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  1. 7 million for another Hankerson. We shouldve just kept Roddy. This is terrible. Spend it on defense please.
  2. Yup...they are dogs. Animals, who cares except you people who think they are human beings lol. Dog Fighting shouldnt get anyone 2 years in prison when people are shooting and killing people and getting nothing at all. They are NOT HUMANS they are ANIMALS.
  3. As a dog lover at the end of the day, they are just animals. I grew up around dog fighting and him fighting dogs really didnt bother me at all. 2 years for some dam dog fighting is freaking ridiculous. When Vick was here he had the Dome rocking and the city buzzing. He brought a lot of attention to the Falcons that wasnt there. He took us to the NFC Championship game with some bums. Matt Ryan has been working on his craft for 8 years and has done no better. Wish we couldve gotten more years out of Vick but it is what it is. Im crying over spilled milk
  4. No one should wear 84. Now number 2, someone can have that right now
  5. LMAO Besides Tru our players have no strengths. We need NFL starters on the defense and we dont have them. If i was the HQ i would need full control of players. I dont trust TD or SP at all
  6. Dimtroff and Pioli are still here.....nothing will change.
  7. What in the heck is a new coach going to do? Ill tell ya, NOTHING. He is going to lose games. We will be under .500 next year unless we get some major FA in here to shore up this defense. This team is terrible and besides Trufant we have no talent on that side of the ball. Thanks THomas So you are going to give this so-called GM another chance? Man you must be crazy he should be with Smitty right now drinking a cold one fishing.
  8. The same stuff you guys put on Smitty are the same things you are giving a pass to Rex for. SMH
  9. Exactly. People are speaking like he has done so much here. He only addressed one issue. That was drafting Matthews, then he extends Sam Baker..are you kidding me? We have needed a pass rusher for 2 years, 2 years and he has tried to be cheap. Ray Edwards, bust Osi bust. We have needed at least ONE NFL starting LB and he hasn't addressed it. He should be fired
  10. Exactly. He has failed at his job. I mean look at the defense. Where do you see talent? We have the WORST defense in the NFL this year and ranked very low last year. The players are not there. SJax, why did we sign him again? Ray Edwards, Osi, draft Jerry and he tore apart our last decent offensive line, got rid of Grimes, and let Abe go. This guy should be fired right along with Mike Smith. He cant even accept his part of this mess without throwing the coaches name at the end. He shouldn't have a job and as long as he is involved in picking and signing players this team will continue to have a losing season and not seeing the playoffs.
  11. TD should be fired. We do not have any talent on the defense. Look at this defense the past 2 years. We have no talent on the offensive line. Signing Osi, and Ray Edwards. TD takes the blame just like the coach. Stop trying to give this man a pass.
  12. Smitty took the blame and TD scary *** shouldve been right beside him.
  13. Osi is a clown. He has robbed this team for 2 years. He was another Ray Edwards. He needs to shut his mouth and stick to what he knows....getting them checks
  14. I cant wait to get a new coach and watch him fall on his face with this POS defensive players
  15. smh...Rex cant even win with his own dam team. Dude is a fraud. y'all drink the kool aid, i won't
  16. You guys keep talking about this talent we have. We dont have the players to be successful, is it that hard to see? Name one person besides Trufant that would start on another NFL defense. Name another offensive linemen besides matthews that would start on another NFL line. We DO NOT HAVE THE TALENT. We should be lucky we won 6 games with this terrible defense for 2 years in a row and this offensive line.
  17. Exactly. This fool shouldve been fired with Mike Smith. This doesnt even know how to accept ANY blame like a grown man. This is his crappy team with very very little talent
  18. Really, look at the defense and say that again. DEAD LAST in everything. Can't stop the pass, run, tackle, get to the quarterback, sack the quarterback. This team is trash. Roddy is washed up and over paid, We dont have one decent RB, we only have 2 offensive linemen who should even be playing in the NFL. We shouldve won 2 games when you think about it. Shouldve lost to the Cards (back up QB), lost to the Saints(fumble), Besides the tampa bay in on thursday night we didnt dominate one single game. I blame TD
  19. Rex is such a fraud. You want a coach you lost more games than the one you fired. You say he is the be defensive mind in the game but his team cant win games. You guys are hilarious. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is going to get anything out of the players on the defense. The LBs are not NFL starters, we dont have ONE legit threat on the ends. We have one decent young corner thats it.
  20. As long as TD is here please expect the same outcome from the last 2 years, simple as that
  21. In 7 years he has drafted some decent players. Are you serious? There is only one player worth a crap on that defense in the past 2 years..Trufant. the rest are not NFL starters. Look at his FA pick ups. Osi, Ray Edwards you gotta be kidding me. TD needs to be fired
  22. THANK YOU. WHAT DONT THESE FANS UNDERSTAND. This team has no talent. On the defensive side of the ball, besides Truant i dont think anyone would start for another team in the league. FIRE DIMTROFF
  23. You were excited about over paying for Soliali and getting T Jax that his own team didnt want him? TD has done nothing but turned this team into complete trash. Look at this offensive line and defensive line and you show me some improvement. This guy has wasted draft picks on players who dont even play or start. You guys dont understand that we just dont have the talent to win at this level. WE LACK TALENT. The defense dead last for 2 years and thats coaching? No, that both. TD should be right behind Smitty.
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