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  1. Spent all day and evening at centennial park and NFL fan experience.I know it's 4 days away but it's at least 200 to 1 patriot fans to rams fans presence
  2. The Falcons save big bucks on not having to buy the 1000 gallons of Pine Sol they would have needed to de-funk the Branch when the Stains left
  3. that I heard on this past Sunday,Jerry J, emperor of the Cowboys is expected to come hard after Payton when his contract expires 2020. Breeze is getting close to looking at his own future in the nfl too.Awww,too bad.
  4. DIMITROFF:" sarkeisian,please come to my office.bring your play book." SARKEISIAN:"WHAT playbook?"
  5. Can you not see now just how consistent they can be now? I mean...nobody can lose in so many ways for as long as we have this season!!!! We rock!
  6. How pathetic we now are,looking for hope in 2 freaking years.
  7. the club that has the fans filled with excitement and optimism every week thay their team just might win. The club that its members nuture the idea of your team having a shot in the playoffs.we are now officially NONMEMBERS
  8. Don't bet on measly being here....even QUINN ain,t THAT stupid.......... I mean I am right about QUINN not being stupid ain't i??
  9. First,the breeze love fest against the redskins.Then the cam-fan celebration against the giants.thanks D.Q. For keeping us below the quality of the NFL south.You earned it.
  10. Vic Measly is making it very easy on the decide whether to sign him or not next season.
  11. So,with a full healthy team, you MIGHT see 500.but if we rely on coaching and game planning to make up for injuries, THIS is what Quinn brings
  12. Who gives a crap about the tease we got in 2016.(which ended up humiliating this city,probably forever in n.f.l. History). He is just another splash in the pan given to us by the ownership/leadership of this franchise. We all know in our heart, over the last 19 games we have just lucked out to win what games we DID .and he is a DEFENSIVE minded coach??? Lol!
  13. You absolutely should feel this and leadership of this team has created a team that unfortunately has put way too many marginal players besides our pitifully few studs,which averages out to a just a lower middle of the pack team