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  1. absolutely the wisest post on this media site in a LONG time.You make perfect sense concerning ol' "Dez Jones", and making sense on THESE boards draw a lot of friendly fire from the sheep...
  2. I mean 3 whole tds!! how in the world can you find ANYONE that can give us THAT kind of production???? it does not matter that his td production has decreasd almost 50% PER year over the last 3 seasons.or that his per game avg. is dropping constitently, not to mention his steady decline in the number of 20+ yd completeions.. All that means NOTHING!!!! You gotta keep him because of his loyalty to our city, team and the fans if nothing else!! Don't let us or julio down!!!
  3. #18 calvin ridley. nfl shop website had it listed as the #1 seller so far this year.hope for great things for a long time from this new dirty bird!
  4. its the first time the team meets as a unit since that OH SO CLOSE (pun) 4th down against the eagles in January. It feels sort of weird ,though, that for the first time in a LONG time that in an offseason we didn't ( or should we say couldn't because of having NO cap space) improve our team for the upcoming season. I don't see that as a good sign..But hey ! it DOES mean it won't be long for some FOOTBALL!
  5. you got it backwards.....they ARE interested.......but CAN'T afford anyone
  6. the reason dq and td are not interested in the fa market is the same reason most of us are not interested in a Porsche.,,they cant afford one
  7. are we just now having past cap juggling and bad choices by the gm coming to roost?
  8. a lucrative, but necessary, contract extension for matt ryan is coming soon ,gotta say,he deserves it.
  9. we here in the atl were blessed by the fickle nfl gods LAST season.Our home playoff games against the seahawks, then the packers sent us to the super bowl Olympus.Those 2 games at the dome were the most exciting and fulfilling games I've been to since I became a season ticket holder in 91. the whole stadium seemed like 1 hugh,close, family celebration from start to finish at both truly was magical and will NEVER be forgotten in this city,.So enjoy it to the max.Dream large,be thankful for your team.that has allowed you all to be at the threshold of a very exclusive event.Good luck,and be very sure enjoy every minute of the ride .THIS very time is why you became fans!.go vikes
  10. the truth hurts......but it IS the truth
  11. and even more important, could you have handled another,even GREATER fail in the superbowl?. imagine how humiliating a SECOND beatdown by the pats would be to us.we would be labeled FOREVER in nfl history.embrace the suck! its BETTER this way!! this team is enough of an embarrassment as it is !! PLEASE,,be thankful the suffering is finally over with this bunch of deadbeats. hopefully some changes are in store.
  12. we will welcome both the start of the new year AND the end of a perfectly pathetic falcon season,............again
  13. the bright side ? that this stinking,heart wrenching season will definitely end, as all of you in your heart truly know it will, this sunday in the Mercedes benz mausoleum
  14. julio" quitter" jones, matt" dimwitted" ryan,Dan ", I'll pay you to like me",, Quinn, Devonte",pay me big ,then I"ll laydown" freeman, among the other honorless freeloaders have used the o.c. transition situation to loaf, caring nothing about the city of atantal,its fans or its trusting but out of touch with the real world owner. Arthur is completely blind to the current nfl players culture that has no honor and will either go out "injured " at the first oppourtunity, blame everybody else for their lack of effort,and play with as much passion as a rented mule.Rise up Falcons,payday is every Tuesday morning,no matter if you earned it or not.