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  1. 27-21 falcons. Entire wide receiver group goes on IR. D.Q. puts in the triple option.falcons get 350 yds.rushing.Cam tears bicep throwing Gatorade barrel at official who doesn,t call enough roughing the passer penalties
  2. It looks like maybe a lack of conditioning may be the cause of this rash of injuries
  3. I know tampa doesn't need,or WANT ryan,but man wouldn't it be nice to see some fire and leadership by example ON THE FIELD.throws the ball with authority, accurate,mobile and actually looks at ALL his receiver option during a play.and this is from a freaking BACKUP without a julio jones
  4. like cowherd or hate him,you recongnise what he is saying as the truth if you watch ryan like we all have. it hurts but its on target
  5. He was one arm tackling and playing like he was trying to avoid injury.the results showed.He's definitely looking like a one year flash in the pan.
  6. Right,that 50 yard bomb he dropped right in Jewelry Jones slippery hands was a horrible pass.and the 1touchdown in the last 21 red zone passes to Jewerly was all on matt
  7. That's because there are no p!ays available to him.dark only has 4 plays.#1 ,run up the middle ,no gain,,#2 Julio left,drop,,#3 Julio right , throw behind him,punt,hope for fumble. Repeat
  8. The 'window' is getting really hard to see our of
  9. It feels exactly like last year,no preseason wins .then no offense anywhere to be seen when the show starts.I got a feeling we are on a downhill slide
  10. Can't catch a ball dropped right in his hands 50 yards away,1touchdown in 21,yes,21,red zone throws from ryan,since last season 3 touchdowns ALL of last season.ZERO,again tonight.oh yeah,he's a deal for all those millions.he's a deadbeat when it counts
  11. julio is showing us how he has just given up on what he once was , and now he is just a ,over paid punk
  12. with his pathetic route running he is making ryan look even worse (if that is possible)
  13. with his pathetic route running he is making ryan look even worse (if that is possible)
  14. this guy was picked by us ahead of gurley?
  15. then you wont have to hope for help from a freaking replay