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  1. even with gronk back, evil bill has brady hitting every back or receiver they got.Seeing a lot of short routes . less than last season it seems. But man are they beatable.
  2. Unfortunately.the hated pats are about to finish our season for all intents and purpose as far as any post season pipe dream. I don't have any idea what had happened to this team,this dream we,d been looking to since last feb 5th. What a shame to waste such a devoted fan base.
  3. well, I guess we can tip our hat to the opposing team then......
  4. falcons in super bowl vs pats feb 5 , falcons vs dolphins oct 15. The accolades keep coming .how proud we all are! .My oh my what will sunday night bring? MORE national recongnition?
  5. there are two shows on tv sunday night. one of them shows zombies that were once normal stumbling along in meaningless directions,slowly staggering in a group of disarray,bumping in to each other,falling down in their disjointed clumbliness. seeking to suck the life out of any unfortunate human that becomes in contact with them.It's a depressing show though that rarely ends well. .But if you cant take this anymore,turn off sunday night football and watch the walkind dead on amc.
  6. they DID call him, he had said he has been waiting for a contender to call,so he didn't answer
  7. I feel we fans no longer expect a win anymore,we hope we LUCK OUT (lions) and win
  8. a falcon fan for 30 years,love 'em now, always will...but its reality check time........our shot was last year...stick a fork in your expectations,and THEIR being a good team. just get back in our long, long sad habit of HOPING for,not expecting a win on sundays
  9. weak,diminutive and heart or fire.and people wonder why us fans are getting so confused and the way, the play of this team is making the benz an AWAY game,owned by opposing team fans.thanks a lot dan....
  10. there was a WHOLE LOT of weak a$$ arm tackling going on today on campus.........
  11. point is we are a team that has players most don't respect.also NOBODY on the team came in to at least confront the embarrassment of a team member.
  12. wait a minute....the offense doesn't score for the final 2 quarters,and they have a PEDIGREE....what the he## does THAT mean??
  13. we are showing the world ALOT of firsts aren't we (28/3, now this ) .got home from the game and have been switching around the sports channels. it is a shame that this team has earned such disrespect. but it is SO deserved. we have the same players that took us to the team is embarrassing theirselves,their fans, and their city. they look confused and weak, like the play on Gabriel..
  14. Think I heard on 92.9 that Cutler is 3-0 against the falcon s in his career.payback time!