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  1. ok this is football no church the craziest thing i ever herd
  2. You have too know how to tackle at all linebacker position,something he wasn't good at
  3. Brooking was only a good player in 1999 and 2004 but been overrated most of his hole career.
  4. look. I'm not tryin to write a book just makin a statement
  5. The only problem I have with the signing is he don't stay healthy but when his healthy his a beast fast flies around the field like a safety and can taclke.better than slow brooking and brooking never was a great tackler not many solo tackles
  6. anderson is a defensive tackle I said that last year the guy is 6'6 305 they have him listed at285 but his not .the guy to big and slow and stiff no quickness.His just good at stopping the run.A j.henderson like DT.
  7. Peele is just as good as lj s.mith. The guy don't even stay heathy.He drop so many passes. And his a terrible blocker
  8. I would wait to the third round to draft a TE.Its not a primary need like SS and LB then we need a DT and DE.
  9. brooking is washed up and too expensive 8*million next year his not worth the starting position .I 'am is to make not saying this to make nobody mad just saying this because its true.To be a great team you have to let go of washed up players,Warrick Dunn for example good player good in community but past prime.Team like Patroits,Steelers,Colts, do that.And last but not least YOUR INSANE IF YOU THINK THAT WE LAT GO OF RODDY WHITE LOL
  10. 4-3 3-4 stuff means nothing look at the Giants they had DE at OLB their bigger and more physical at attack.they even had Tuck at DT
  11. The have to have a better Linebacker on the out side.Brooking and Boley too lite in the tale.We need bigger stronger linebacker to made big plays.Look at the pittsburg Steeler,and cowboy defense.Even the Cardinals have bigger linebacker.Plus we need playmaking safety Milloy is good but Coleman just sucks.And let face Jaamal Anderson is a DT his too big to be a DE.He dont have to hip or speed,BUT his tall and strong in the middle and if he put on ten pounds he'll be a great DT.And last we need a DEFENSIVE Coordinator.The guy doesnt get it.Put Jaamal in the middle,Give Nichols more PT,and be mor
  12. please pick up shane olivea and make him the new guard www.rude.com/sassytaffy
  13. He doesnt play like wes welker,his more like deion branch.Better route runner than welker.
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