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  1. Don’t forget your boy Gravy...I mean Grady Jackson😂 dude used to eat up some space
  2. That’s exactly what I want. That should answer my question of how involved is Rich McKay with the decisions being made regarding personnel. I want a no nonsense coach who has a track record of that old school control the clock and just out man, not out finesse the other team. I can’t help but feel like he’s part of the overall bigger problem. Just seems like we’ve had similar issues before Ryan/Smith/TD ever got here. Trying to think of any good trades, or draft picks or anything he did while he was our GM and I’m struggling.
  3. Name ONE hero we could add to this team, that would solve all the issues we have? I’m all ears, and am open to suggestions but there isn’t a single person that’s going to fix what’s wrong right now. Doesn’t mean we can turn this around quickly though
  4. Shoot it’d be nice if he could at least consistently do that! 😂
  5. I have a feeling this has WAYYY more to due with Rich McKay. Hear me out, he might not be our GM, but personally I feel he’s still very very involved with decisions and direction of the team. “McKay is the longest standing member in the history of the NFL Competition Committee (26 consecutive years, 22 of which he has served in the chairmanship role), making him one of the more influential executives in the league.” ^^^taken from Wikipedia. I wonder how much that position with the NFL Competition Committee has kept his job safe? I would image that would build trust wit
  6. Do you think all these people who want a running/mobile QB; realize that with age, they either : A.) they end up taking more hits and shorten their career or B.) end up slowing down, no longer being able to out run the young guys. Which forces them to have to rely on their arm. I’ve been a fan of this team for close to 20 years. You don’t have to be a Matt Ryan fan, but I guarantee you will miss him when he’s gone. Is he as good as he once was, I don’t know that answer. Does he need to be? I don’t think so, give him a NFL caliber OC, running game, and more than a sp
  7. Except this time he doesn’t have Belichick leading the team. I think many people thought Brady, having as much experience as he has, would be able to come in a basically coach the team or offense himself. It’s much more than that though, it’s about putting people in the best position to succeed. That’s why the patriots have had so much success over the years. He never seemed to need the fastest, tallest, or biggest guys. He just put them in situations that fit their strengths, and avoided asking them to do anything they weren’t good at. Kept it simple, worked with what he had, and wou
  8. Announcers were calling Matt Ryan “Matt Rylan” as he was coming out the tunnel. I thought I was tripping until my wife heard them the 2nd time. Checked here and saw someone else mention it as well
  9. I thought I was tripping, then they said it again and my wife was like “what did they just call him?”. Glad it wasn’t just me
  10. Genuine question here, as I’m ignorant to how exactly Harbaugh last left the NFL. I had heard there was friction between him and the front office, but to my (limited) knowledges, that was never elaborated on. Depending on what disagreements they had, could certainly change my opinion good or bad about him. Here’s my two cents, and I’ll be upfront and say maybe I’m way off on my judgement. We have veterans, but do we have any veterans who are holding others accountable when things aren’t going well? Seems like when we’re blowing leads or just straight sucking, you can almost see our y
  11. Thank you!!!! You’re the real MVP 🤘 That is surprising. Although at what point do you think the guys like Brady and Brees start winning these weekly awards/pro bowls based on popularity and what they’ve done in the past, vs what they’re currently doing. All that said, I’m happy with who we have. I don’t think some realize how blessed we’ve been to have him as our QB. Hasn’t missed a ton of games due to injury. I’ve always felt that when he’s been our QB, even some of our down years, we’ve had a “shot”. Maybe not the best shot, but it’s worlds better than I felt the season we
  12. I can’t wait for the day the dude finally gets his ring and can shut up all the haters. Inb4 “yea, but can he win 2?!” Outside of Phillip Rivers and Larry Fitzgerald, no one deserves one more than him.
  13. Longer obliviously. I honestly don’t even know how long they’ve been doing the whole AFC/NFC player of the week stuff. I thought it might be cool to see how many Ryan had vs what other starting QB’s had. I wasn’t using it to prove any point, I was genuinely curious. I love me some Matt Ryan, and I think he’s been tragically underrated his entire career here.
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