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  1. Looking forward to getting his it will outsell the reigning champs', #11.
  2. Coach in college,sorry
  3. QUINN was his college coach in college
  4. Sean Payton line 2....Jerry Jones on the line......
  5. Wow,we really have set our expectations to a record low,thanks Arthur.
  6. How could even Arthur "Rose colored bifocals"Blank use the continuity sales pitch AFTER this embarrassment?
  7. in this case ,Continuity also includes continuing to play on national NFL tv showing a 70 % empty stadium. And it's gonna get worse
  8. For letting this team turn into a disgrace,and humiliating the City of Atlanta and it's long suffering fan base by your inactions .,Please enjoy the national televised saints home game in your stadium .The announcers ,sports writers and the whole NFL world will certainly make it newsworthy.enjoy it sir,YOU deserve it.You can't hide this kind of faiure in national tv.
  9. Got an email from my season ticket manager thursday. The Seahawk game is "Fan Appreciation Day" .She is asking ALL Psl/Season Holders who are going to the game to get together before kickoff. Meet us all at the Waffle House at North Druid Hills, the two tables by the window should suffice.
  10. He took the anxiety of being held accountable away from the individual players
  11. A He came down to the sidelines in the 4th qtr. Stood alone on the 15 with his arms crossed till the bitter end.. Even from my upper level seats thru my binoculars his posture and body language was one of utter despair.This man is going to make some MAJOR painful (to him) changes to this team very soon.Count on it.
  12. The kick off ,late in the 4th.,that was ruled out of bounds but was touched by (caught with one foot in)the Houston returner was by NFL rules, not a penalty on the kicker.verified on the live broadcasting team,and was a renewable play..but not by OUR coach and staff. Wow.