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  1. The eagles strength of the their defense is right up the middle - DT, MLB, S. Dirk was going away from that. May them run (they dont have the fastest linebackers). Make their CBs tackle (which is a problem the eagles have). Spread them out to get favorable match ups. I think it was a sound game plan. The eagle's defense is top 5 in the league. I think barring some miscues and a bad pick by Matt. We actually handled them pretty well. We should of scored about 30 on them which is what we should be doing on anybody.
  2. this was the first time in a long time that i felt like our OC outsmarted the DC from the other team. I had more of an issue with some of the defensive coverage calls (or maybe execution, you never know).
  3. On a serious note, i was thinking that. using a WING T concept with a TE/FB hybrids might be advantageous. i know there are high schools who have transitioned to what would functionally be a spread wing T. you can google them.
  4. Trust me as a person who has recovered from a completely ruptured patella and acl. I can tell you it is amazing modern medicine that there are guys who atleast attempted a NFL comeback. at one point in my life i ran a 4.5 split in the 40 and now i couldnt catch the ice cream man in ****.
  5. Jerry was a star in college. the year he came out, some regarded him as the best DT in the draft. Some even project he might be a better suited DE. it was known that he had knee issue though and when he hurt it early in his career, like someone said earlier, it was a wrap. No one could of known that. Every draft pick is a gamble.
  6. Exactly. we are running the eagle. For those who want info you can pick up the book Football's eagle and stack defenses by Ron Vanderlinden
  7. we are running a 4-3 Under which is what Seattle has run and the front 7 alignment of those Monte Kiffin defenses. 4-3 Under is very similar to a 3 - 4. its like a 4-3 responsibilities with 3-4 personnel.
  8. not ameba like.... oh i hated that. its more of the gap assignments and profiles of players. If i dont know what mike smith was doing then, i think he was getting too cute... who knows. also Worrilow needs to be downhill and not in coverage. OLD SCHOOL MLB. we do have the personnel now. We have a great under tackle, a solid nose, an elephant in beasley and a DE who can hold his own against a guard.
  9. One thing i found interesting were the notes that the Falcons were running a base of a 3-4 Bear. I know we arent going 3-4 but a hybrid concept of 4-3 under/3-4 full time. It would be awesome if we came out in the 4-3 under but with 3-4 personnel. If i were personally to become a DC, it is the system i would run. i always run this in Madden.
  10. my answer to all this is that this is exactly what everyone said about the cowboys when they drafted martin with mosley, pryor , cooks and bunch of other people on the board. Being able to solidify your OL is priceless. Right now the OL competition will be unreal. We could possibly have the best starting OL and the best 2nd string OL in our division. How can you complain about that? We all know that late round picks as well as draft FA and training camp drop outs will round out our roster. Like somebody said, how many times do we get into 3rd and short and cant get a first down? i feel like unless its a slant then we dont get it. We got 2 guys who when they get to their man. its a wrap.