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  1. My only criticism of Ryan is that he needs to throw the ball away rather than take sacks on some plays. Besides, Chuck Norris thinks Matt Ryan is tough, and I'm not arguing with Chuck Norris.
  2. No true Falcon fan would wear the Vick Falcon jersey to that game. Time to give # 7 to a punter.
  3. They'll be alright.

  4. They'll be alright.

  5. Was that Dave Grohl on guitar ?
  6. If Rodgers ends up with more yards from scrimmage than Julio, I will be impressed. Can Rodgers return punts ?
  7. Not Thrilled with picking a kicker, but that was my only beef. Julio will be a great fit.His play will open up the passing and running game.
  8. Nope ! Can't fool a fool !
  9. I always write "FAKE" on all the tickets I make. That way there is no confusion.
  10. Based on that, the Falcons will go undefeated in 2011 !
  11. Penelope Cruz and Mermaids ... looks good to me !
  13. I won the caption contest! I won the caption contest !
  14. Problem is , there a lot of people that try to take advantage of the system to get everything they can for free. I grew up in Macon and I know there are some sorry,lazy *** "mothers" that spend all their time trying to "play the game" and get ish for free.A lot of people in Macon are a disgrace.
  15. Water ! We bathe in it , piss in it and sh!t in it. Then we drink it !
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