i dont think he will be a bust....i just hope the knee heals quick cause we could have a **** good Dline
  3. not pathetic...i didnt see him....i know the sevarity of the injury.....sorry Dr.
  4. all i was asking is DID HE PLAY AT ALL???? i did not see him
  5. first off i hope he is NOT a bust! 2nd he has played this year ......and not very impressive so i was asking if he reinjured his knee...... 3rd and most important... grow up!!!!...who are you to tell someone to stfu when i was asking a Q .....i hope he is not a bust most of all!!!!
  6. wtf....did he play? is he hurt? where is this so called ball of knives??? why cant we hit on a Dline player?? I smell bust!!!!
  7. I too am interested to know where to buy some swag.....i have heard about the store falcons365???
  8. thanks headhunter im sure we will have a great time im looking forward to it
  9. Going to the game on sunday against the niners.....comming from toronto canada and was wondering where a good place to go on saturday night....staying about 3 blocks from the dome. also i am going with a 49ers fan who will be wearing a crabtree jersey; what should he expect from the falcons faithful?
  10. I have not heard much about him in this preseason. Just wondering if he is playing well enough to bump Coleman out of the starting spot? I like Coleman but i want Willy Mo to be a force in the league at the Safety spot!!!
  11. I am from Hamilton.....there aint many of us Falcon fans in these parts are there? That would be an awsome game to take in, hope you have a blast.....but most of all i hope we win em both!!!
  12. Cant wait,just got my tickets today!!! I am comming from the Toronto area to come to the dome and watch our beloved Falcons beat the s#%t out of the Niners!!! I cant wait!!!! hope to see some of you there ....now the only problem i have is what jersey do i rock? Ryan, Turner, Gonzo, or a throwback Sanders??? Im going with my buddy who is a Niners fan....i hope he gets heckled big time!!!
  13. I live in canada so i dont get to see first hand, but are Douglas and Jerry out there practicing yet....if so how are they looking?
  14. who else is expecting big thing from will mo? i remember highlights of him at mizzou....the kid can flat out play! our back end is lookin as good as Vidas
  15. thats good to hear i think he will do a great job for us
  16. Williams was great for us last season....but with that injury and playing his position (cb) there is no way he is ready to go!! That said, I am ready to see Owens take that spot for good.....its his for the taking
  17. Which of these guys would you say are the early favourite to be our KR/PR come opening day? My early fav is our rook Franks....he was sick as a sooner!!!
  18. In '98 we lost only 2 games......we flew under the radar as a great team.....people underestimated us then and they will now....i want a different conclusion this season though...... .....i wanna win the **** thang this time!!!!!
  19. Matty is deffinatly a rising star in this league
  20. its not cause of him its actually where i live its nicknamed the hammer....i used to be Houston-23 had to change it
  21. I would like a sig with my name and a picture of lofton! it would be greatly appreciated!
  22. when is the trade deadline and do hear any REAL rumours regarding our Falcons!
  23. I have yet to see this rumour anywhere could someone post a link that says he is available? I just cant see it?
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