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  1. when both guards and scheme sucks it makes the whole o-line look bad, when u have 1 guard play really well and 1 guard shuffle up to almost ok, the oline looks much improved.
  2. I am a die hard Falcons fan but i am not blind to what also happens to the other teams. Take your tunnel vision off and rewatch the game.
  3. It was terrible officiating but on both sides. Maybe it gave the 49ers a bit of an edge but what i saw was atrocious officiating no matter which team you were on.
  4. I hope Matt Ryan retires. I love the guy and think he is still our best option by far. Im just worried about his health.
  5. I wouldnt mind grabbing rosen if he makes it to free agency and letting him learn behind Ryan. As bad as our oline has been over the years it hasnt been as bad as what Rosen has had to deal with in his short career. Of course he could be completely ruined by then too... hmm
  6. Even dominant run teams can't run every week. Carolinas Front did well against the rush.
  7. I hope it saves them. I like this coaching staff and i believe in continuity. I just also hope DQ learned his lesson about too much responsibility and how crucial it is have great positional coaches. The only change that wouldnt bother me either way is the OC but DK has been calling better games as of late.
  8. Going for it on 4th and goal from the ten in the 2nd qtr only down by 7 would make peyton go from one of the smartest coaches to one of the dumbest. Very bad example there. 4th and goal from the 10 is only when you need it at the end of the game. You take the 3 points every other time.
  9. Dolphins and bengals are teams more up your alley to cheer for. Good luck.
  10. I havent felt this good since we were up 28 to 3 in the superbowl. i lost my voice today too. We looked like a real team.
  11. In a way maybe. We did not change much. The communication was just that much better which also my be put on Quinn assuming too much responsibility.
  12. I think matt decided to try and throw it away too late and sanu could barely reach it. It was a combination. DK needs to go though.
  13. I would love the oline coach for the pats to come in. He is head coach but only coaches oline and picks the coordinators he likes and lets them play
  14. Sanu does deserve the big dance. I definitely do not want lose him.
  15. Defense needs a house cleaning. Starting with the defensive ends and the cornerbacks. I was high on Oliver in the offseason and boy was i wrong.
  16. I dont think we should expect any more than week 2 of 2019. Long ago so i know how easy it was to forget.
  17. Go back and watch this last game. Some of our penalties should not have been called or the Colts should have been called for more. The one hold against mathews in particular our dline were fighting against blocks like that all game.
  18. You "fans" are being beyond absurd. We go to an away game against a very tough opponent and mental lapses from just a couple players basically cost us the game and all of a sudden its the head coaches fault. Oliver played up and down and mostly down. I see him being replaced next game and depending how the next man up does it will affect how well our defense does. To top it off the refs were really picking on the Falcons that game. Colts were doing the same things the falcons were but not getting called. I know one offside the colts guard shifted his butt up really quick which then set off crawford for the offside but it was blatant the guard moved and was the cause but we got called for it. It is definately still on the Falcons for losing a very winnable game but that was not on the Coach. Fire Dan Quin and we wont see the playoffs for a few years. Continuity is necesarry.
  19. Nope. Vic played real soft and was hard to watch, if that helps.
  20. We had alot of mistakes but this game was a really funny one, and at work we do picks 2 teams per conference to go to the superbowl, my picks were Vikings or Falcons for the NFC. so to me we lost to the best team in the NFC and while the score looked real bad, it really wasn't that bad of a loss in my opinion.
  21. It looks like its wussing out to the broncos there...
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