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  1. Exactly, i still don't want him to be a punching bag but better him than the new guy. I am optimistic we figure this crap out and no one takes a beating though.
  2. David Carr was a very good quarterback in my opinion. His career was ruined by being behind absolutely terrible olines and getting hit so much. as mobile as they come now. QB's will still get ruined behind the oline that showed up against the eagles. As a Ryan fan, i would rather him go through this than a new QB and ruin that QB's career.
  3. I like how both he and Arthur Smith are saying they need to coach better but at the same time saying the players are eeeeffffing up, but it starts at coaching. I think these guys know what they are doing. despite what we saw last week and probably what we will see this week, i am actually still optimistic about this season.
  4. I only watched 5 mins but i like the way he thinks and talks. Hopefully he gets things fixed up. Imo he called semi scared second half and mayfield were thr 2 biggest issues. To my untrained eye Mayfields biggest issue is his footwork. If you fix that up he does 100x better. Which still isnt very good but it will allow good things to happen. Lets goooooooo!
  5. I wouldn't mind forfeiting the game to spare Ryan's life.
  6. Now we start boys, calling it here, TD to Ridley this drive.
  7. possibly, i like the throw though, if these ref's weren't philly fans in hiding that's a call though.
  8. If we get rid of fowler and let a young guy try out, that alone could be a massive improvement on defense.
  9. i think they will do better than you are assuming. to each their own though.
  10. yeah i hope he gets the boot after this game, he is looking terrible.
  11. lol no, i dislike one playcall on offensive so far, just the penalties are hurting. defense is our personnel on the dline but i was expecting it. so far i like what i see, we will be better, worst case scenario we get a better draft pick and we can set ourselves up better next year.
  12. Clearly no possession but they think the hands were under it, easily half the football hits the turf. The refs in the 2 games im watching are atrocious .
  13. man that wasn't a catch, i guess they need my 600 dollar monitor to be able to see that hit the turf.
  14. They were. It was definitely about individual matchups. From what i saw i think we are actually going to be okay this year. Week 1 cannot arrive fast enough.
  15. Sound like you are about 9 years old...
  16. I think julios speed changes throughout the game so he is always at different points when throwing the deep ball
  17. Ridley gage pitts and hurst is a deadly set of weapons. I think what we have for defense is better suited for a 3-4 than 4-3 so with peas i think we improve there. From a bottom five to at least a top 27 defense anyways.
  18. Nah dude. Julio is the man. He is awesome. However he is just one wide receiver. His massive salary was a huge hindrance. He is also on the back end of his career. We dont need him to win. Doesnt mean he isnt that good. Also last year would be more to stop Ridley. Touchdown machine. Yards alone dont mean much but touchdowns are huge.
  19. 3 years ago. He doesnt demand triple teams anymore. Doesnt even get double teamed often anymore. Still wins and is awesone but yeah. His salary is also whats costing us from spending on defense.
  20. If i remember correctly. We scored less with julio in the lineup. I love me some julio but a contract like his for a receiver is going to hurt you more than its going to do good.
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