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  1. Our hapless coach and apathetic owner has led us down the "premrose path" to mediocrity.we don't have a chance in he$$ against most NFL teams.and think about it,if ANY year would be "good" year to get *****-slapped, it's THIS freaked up 2020. Nobody would even notice the falcons slipping into the abyss again.Nobody but Arthur, when next year's season ticket renewal time arrives....
  2. I did look at the big pic. It sucks big
  3. We are really pathetic, aren't we, already having to wait till next year
  4. Yeah, it was one of the team's last year who scored 21 against him.
  5. We wasted a 1st round on a player that we probably could have got in the 2nd. We are going to get gut kicked in our division. Thanks Arthur, you clueless ba$tick
  6. No wonder we are a mediocre team. Adios dimitroff and Quinn 2021.
  7. Looking forward to getting his jersey.bet it will outsell the reigning champs', #11.
  8. Sean Payton line 2....Jerry Jones on the line......
  9. Wow,we really have set our expectations to a record low,thanks Arthur.
  10. How could even Arthur "Rose colored bifocals"Blank use the continuity sales pitch AFTER this embarrassment?
  11. in this case ,Continuity also includes continuing to play on national NFL tv showing a 70 % empty stadium. And it's gonna get worse
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