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  1. sounds good to me...... hey g dog....did he play??
  2. I agree and i guess it came off that way....i want him to be one of the best DTs in the league....i just want it to come together.....i dont think he will be a bust....i just hope the knee heals quick cause we could have a **** good Dline
  3. not pathetic...i didnt see him....i know the sevarity of the injury.....sorry Dr.
  4. all i was asking is DID HE PLAY AT ALL???? i did not see him
  5. first off i hope he is NOT a bust! 2nd he has played this year ......and not very impressive so i was asking if he reinjured his knee...... 3rd and most important... grow up!!!!...who are you to tell someone to stfu when i was asking a Q .....i hope he is not a bust most of all!!!!
  6. wtf....did he play? is he hurt? where is this so called ball of knives??? why cant we hit on a Dline player?? I smell bust!!!!
  7. I too am interested to know where to buy some swag.....i have heard about the store falcons365???
  8. thanks headhunter im sure we will have a great time im looking forward to it
  9. Going to the game on sunday against the niners.....comming from toronto canada and was wondering where a good place to go on saturday night....staying about 3 blocks from the dome. also i am going with a 49ers fan who will be wearing a crabtree jersey; what should he expect from the falcons faithful?
  10. I have not heard much about him in this preseason. Just wondering if he is playing well enough to bump Coleman out of the starting spot? I like Coleman but i want Willy Mo to be a force in the league at the Safety spot!!!
  11. I am from Hamilton.....there aint many of us Falcon fans in these parts are there? That would be an awsome game to take in, hope you have a blast.....but most of all i hope we win em both!!!
  12. Cant wait,just got my tickets today!!! I am comming from the Toronto area to come to the dome and watch our beloved Falcons beat the s#%t out of the Niners!!! I cant wait!!!! hope to see some of you there ....now the only problem i have is what jersey do i rock? Ryan, Turner, Gonzo, or a throwback Sanders??? Im going with my buddy who is a Niners fan....i hope he gets heckled big time!!!
  13. I live in canada so i dont get to see first hand, but are Douglas and Jerry out there practicing yet....if so how are they looking?
  14. who else is expecting big thing from will mo? i remember highlights of him at mizzou....the kid can flat out play! our back end is lookin as good as Vidas
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