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  1. Would you really doubt that he hasn't had his agent already contact West Virginia??
  2. Such smack talk coming from a loser who can't even please his hand.
  3. Please, Warrick, goes peacefully off into retirement and don't make us kick you out the door into it.
  4. This is Freaking BS!! Freak the MFing Refs!! Fing blind ignorant AOs!!
  5. The danger of talking SMACK is you look real stupid when it backfires, like say when Quitrino is the one who decided to STFU and GET LOST!!
  6. Neither one will be in Athens that day. Petrino will be gone from Arkansas by then, and Moreno will be in the NFL. He is too good not to go pro after his junior year.
  7. Back to school : Petrino bolts NFL s Falcons for Razorback country BY NATE ALLEN Northwest Arkansas Times Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 Email this story | Printer-friendly version One night after telling Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank he's staying as coach of the Falcons, first-year coach Bobby Petrino resigned Tuesday afternoon, flew to Fayetteville, signed a five-year contract for $ 2. 8-million per year and was announced as the University of Arkansas'head football coach at a 10: 30 p.m. press conference. At the University of Arkansas, the former University of Louisville head
  8. T-Bob??? That sounds like the name of one of Vick's partners in crime.Just kidding. Bobby Hebert was a true NFL QB. Not much of an arm, but a good head, and a GREAT, GREAT heart. Congrats to T-Bob and his proud father.
  9. Well, the replay of Milloy's INT showed Anderson actually touching the QB. I mean he actually freaking touched the QB. At this rate of progress, he should get his 1st sometime in 2010, maybe, just maybe 2009.:hehe:
  10. If we come back and win this, the Rams might fire their head coach before he even gets to midfield to shake Petrino's hand.
  11. dang, we beon da way toda Supa Bow if dat dumas colige coch hed ben plyng Remen ail yer.
  12. Best part of this game has hearing Haslett dropping the F bombs of the ref.
  13. I hope that INT marked the end of Joey Sunshine's playing time for the Falcons. Harrington SUX!! Plain and simple!! Not that Leftwich and Redman are any better, but 'nuff of Joey.
  14. Coach Petrino, do you really want to keep coaching the Falcons??
  15. i have no doubt that he is reading the board too. so bill, just want to tell you that you are da man for this job! besides, if d-hall is still here next season, i'd pay good money to see the end result of him going-off in your face like he did to petrino.
  16. if you're arthur blank, you gotta ask yourself is petrino the next jimmy johnson or the next steve spurrier/nick saban?? if you're bobby petrino, you gotta ask yourself is the money worth dealing with this stinking mess and the primma donna pro athletes in the nfl?? won't be surprised at all if within 5 -10 days of the season ending that blank and petrino agree to part ways with no financial strings attached. blank goes and finds a proven nfl coach to turn us around and petrino goes back to a high-paying college job that he is more suited for. and as for rich mckay, i don't care what he does a
  17. this is fbs on the same play, abraham gets blatantly help and pittman pushes boley to five yards down the field to keep him from intercepting the ball and neither get called. and then the ****** refs call houston for illegal contact on the f'ing next play.
  18. can someone answer my question?? tb had already challenged and lost on brooking's fumble recovery early in the game. i thought they couldn't challenge again this half. and now this makes 2 challenges they've lost. doesn't this mean they're done for the game??
  19. i thought you could only challenge once a half??
  20. just how freaking bad has it gotten that we are arguing over harrington vs. leftwich?? it's like arguing over which do you like better - dog poop or cat poop?? they both stink, just differently.
  21. refs blow another call. if this was the nba, i'd start wondering if the fix was on.
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