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  1. If it happens, this will not be good news: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/01/04/texans-line-up-offensive-coordinator-candiates/
  2. Sounds like Rev did great! Anyone get any photos or know where to find it online?
  3. He'll go to whichever team offers Philly the best draft pick.
  4. I will tell you that, if you were one that was cheering the 2nd string QB of the Eagles during the game yesterday, then I don't see how you can say you are a fan of this team. Did you cheer during the game for McNabb? Any other Eagles players? No? Then what was different about the Eagles 2nd string QB? Do you think for one minute he was still a Falcon? He wasn't, you know. I don't have a problem with those who felt the need to welcome him before the game, but during the game he was a member of the team opposing the Falcons.
  5. Aren't you making the assumption that all "real fans" also "hate Vick"? I'm not saying that isn't the case in some instances, but from what I've seen, the problem "real fans" are having are those people who were cheering on the Eagles (and, more specifically, Vick) during yesterday's game. Make no mistake about it, during the game Vick was no more a Falcon than was McNabb or any other member of the Eagles.
  6. Tandy, Oregon is a long way from GA...but I'll be with you in spirit, so if some of you that will be attending could send up an extra loud cheer one time for me, I'd appreciate it!
  7. For me, the issue is intent. If you run a red light intentionally, that is one thing. If you run a red light because of sun glare and you couldn't see it (that really does happen in Oregon once in awhile!), that is something else. The former I find objectionable and not anything close to a mistake...the other wasn't done intentionally. In both instances, the red light was run...but in once instance the light was run as a result of hubris, ego, a sense that rules don't apply, whatever else might be going through someone's mind under that circumstance - and is certainly not a mistake, but an intentional act.
  8. In the instances you refer to, I don't have a problem with the idea of a mistake. However, the instances you cite are a far cry from what Vick did and, when he uses the term "mistake," it strikes me as being an effort to minimalize. ON EDIT: Unless, like Shiney, that beer went down real good and touching the hot stove seemed like a good idea at the time!
  9. Instead of, 'I made a mistake...,' (which infers that all those years was just one big "Oops!"), how about 'I made bad decisions...,' or 'I made the choice to act...,' or 'I actively concealed what I was doing because I knew it was wrong.'
  10. I'm with you, Shiney. Until Vick stops referring to what he did as a "mistake," I can't fully accept that he is truly remorseful for his intentional acts and active (bad) decision-making.
  11. It's OK, rounz...this was a tough loss.
  12. Indeed! Not to mention, you are pretty funny...in a peculiar sort of way! j/k
  13. +1 Glad to see you back, Gritz! I always enjoy your posts...and will see them in a couple of days when things cool down around here.
  14. Yes, it is. However, if you want to know true evil, then I've got three more words for you: Rule against perpetuities.
  15. I've got three words for the law students: Uniform Commercial Code.
  16. Rev, I've been trying to PM you, but it isn't working. Let me know if I can help.
  17. I'm here in a 'burb of Portland...can't wait for the Seattle game next year!
  18. Interesting to see what physicians think about the public option: The New England Journal of Medicine You may have to scroll down to see the article.
  19. I do think the "public option" will probably be the one program in the exchange that is least appealing; however, for those who simply cannot obtain insurance any other way, it at least makes coverage available.
  20. I was thinking he wouldn't until after the first week...remember, anyone on the roster the first week has their salary guaranteed.
  21. No, they can't. The PS isn't part of the active roster. I just can't figure this out...people who say they are DJ fans want him to sit on the PS? Why?? Why wouldn't true DJ fans want him to be on another team where there is at least some remote possibility he'd see the field once in awhile?
  22. With his delivery, you should have seen it coming!
  23. Actually a one year deal, with a team option for a second year.
  24. The NFL is denying this story and Mortensen (and those who followed Mortensen's lead) are backing off their reporting. That isn't to say that reinstatement with a four day suspension isn't what will ultimately happen...it just hasn't happened yet.
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