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  1. if we put up 20+ points on TB, i will count that as a victory and have a lot more faith in us not being the worst team in the league. I know we not a playoff team but i didnt think we were the worst team in the league the way it looked on sunday.
  2. yeah since this is a whole new regime. i would give them 4-5 games before we tar and feather them. The eagles were better than us. I think whoever said otherwise was kidding themselves. But surprisingly their play calling, that is actually what makes me mad. I live in philly and Siriani was not impressive to me at all.
  3. i think we have major issues. but none are a surprise and shouldnt be for everyone. NOW one thing to keep in mind. The Eagles have top 5 defensive line when healthy and they are strong on the inside. Their offensive line is old but when healthy has been one of the best (they will say the best) in the NFL. Trenches are our weak lines. Scheme cant stop getting blown up (see Cominsky's cleats). We have to figure out something but Oline will be an issue. What upsets me is Dline. Fowler is just not who is sold as. I personally would bench him and rotate our rookies (meaning texas end and ND OLB/DE). I feel like they showed some push in preseason and i would rather a rookie get baptized than to see a vet steal money. Pees just got to let the horses fly. I also think Arthur got cute. He needs to literally bring every trick he has out. It is unacceptable. Like someone said, it was like he had a 15 play script. It looked great. then he burned thru it and was done. I dont know if juggling HC and calling plays too much for him. There is no excuse for him not to go to Pitts. HE HAS TO run plays for him. Now i know that if you cant pass protect long enough for him to get the ball. It was almost like he was decoy. If Siriani and Gannon can out coach Smith and Pees, we are up ***** creek! Game 1 down. I hate to be at practice this week. I think its one unit maybe RB and TE thats safe.
  4. he is a good back up. i saw him alot last year when he was starting for the giants. RB was not their problem. I am very comfortable with him behind Davis. Not a star but just a good NFL running back. He can get a 125 yards from scrimmage in a game. good cheap move
  5. these are good numbers but i think the issue is that QBs rarely have clean pockets. i would like to see similar charts based on the number of free rushers.
  6. That London take isnt accurate. He was responsible for Arian Foster, Lamar Miller has good stats under him and Jordan Howard has knee disorder. Montgomery was 3rd round pick who came on in his second year. To me that speaks to being coached up his first year.
  7. I think the idea is our pass rush looked horrible because we couldn't cover anyone. Pass rush and DBs work hand and hand. Good DBs give pass rush the extra second or 2 which could give you that sack or force QB off his spot.
  8. maybe they looked at it like what we have at WR and TE plus pitts minus julio is better than what we have at WR and TE minus julio plus chase. Also if Julio hadnt came out like he did, there was still hope that he would be here. there was other ways to make room. it would have been tight but possible. Look. it is what it is. Its done. Lets move forward with who we have and see what gets chef'd up.
  9. He also said he wouldnt have made the Julio trade today.
  10. I don't understand y'all. We just drafted a center who could be a day 1 starter in the 4th round and people complain. This draft, we got probably the best player in the draft, top 3 safety, 2 potential starting OL and a uber productive CB. What did y'all want??? There are still a bunch of running backs and DL to grab. Heck I say grab Franks as a developmental QB ( He could be josh allen if coached up)and I can't wait till camp. Also look at RBs available, Kylin Hill is still around. He can do a great Henry impression.
  11. I don't agree with NFL.com assessment. He is a fiesta 1vs1 pass defender. He is deion but he can cover a TE and WR. Plus he has to practice against Pitts, Julio and Ridley. As a former DB, sheesh. Tape up all my joints coach...lol
  12. I am a michigan fan. The reason why everyone is saying day 1 starter is he is mean and deadly at point of attack. As a guard, you will see him pop on his man. His weaknesses are his foot work and pad levels but in the phone booth, it's not as bad as on the edge. One thing about him is he is athletic enough to play LT in a pinch and maybe even center. Pulling, no problem. Let him learn at guard but he could eventually replace one of the tackle spots in the future. I think somebody said are we that bad or is he that good. I think we are that bad. I don't think we have a guard who gets push of the line like he can. But it's may...so we will see how he looks in July with the big boys.
  13. If we go BPA, we probably going IOL and RB...trey smith and Carter maybe. Both were 1st/2nd rounders on most draft boards. They are steals in the 4th. I personally hope Dline and Corner. A bunch of DL guys I like and I like Shakur Brown at CB. The rate that RBs are going. We can get a good one in the fifth like starter/rotation quality.
  14. I wouldn't be against this at all. Just the type of late round pick we grab and in 2 years is a coveted starter for us.
  15. doesnt have much wiggle but if you give him a lane, he could kill you. i would love to have him. Imagine him running that stretch play that AS liked to run with Henry. He wont run anyone over but he is outrunning people with angles on him. He is one of those "could be sneak good" type of backs who make it in the league. Speed kills. You dont have to worry about contact if they grabbing for you because you running past them. Where ever he goes i am playing with him on Madden 🤫
  16. they have to stop mentioning Gronk was a second rounder. People need to remember Gronk was a top 20 prospect till back surgery. But Pitts is different. He is close to Megatron or Juilo than he is Gronk or Kelce. He is bigger than DJ Metcalf but has bigger, better hands AND is a better route runner. Think of it that way, do we want to be the team that passed on Galvetron? Next year when he is beating linebackers and safties for TDs will be have buyers remorse?
  17. maybe we go fulton in the draft to fill that role
  18. Pee's defenses in the past have been multiple but based on 3-4 under i believe.
  19. if you looked at DK Metcalf and said i would give the #4 pick in the draft to get him, then whats wrong with Pitts. Heck if you said, i would give the 4th for Kelce then here you go. i am tired of people saying he cant block. Is he blowing people off the line like a 3rd tackle, NO. Is he going to put him body on the guy in front of him and give effort, YES. Also most teams will have to go nickel to even try to stop us... CHECK!
  20. Font is playing the long game. They arent trying to win the SB this year or even make the playoffs. We are just getting the arrow pulled back up. For us, its do we think Fields or Lance sitting for a year will be better than Slovic or Howell next year. Or better than not selecting Sewell or Parson or Pitts or whoever this year.
  21. its not about us playing a game. we need to gauge how good that person is like everyone else. If wilson tears it up and everyone walks away like he is undisputed QB2, we know how much it is worth. you saw today miami, philly and san fran just flopped picks and it was all predicated on the fact that the eagles wanted to draft him. But supposedly after the pro day, they dont either because they know they cant have him or he isnt worth that pick.
  22. i beg to differ Wilson threw a better ball than Fields. Its like playing on Madden and someone playing on All Pro.
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