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    bertrain7 reacted to FalconsIn2012 in All In On The Allen’s   
    He is above average....and honestly, I’ll gladly support a man who is devoted to his wife and puts in the time/effort to raise his children properly and do so in a healthy & happy environment
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    bertrain7 reacted to Dirtybird3 in Falcons new schedule is tough.   
    Why is Bridgewater mentioned? They have cmc, no more Luke either. Not worried about the panties. Vikings with no Diggs or Rhodes makes a difference. Not scared of GB anymore, especially if gurley is gurley. 
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    bertrain7 reacted to schwarzenegger321 in What if Carolina . . .   
    Brady without Belichick is just a 40 something year old 7th round draft pick.  Not too worried.
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    bertrain7 reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in No Fuller, sacked 7 times, still carries his team   
    Likely because Ryans defense just gave up 50.
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    bertrain7 got a reaction from thanat0s in How did Lindstrom do this year?   
    when both guards and scheme sucks it makes the whole o-line look bad, when u have 1 guard play really well and 1 guard shuffle up to almost ok, the oline looks much improved.
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    bertrain7 reacted to octoslash in To All Involved...Thank You For Not Tanking!!!   
    The fact that the Falcons sealed Jameis Winston's infamous, possibly eternal entry into the embarrassing quarterback record books today and won the game on the same play,  made this win completely enjoyable.
    Even the tankers have to admit that. 
    But of course they won't LOL.
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    bertrain7 reacted to marvinthemartian in Defense ranking since Matt Ryan got drafted   
    Hopefully our new DC can change that trend. I am genuinely happy about the choice of Raheem Morris. Hope Ulbrich stays too. 
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    bertrain7 reacted to Nino11 in Quinn: “Koetter Is My OC in 2020   
    I’m not a huge fan of Koetter, but I’m tired of the parade of OCs Matt Ryan’s has through his career. Changing coaches every year isn’t how you build a winner. 
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    bertrain7 reacted to Colin_Pernett in Matt lafleur   
    The packers offense averages .1 points per game more than the falcons and 53.5 less yards
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    bertrain7 reacted to JD dirtybird21 in I’m convinced a perennial winner:   
    Are you sober?
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    bertrain7 reacted to papachaz in James Carpenter to IR   
    well well, I have to admit my first thought was 'maybe an injury settlement gets us out of his contract'
    loved him coming out of college, but man he's bounced around a good bit. I know we've had WORSE guys, but his play didn't measure up to what I (and a lot around here) hoped for upon reading the news we'd signed him
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    bertrain7 reacted to since68andcounting in F the Refa and 9ers   
    I thought the officiating was terrible for both, worse for us.
    "You can't hit them high. You can't hit them low. You can't hit them in the middle and drive them to the ground. What are you supposed to do?" - Ray Lewis
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    bertrain7 reacted to OilFuturesTrader19 in F the Refa and 9ers   
    Calyborn was because one high and one player low if I recall. It was holding that they missed on Julio but they challenged PI. Can't challenge holding. But agree they missed it. Onside kick was correct..someone didn't get on the field and they were unbalanced. Hoop TD was debatable......I could at least see that......Don't remember Hooper to the head,,,but ya, Ryan sliding got crushed and no call.
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    bertrain7 reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in ‘This scheme is a dream’: How Kyle Shanahan’s time with Falcons helped shape 49ers   
    Packers offense: 23.8 ppg
    Falcons offense: 23.1 ppg
    Why are we pretending the Packers offense is setting the world on fire?
    They have scored a whopping 8 more points than us and I'd almost guarantee they've had a lot more chances to do so
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    bertrain7 reacted to Artys Arryn in All in good fun, but seriously. ...   
    A lot of fans are going to be really disappointed when we finally do move on from Matt Ryan and find that the grass isn't as green as it looked from here. 
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    bertrain7 reacted to Falcanuck in Argue against Tony Gonzalez about Matt Ryan   
    It just pisses me off how badly this franchise has let Matt Ryan down. Man. Give him a defence. 
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    bertrain7 reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Pass protection 2018 vs 2019   
    Much of this falls on Koetter’s inability or unwillingness to protect his OL.  You can scheme ways to protect a struggling OL.  
    And happy times: our OL has 52 million of CAP allocated to it in 2020.  Gets paid like the Cowboys line, but it sure doesn’t play like it
    8 players eat up 52 million.  That’s over 6 million average per player.  Preposterous 
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    bertrain7 reacted to SkerFalcon8710 in Value of The Run Game   
    Weird how that works
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    bertrain7 reacted to *Old Pappy Falcon* in Good news!!!   
    Well, I personally like to win games lol
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    bertrain7 reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in Quinn finally throws Ryan under the bus   
    I admire the honesty. Matt was holding onto the ball too long last night but I hope there’s a tidbit in there on why they thought it was a good idea to leave our right tackle isolated on Cam Jordan on the key play of the night after Cam had been whipping his a** the whole game.
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    bertrain7 reacted to wartownfalcon in They are Who we thought they were!   
    Saints are who we thought they were. Not impressed with them at all. They will be 1 and Done again
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    bertrain7 reacted to tl;dr in Matt Ryan got to go   
    I'm not sure Lamar Jackson could be successful behind this OL
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    bertrain7 reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in Dead Man Dan Keeps Exit On Track With Moron Bucs Game Plan   
    I’m a little confused at the conceit of the blog. We mixed in plenty of zone the previous two weeks before the Bucs.
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    bertrain7 reacted to JDaveG in Thomas Dimitroff’s mounting roster failures and cap decisions have doomed the Falcons   
    I could defend the Julio and Matthews picks in a vacuum.  I'm glad they're both on our team.  But here's my reasoning on each.  For what it's worth, I think the Julio pick is by far the worse of the two.
    In 2011, we had just gotten our doors blown off by Green Bay.  The defense didn't force a single punt.  Not one.  We drafted Julio, Akeem Dent, Quizz, Bosher, Andrew Jackson and Cliff Matthews.  Dent was supposed to be our 2-down LBer.  Jackson never panned out, nor did Matthews.  Bosher was a solid pick, but one wonders why we're drafting a punter.  We didn't have a 2nd rounder due to the Julio trade (nor did we have a first rounder in 2012).  Dimitroff perceived a Super Bowl window that didn't exist because we couldn't play defense.  So he traded up to get the superstar WR and ignored the glaring needs on the other side of the ball.  Worse, the 2 picks he did use were a 3rd and a 7th, and they were spent on players who never did a single thing to improve this team.
    In 2014, the Matthews pick was a good one, but I believe it's a "hindsight is 20/20" thing.  Imagine if we'd done a better job stocking the o-line in prior drafts.  Imagine if we hadn't traded the farm for Julio and had a balling defense.  Now all of a sudden picks we would never make in the moment in 2014 are on the table.  Odell Beckham.  Aaron Donald.  Mike Evans.  Ryan Shazier.  We couldn't pick any of them because we had to have a LT.
    Granted, we had to have him.  But my whole point is we had to have him because that position was so badly ignored after Sam Baker in 2008.  That's a 6 year period of not drafting a single o-lineman higher than the 3rd round (Mike Johnson in 2010 -- who wasn't very good it turns out), other than the 2012 debacle when we doubled up at 2 and 3 with Konz and Holmes, neither of whom could play.  Spending first rounders in the trenches is a recipe for success.  When you don't, spending second rounders in the trenches makes up for it sometimes.  And besides Johnson, Konz and Holmes, we were spending mostly 6th and 7th rounders in the trenches and wondering why nobody could play.  We were paying FAs to come in and round out the roster.  That's why we had to have Matthews in 2014.  And it's the only reason.
    But again, the Matthews pick is okay.  Indicative, I think, of the problem, but not a bad pick.  The Julio trade actually set this franchise back, and as much as I love the dude and I'm glad he's on my team, I often wonder what the team would look like if we had stocked the cupboard on defense for a couple of seasons and just drafted Evans or Beckham in 2014.
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    bertrain7 reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in How Are Guys Rushing The Passer All of a Sudden?   
    Coverage is night and day better.
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