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  1. Frank Reich was the man behind that Superbowl and the other assistants. Since they all got poached, Wentz has not been the same and they have been less than wondrous.
  2. id love him but i dont think we will go that route even if the season is over. but **** would i love for us to take him and let him sit a year or until matt's contract is up.
  3. sounds like Favre. I hope as a man that he is able to keep his "situations" straight
  4. metrics dont change your eyes. Our OL struggled to open holes and maintain blocks long enough
  5. i am in philly. Philly doesnt want him. this is a writer just writing a story. i got my fingers crossed and they read it. they are high on Pryor and local people want them to bring Peters back and place him at guard.
  6. He is basically going to be boom or bust for us. he is either going to make people push for us to move Neal and start him or he wont be on the team in 2 years. but that is great and what you want out of a late round pick.
  7. I think that is the point people are missing. Its all a guessing game. Exhibit A - Check out these boards when we took Ryan and Baker instead of Dorsey and Brohm.
  8. and who does AJ profile as? i think people just watch espn the month before the draft and then complain.
  9. I agree but he didnt forget how to play corner. He got torched by probably the best WR in college, by the #1 overall draft pick, by the OC who just landed a NFL job who ran a great game plan to negate a press, man coverage CB. Like i been saying if this was last fall, nobody would be questioning our pick at all. I swear if i can find it. people here were saying they wish we could draft him last year!
  10. i dont think valued more but if you look at the talent availability, we can get a darn good DT in the second. If a month ago, you said we ended up with Terrell and say the DT from Miss. then i would say we did exactly what we should have. I am curious if we go S or LB though. Lets say Baun is still sitting there. Do we take him and hope he turns into one of the Watts?
  11. Terrell was regarded as the best or second best CB in college football before the LSU game by alot of people. a Year ago, i swear people were saying we need that guy. oh well there is no pleasing some of you.
  12. There is a lot of concern over Kinlaw's health. if he is our guy then he will probably fall to us. there will be a run on WR, QBs and OTs. Unless we get high enough to a get a Brown or Simmons. then i think we dont move up.
  13. He is a 5 technique DE or a 3-4 DE in an attacking/hybrid scheme. He is not a pure hair on fire off the end DE. If you watched him in college, he was a load coming off the edge for most college tackles.
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