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  1. well i knew the day was coming when we would have to overpay for a cornerback thats why i wasnt to opposed to keeping hall.
  2. well if you getting offended by this then please dont even think about comong to the dome next week y9ou will probably get an ulcer. and you damned skippy thats exactly what i said the punishment was way too harsh for some damned dogs that maul and kill other people, however vick got what was coming to him. lets not cry for ryan he is supposed to be the man that wares the big jockstrap around here. the truth is he has been less than advertised going back to the last 6 games of last yr.like i said hes going to be a great stat guy but like you said i want to see victorys or at least some nail bi
  3. well oldgrayfalcon lets pullout the last time we played dallas compared to this one and tell me which game was more exciting and how many td,s did that third string qb throw that day.
  4. no but their are certain games that you must win.we get all this hype about our gm and how he is such a genus and the great moves he made this year,plus we have the GOLDEN CHILD at qb somebody thats supposed to be the next tom brady.we get prime time spots b/c people are expecting an exciting brand of football this year and we loose by 2 touchdowns and some change.according to last yr. we were supposse to be a player or 2 away from a superbowl contender.we look far from that on prime time. who did we really beat up on the bears (whom got throttled by cincy 30 pts.) the 49ers (somebody that pl
  5. well THE GOLDEN CHILD was exactly who i thought he was. somebody whom will give you a few good stats and light it up every once and a while.then will turn around and give you a limped erection during prime time moments.lets face it we have a plain slice of bread at quaterback ( sunbeam preferably).A luxuary car with no leather seats and roll up windows.A wife with big tits but a behind that stands at 6 o clock.
  6. i personally dont understand why he was resigned b/c he never caught the ball in traffic to be considered a bonifide pro receiever.
  7. lets just face it we now have a plain slice of braid (wonder bread that is) qb.vanilla with no toppings a mercedes without leather seats and roll up windows. a truck whoms towing capacity is limited.but he is going to be a good QB but a very padestrian QB.
  8. OH MY GOD LETS JUST FACE IT THE GAMES AND THE MESSAGE BOARDS ARE JUST BORING WITHOUT VICK. i do beleive turner would have better running lanes if vick was here.
  9. i will say this at the beginning of the game everybody knows we are handing it off to turner. but evan though everybody knows whats coming i shouldnt see a defensive player hitturner before he gets to the line of scrimmage evry single time. so far it has happened evry single time on the first play of the game.
  10. WOW that sounds like the same thing vick had to deal with ,run on first down run on second down expect your qb to make third down.
  11. i will say this. seeing that their are no real super teams in the nfc after seeing the vikings lose and th dolphins grabbing new orleans by the throat i beived if we beat dallas we were going to the superbowl. this game showed me our true potential.i cant put my finger on it. is it lackadasical playcalling, bad schemeing is it that our o-line stil subpar or is it it we have a basic plane white bread (sunbeam preferably) QB whom does not have consistant big playmaking potential. where was roddy white today was he double covered.i thought we had everything we needed to be a scary offense. i knwo
  12. i dont know what to say but i see to many men in the backfield tackling turner before he evan gets to the line of scrimmage, i remember one play where the lineman tried to make it to the second level but he did not finish taking care of the first level. turner started getting better yardage when we changed the flow of the of the game withg the no huddle. but i also saw the defense loosen up after we start sendind norwood around the corners with speed.
  13. YEA, get your popcorn ready then sit back and scratch your head as to why we did not ignore that #8 pick in jamal andersen and pick up patrick willis when our defense was screeming for a head hunter in the middle of our defense at middle linebacker an safety.
  14. WELL LETS ALL GEAR UP TO WATCH THE LINBACKER WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN WITH OUR 8th PICK (patrick willis) instead of jamal anderson.
  15. well roddy cant blame it on the lefthanded rotation and the speed of the ball coming at him anymore.
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