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  1. I think we need a back with a similar skillset. i think a one cut, put your foot in the ground, get up field type of back will do fine in this offense. a bigger back with speed is a definite plus. receiving skills adds another dimension which will make us even more deadly. This Freeman and Coleman when they were healthy.
  2. i agree but i think he goes Pitts or Parson before Chase. Those are both chess pieces that cause mismatches for the opposing defense/offense respectively. Exciting stuff!!!
  3. to me that says we will be getting a safety, running back and pass rusher in free agency. we will still go DL in draft i bet and even RB in draft. This also means we may even go WR with that first pick. BUT i think he is thinking Sewell. i feel like he is setting up the base for that. OR Pitts.
  4. we got 4 starters out of the draft. if you have a moment, look at most teams in the NFL in the same fashion. THE BEST GMs usually end up with 2 solid starter quality players each draft and some drafts they hit on more. I am in philly. Look at their drafts thru the past 5 years, 10 years. Most players arent on the team after 3 years, never start and we are talking 1st and 2nds. We may not consistently hit on firsts but in the past 2 decades we have consistently shown that we come away from most drafts with a good player or 2. We probably need to start a new thread but look at our last 10 d
  5. we can get our running back in 2,3. 1st round for where we pick. we probably will go with Sewell if he falls or QB1 if one falls or best pass rusher (preferably someone who can play OLB). That is my arm chair opinion.
  6. exactly. i live in philly. They complain about their draft every year. if they dont hit on the high picks, they very rarely hit on middle and late rounders. They are envious that every year we end up with a starter or rotational player after the 3rd round. For all our misses, you have to give TD credit. He hit on some gems. He took who we should have taken. Now did it always work out. Hindsight is 20/20. Like some said earlier Beasly for example, we didnt misdraft him. Sure there were other options but he was a sound pick from where we got him and how he produced. Now once he got here and didn
  7. you never know how other teams draft though. For me, Lawrence and Sewell are the only 2 people you should consider drafting over Fields. So if Fields is there at 4, you HAVE to take him and figure it out. But that is me. Also think of it this way, maybe TF is thinking ahead. hopefully he never drafts this high again, he has a chance of drafting the QB for the next 10 years. If he can grab him now and have him on the roster, TD did him no favors in that regard. He may jump on one. I dont think the guys coming out next year are as good. Saints didnt NEED to draft kamara but he sure made th
  8. i dont understand or see how/why everyone has soured on fields and lance. AND NOW Lawrence. Wilson looks like Burrows to me who was a highly rated prospect with some flaws that he got the opportunity to work on. I dont see Wilson as that. I may be wrong but he looks like fools gold to me. Lawrence and Fields have been ALPHAS since grade school. Heck Fields was crushing Lawrence in everything against Lawrence. I believe you can argue that he may be better. What Lance has done cant be overlooked though. I believe if you can get him with a good NFL QB coach Lance could be the best one out of all
  9. But there is no safety worth taking that high. I wouldnt be upset if we took surtain or parsons. I dont think we lose in this situation at all. We literally have a myriad amount of options. We arent a bad team and am drafting high in most rounds. The draft is top heavy with things leveling out. In your opinion, what are our needs?
  10. Oh and to answer the question, he is a luxury pick. I would say it depends on what is on the board. Do we take him before Lawrence or Chase or Smith or Sewell... No. I personally think you dont take him over Fields or Lance. But i have no idea what we are thinking in Flowery Branch. I have to think Smith is saying if i can come away with Fields or Lance and dont need to start them day one. We could mirror what Chiefs did with Mahomes. No pressure, plays when he is ready. But we have QB solved for 10 years and flip Matt for assets next year or beyond.
  11. Exactly. I been following him since he was a kid. A friend of mine coached him and said he is the new style beefed up WR tight end. He is a willing blocker though. Strong. But his real value is you have to cover him with a corner. a good corner who can cover. Most LBs and Ss will be outmatched. He going to be faster than most receivers. He is 6'6 and can catch. Some teams may want to flex him out. If David Boston can be a WR, then Kyle sure can. But its a chess match. I think someone said he is like Kelce. Blocking is probably the only thing he isnt Elite in but he is willing and gets his
  12. But that is kind of my point, why wait and screw it up? If someone like a fields is right there, you take him. Fields would of been top 5 this year, last year and next year. Why wait? Lets say we pass, move down and stock pile other positions. We field a better defense but Matty falls off a cliff. Season wasted. We go into the draft again with a high pick but none of the QBs wow. We end up with an Akili Smith. Teams search years for their QB. You grab them when you can. We arent completely bad. Morris showed that there is something to salvage. Especially if we can go the Green Bay route. Look
  13. Bend not Break between the 20s. Likes to dial up the heat, will bring 7 to the line and blitz 5. Which 5, who knows. Our coverage linebacks who can blitz will have a fields day. Keanu will probably have some success as well. Grady will probably move to End and if Davidson can be what we expected him to be, we actually will be ok at Dline. I think we will either be trying to trade Fowler or move him to OLB. I think we have to draft a safety, NT (we need traffic stopper) and corner.
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